PDQ Access Control

PDQ Smart Phone Access Control

PDQ Smart Phone Access Control is a top-of-the-line keyless entry system produced by PDQ Manufacturing. The buzz surrounding PDQ--an Innovation Award winner at the 2019 Electronic Security Expo--is well deserved. Their proprietary PDQ SecuRemote technology brings users a securely encrypted, cloud-based way to control, monitor, and access site entrances using a smartphone or browser.

The PDQ Way to Control, Monitor, and Access Openings

The PDQ Smart app works like an electronic key, but it differs from most smart locks because it functions just fine without active cellular networks, Wi-Fi technology, and web access. Even with an outdated browser or no browser at all, it can use Bluetooth technology to communicate with access openings using a smartphone.

As you approach with your phone, the PDQ Smart Lock will send a touch notification to your smartphone. All you have to do is press the fingerprint symbol on your screen, and--voilà--your door will open.

PDQ SecuRemote Technology

The PDQ Smart app uses PDQ SecuRemote Bluetooth technology and blockchain encryption to ensure unhackable, safe access control. What's more, this smart technology is automatically updated for no additional charge as PDQ engineers continuously develop new innovations to stay ahead of hackers and potential intruders.

A Secure Way to Control, Monitor, and Access Openings

The PDQ Smart app isn't just about unlocking doors for yourself. PDQ SecuRemote technology brings users a secure way to temporarily unlock doors for friends, family, and even delivery people with packages to drop off. The app also provides a secure way to schedule access to routine services, such as those provided by cleaning companies and dog walkers.

Push Notifications

PDQ technology allows users unprecedented cloud-managed access control information. Push notifications tell you when the dog walker comes and goes and when your kids get home from school. All that data--including time, date, and ID--is recorded using unprecedented cloud storage so that you're always in the know, no matter where you happen to be.

PDQ technology features

Remote and Automated Building Control

The PDQ Smart app now provides more than secure cloud-managed access control. The recently added AC indicator allows remote and automated building control using a smartphone or browser. Other features, like night-mode font-size adjustment, make the app easier to use than ever.

The PDQ Smart app is free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Keyless Entry With PDQ SecuRemote Technology

The PDQ Smart app lets users conveniently manage all of their smart locks via smartphone, tablet, or browser. It's safe because PDQ SecuRemote harnesses Bluetooth technology and encryption to manage, monitor, and access openings.

PDQ SecuRemote technology

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