Honeywell Access Control

Access control systems ensure that only authorized personnel can enter secured sites. Honeywell stands out from other security brands because their access control software and hardware solutions are among the most sophisticated, flexible, and reliable on the market.

In particular, the Honeywell NetAXS-123 access controller stands out for its ability to seamlessly integrate with cutting-edge software, thereby enabling administrators to manage not only access control but also surveillance and alarm systems. Honeywell produces security solutions for organizations of all sizes--small businesses, large enterprises, and critical infrastructure alike.

Honeywell Security Solutions and Features

From access control software and browser-based systems to hardware elements like control panels, electronic locks, credential readers, and proximity cards, Honeywell produces a complete line of products that make site access convenient for authorized personnel while keeping unauthorized people out.

Credentials and Readers

Access control systems block entry to secured sites until credentials are authenticated and cross-checked against a site's authorization lists. While access credentials range from PIN codes input at keypads to fingerprints placed on biometric readers, the credentials most commonly used by businesses rely on RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology.

RFID fobs and proximity cards allow for contactless entry at access sites without the bottlenecks caused by traditional security measures. With an RFID access control system, small antennas inside fobs or cards transmit identifying radio frequencies to antennas inside door readers. The door readers then authenticate the credentials and transmit their data to control panels, where final access authorizations are decided.

Door control, access control.

Honeywell produces a broad range of RFID credentials and credential readers. Their Smart Range and Prox Range RFID cards are especially recommended because they use advanced security technologies like ultra-encryption to avoid the security weaknesses of traditional RFID cards. Honeywell's credential readers include a wide range of keypads, RFID readers, Bluetooth-signal readers, and biometric readers for fingerprint analysis and facial recognition.

Honeywell NetAXS-123 Control Panel

An access control panel (often referred to as an access controller) is the brain of any access control system. It contains data on all of a system's users, their associated credentials, and the particular access authorizations for secured sites.

When a door reader transmits a credential's identifying data to its control panel, the panel checks it against site authorizations. If there's a match, the panel sends an unlock signal to permit access. Otherwise, access is denied.

The NetAXS-123 is Honeywell's web-based access control panel. It provides all of the features of a conventional access control system, but its browser-based interface requires no special software and can be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Communications between the NetAXS-123 control panel and its interface are secured through either MAXPRO Cloud encryption or the WIN-PAK Security Suite.

Scalability and Full-Featured Security Solutions

Honeywell motion sensor integrations

Honeywell access control software and hardware components are designed to be flexible and scalable enough to serve organizations of any size. And the NetAXS-123 control panel is no exception. While it can serve single-site installations, its innovative networking capabilities enable future integrations with the WIN-PAK Security Suite.

With the WIN-PAK Suite, not only does the NetAXS-123 interface manage multiple facilities without limits on the number of credentialed users, it seamlessly integrates with intrusion detection and video surveillance systems. The WIN-PAK Suite allows the NetAXS-123 interface to control up to 2,560 surveillance cameras and 40 storage devices.

Special Offers and Training

Honeywell Access Control Systems provide customer support through a toll-free number and through their online portal, the Honeywell Discover. Through Honeywell Discover, users can register for classroom training, learn about events and special offers, and sign up to receive important news and updates.

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