DMP (Digital Monitoring Products)

Our team at Mammoth Security has the experience and know-how to furnish and maintain high-quality alarms and access control systems designed and manufactured by DMP. In fact, we're honored to be one of the region's only DMP-authorized installers.

Access Control

DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) is a U.S. developer and manufacturer of advanced access control and alarm products, including readers and credentials with enhanced security and access management interfaces designed with end users in mind.

With DMP's new X1 Series, the family-owned company is providing cutting-edge entry management systems that are both scalable and easy to manage on a browser or phone app.

DMP access control

What is DMP access control, and how does it work?

Access control systems replace physical keys and protect sensitive facilities from unauthorized entries. When a credential is presented at an entry point, identifying data on an electronic chip inside the credential is transmitted to a door reader. The identifying data is then cross-checked against assigned privileges in a main access control panel. If there's a match, entry is permitted.

Benefits of DMP Access Control

DMP's entry management and alarm products provide security for a wide range of industries, including car dealerships, government buildings, multifamily residential properties, and storage warehouses.

Easy Management

DMP's cloud-based X1 access system comes with a management interface called the Virtual Keypad.

The Virtual Keypad is easy to operate in-house without IT experience. With it, administrators can adjust user privileges and even manage scheduling and connected camera systems.

DMP Virtual Keypad
Electronic Door

For even more advanced site management, DMP's Entré access control software allows graphical facility maps to display on-screen so that security staff can easily monitor large sites and complexes: simply by clicking on a map, a specific monitoring device and its security details can be reviewed.

What's more, the Entré can be customized with add-on modules to meet the wide-ranging security needs of even the largest enterprise companies.


No matter how large or small your business is, DMP's X1 Series of access control systems can grow with you. The very same system installed to secure a single door today can be scaled up to cover up to 1,000 unique access points tomorrow.

Enhanced Security

The X1 Series uses a globally accepted MIFARE credentialing platform and supports OSDP and Wiegand RFID technology protocols. OSDP and Wiegand's systems have special embedded wiring that makes them harder for credential duplicators to copy.

DMP access control systems


DMP's access control products feature local redundancy at each door reader, enabling full functionality in the event of a network outage. Their readers can also use cellular connections to communicate with the cloud during outages.

Integrated Access Control and Security Alarms

Rather than investing in multiple security systems to cover your company's access control and alarm system needs, DMP access control systems work hand-in-glove with their burglary and fire alarms. These advanced integration capabilities save money for companies and training time for administrators.

Panic Commands

DMP's one- and two-button wireless key fobs allow fob-holders to transmit panic commands if in danger while approaching entrances. This special security feature is highly valued by both residents of multifamily buildings and commercial office workers.

Support Services for Customers

DMP offers direct support to its customers by phone and email. That's in addition to the hardware and IT assistance offered by the knowledgeable experts at Mammoth Security.

About DMP

DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) creates high-quality solutions for fire security, intrusion detection, and entrance control.

Who Owns DMP Security?

DMP is a family-owned U.S. company run by CEO Rick Britton that has been in the security industry for more than 45 years. All of their products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Missouri and tested before shipping.

How Many Employees Does DMP Have?

DMP has over 300 employees working in its headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.

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Mammoth Security DMP installation

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