Salto Access Control

Innovative Solutions for Wire-Free Access Control

Salto manufactures a complete line of access control solutions--from card readers to wall readers to ID badges to door handles and locks. Their access control platforms stand out from those of their competitors because they are completely wire-free, requiring neither expensive hardwiring nor troublesome cords.

Salto has a well-deserved reputation for continuously rolling out new products with advanced technologies. They were the first to develop RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) cards for contactless entry, an advanced technology that empowers businesses to reduce access point bottlenecks without sacrificing security.

Benefits of Salto Access Control

Flexible and Scalable

Salto's electronic locking solutions are scalable, meaning the same Salto system used for a single entry point can be expanded to cover multiple doors throughout a facility as business needs grow.

Efficient With Time and Money

Salto Systems are an excellent method for reducing costs associated with managing mechanical keys--copying them, collecting them, storing them, and transferring them between end users, as well as rekeying traditional locks when keys are lost or may have been copied. It's easy enough to remove access permissions from a Salto card or fob, but there's no such thing as access revocation from a mechanical key without physically rekeying a lock entirely.

Easy to Audit Activity Data

Salto Access Control

By providing easy-to-audit time stamps on entries and exits by individual users, a Salto access control system provides administrators with important insights into facility use and traffic patterns. Time and date stamps not only make it easy to track employees or guests, but they also help administrators to make informed decisions when seeking to better organize facility logistics or reduce energy consumption.

Salto Virtual Network (SVN)

The Salto Virtual Network (SVN) uses advanced radio-frequency identification technology on Salto cards, fobs, and RFID badges for efficient keyless entry.

Through the SVN system, Salto cards communicate identifying data directly with stand-alone electronic locks. As cardholders approach access points, tiny antennas in their cards automatically communicate with tiny antennas in door locks.

Because the SVN system can authenticate IDs as cardholders approach, they're able to open doors instantly for authorized people and avoid the bottlenecks that trouble many worksite entrances during high-traffic hours.

In addition to supporting efficiency, SVN technology keeps sites secure by only communicating with door locks through highly encrypted data that resists card-reading duplicators.


The SVN-Flex is the most recent innovation in Salto's line of access control solutions. It allows stand-alone locks to act as control panels, empowering them to read and update card access details. It's an inexpensive method to update card access information without direct administrative interactions.

Salto KS

Before the Salto KS, Salto access systems required a local server to connect all access points in a facility. Maintaining on-site server hardware can be inconvenient and a significant added expense, especially for businesses installing electronic locks at a single entrance. Enterprise-level businesses may also be put off by the single-facility-per-system limit imposed by the SVN's on-site server requirement.

The Salto KS (key service) responds to these concerns by sidestepping on-site server requirements and instead storing access data in the cloud. As a cloud-based access control system, the Salto KS enables remote management of multiple facilities in disparate locations on a single interface. Administrators can audit access details, add new employee or guest keys, and even block users from site privileges at any time from any location.

The JustIN Mobile Key

With Salto's JustIN Mobile app, administrators can transfer mobile keys with access privileges to anyone with the app on a registered and verified smartphone. JustIN Mobile keys are transferred through radio frequencies to receivers in smartphones. Once a user receives one of these Salto keys, a message appears on their phone letting them know which doors they have access to. At that point, all a user needs to do is make sure their phone's Bluetooth is on as they approach entrances.

Salto Keys for Every Kind of Company

Salto locks for offices, multifamily buildings, and hotels

Site security can be challenging when multiple mechanical keys are needed by different people for specific doors at specific times. By developing card and mobile key systems with easy-to-update access privileges, Salto grants every company type the tools they need to maximize safety, productivity, and convenience at their facilities.

Salto Systems for Multifamily Buildings

Residential property managers can grant access rights instantly to new residents and can remove rights from former residents without having to ask for key returns. All that's required is a simple update to Salto's access permissions.

What's more, busy property managers can grant potential residents temporary access for extra time in units that interest them. Without the anxiety of being watched by hovering staff, potential residents become more comfortable in new spaces, can more easily imagine those spaces as their homes, and are more inclined to ultimately sign leases.

Salto Systems for the Hospitality Industry

Salto locks are popular in the hotel industry both for the convenience they bring to management and for their positive impact on the guest experience. Guests find Salto keyless cards to be less cumbersome and more hygienic than traditional keys, and they're easily copied if guests lose them or want an extra copy.

Access control systems by Salto even let hotel administrators update card privileges remotely, meaning that a card programmed with permissions at check-in can be extended or otherwise adjusted without physical contact at the reception desk.

Housekeeping service is also facilitated by Salto's locking solutions. Cleaning staff can be granted universal access to all customer rooms during cleaning times only and with other limits set by management.

Salto Systems for Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare environments, Salto Systems help to secure controlled substances and other supplies while allowing staff convenient entry to areas where they have privileges. Also, Salto's access audits can aid investigators when controlled substances go missing, or other security breaches occur.

Salto Systems for Commercial & Office Spaces

Instead of requiring mechanical locks on doors to separate administration areas, service areas, customer areas, and back rooms, an electronic Salto lock system make sure that the correct people receive instant access to their spaces while unauthorized people are kept out. No time is wasted by office workers and other staff as they sort through key chains for the right key, and they need not remember to lock doors behind them after access has been granted.

Salto Systems for office doors and keyless entry

Drawbacks to Salto Systems

No Integration With Other Locks

While most access control manufacturers develop products that use open standard technology, allowing for cost-saving integrations with locks and other security components produced by their competitors, Salto lock systems use a proprietary protocol. As a result, the installation of a Salto access control system requires new door locks. Once a business installs a Salto access control system, that business is limited to proprietary locks by Salto when expanding its system or replacing parts.

Wireless Security vs. Hardwired Security

Wire-free access control systems are necessary for wire-free buildings, and they offer more convenience while being less expensive to install than hardwired systems. However, they are less reliable than their hardwired counterparts.

Bad Vendor Support

Salto offers a large online education portal with recorded videos on ways to make the most of their access control systems. Unfortunately, their contact information is extremely limited. They provide no email addresses and no phone numbers for product support. And while the Salto video library may be useful for general information, it's a wretched support system that expects customers to search through hours of video for answers that may or may not be there.

The Salto Smart Lock Solution

Salto makes security easy even when multiple access privileges are needed by different employees or customers at different doors and at different times of the day. Between Salto's SVN, KS, and JustIN technology platforms, every type of business can find in Salto the solutions they need for the productive, safe, and convenient environments that their staff, guests, and customers deserve.

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