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Alarm Monitoring Service Agreement

  • The entire team here at Mammoth Security thanks you for choosing us to install your alarm system. Please enter your full name and e-mail address below.

  • The below list will represent the zones you'd like setup in your building. Generally these are separated out to each room / hallway we're installing sensors. If panic buttons are being installed you can group those together as well for a medical or police response.

    Under the Zone column, give a number starting with 1 then go up from there (2,3,4,etc.) Choose who you'd like to respond when this zone goes off from the drop down list. The description column will be how you'd describe the zone (break room, front entrance, etc.) Next you select Y or N under Verify if you'd like a phone call (this call list will be setup in step 2) to verify if this is a false alarm or not. Selecting N will instantly dispatch the agency selected in the drop down. Selecting the Dispatch Y or N allows you to choose whether you'd like this to simply be a notification to you, or if you'd like the agency selected in the drop down to be dispatched on your behalf. The Notify RP column Y or N allows you to select whether you'd like to be notified by phone if an alarm response has triggered a dispatch. This can notify someone other than the verification person, or can notify you when dispatching someone instantly is required.