Brivo Access Control

Brivo is a leader in the security industry and a major innovator of access control products. In fact, they invented cloud-based access control--an advancement that makes it possible for administrators and security personnel to remotely manage multiple facilities on a single interface. The most recent innovations by Brivo combine data collected from access sites with data collected from surveillance installations to enable superior AI-based building security.

Easy System Integration

Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) let Brivo access control products integrate with open-source security and automation platforms made by other manufacturers--including ONVIF-compliant fire and burglar alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and AI-based analytics programs.

Remote Access Control

In the past, access control systems required on-site servers to connect devices. This requirement inconvenienced large enterprise-level companies who were forced to maintain self-contained security systems at each of their site locations.

Brivo's development of cloud-based access control made it possible for enterprise-level security teams to review data and manage security at multiple facilities from a single centralized location.

With Brivo's cloud-based access control, security administrators are empowered to remotely watch live feeds and recorded footage, make instant adjustments to user access privileges, activate and deactivate alarm panels, and even enact instant lockdowns in cases of emergency.

Brivo Solutions for Business Assets

Brivo OnAir

Brivo OnAir integrates physical building access control and CCTV security camera systems on one easy-to-use interface.

Brivo Access

Brivo Access is an AI-supported feature included with Brivo's access control platforms. It combines data from network access points and video surveillance systems to enable superior machine learning with pattern and behavior assessment capabilities.

Brivo Access can organize data, notice patterns, recognize significant events, and create instant alerts with video content analysis for security personnel when immediate attention is required.

Clear visualizations produced by Brivo Access emergency alerts ensure that security employees can instantly spot and understand circumstances that gain the attention of artificial intelligence.

Brivo Access also provides business operators with actionable insights to support data-driven decisions.

Powerful video analytics, identity management, event categorization, facial recognition, and data-collection capabilities are all pulled together by Brivo Access to create customized reports regarding a site's overall safety, facility logistics, and even energy use.

Brivo Mobile Pass

The Brivo Mobile Pass takes access control and identity management to new levels of convenience. By using Bluetooth technology on smartphones to communicate with wireless locks, Brivo customers no longer need physical keys, fobs, or cards to unlock doors and gain access at permitted entry points.

Frictionless, contactless building access through Brivo Mobile Pass can dramatically improve workflow efficiency without sacrificing safety.

Brivo Business Solutions

Small, Midsize, and Large Business Enterprises

Brivo access and surveillance management tools support many small and midsize businesses with only one or two facility locations. But they can easily be scaled up to meet future requirements as businesses grow.

Brivo security solutions are specially designed to help large business enterprises solve the complex challenges that come with significant identity management needs. Their cloud-based control systems also enable remote mobile management of identities and permissions across any enterprise's sprawling locations.

Brivo for Multifamily Property Managers

For property managers, investing in Brivo security solutions is a wise way to reduce insurance costs, deter misbehavior, and make current and future residents feel secure in their living environment.

According to research conducted by the property management software company Entrata, keyless entry is the second most attractive amenity an apartment can offer its residents, even more popular than swimming pools. The number one amenity valued by potential renters is comprehensive camera security.

In addition, a recent study by the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), renters are willing to pay 400 dollars more in rent every year for the convenience and security of a unit and building with electronic access control.

In other words, access management technology results in greater tenant satisfaction and a willingness to pay more for the same spaces.

What's more, Brivo's easy integration with other building automation solutions helps property managers reduce their carbon footprint, thereby reducing a facility's operating costs while providing residents with a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

About Brivo

Brivo's wide range of access control hardware products includes control panels, wireless locks, door readers with encryption and Bluetooth capabilities, and camera devices.

Their cloud-based access control systems stand out in the security industry for cutting-edge, AI-supported capabilities that streamline workflows while providing actionable insights for improved building management and safety. What's more, Brivo's open API format helps businesses of all sizes coordinate multiple security systems from different manufacturers on one platform.

Founded in 1999, Brivo turned its focus to access control in 2002 with the introduction of the first cloud-based access control system in the security industry.

Brivo has since received many recognitions, including a "Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management" award from Gartner, a Connecticut-based technology research and consulting firm. In 2021, Brivo signed a definitive merger agreement with Crown PropTech Acquisitions and now operates as a publicly traded company.

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