Analog CCTV Cameras

What Is an Analog CCTV Camera?

Analog security cameras are the older CCTV (closed-circuit television) alternative to more advanced digital cameras. While analog CCTV cameras provide worse footage and have fewer features than digital IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, they can nevertheless be suitable for small-scale surveillance applications on a limited budget.

CCTV analog cameras form the core of most older security camera installations, but they tend to produce low-quality video because they are limited by both the resolution of the camera and the bandwidth of its cable. Only recently, thanks to important advancements in sensor technology, can some newer analog camera models capture footage that is comparable to that from IP digital cameras.

How Do Analog CCTV Cameras Work?

Analog CCTV cameras use an image sensor to capture video in an analog format. The sensor converts light that enters the camera lens into data that is transmitted in the form of electrical pulses at varying amplitudes. This electrical signal is then processed by the camera's internal circuitry and transmitted over a coaxial cable to a DVR or other device for storage and viewing.

Most older analog camera models use a Composite Video Baseband Signal (CVBS) to transmit video surveillance. CVBS video is standard definition rather than high definition, so CVBS video is less clear than digital video.

That said, while most analog CCTV cameras use CVBS, some of the most recent analog models feature technologies like High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) to capture high-definition footage.

Whether standard or high definition, analog cameras use hardwired coaxial cables to transmit their footage to monitors, DVRs, encoders, and other devices.

Outdoor analog bullet camera in weatherproof housing

Advantages of Analog CCTV Cameras

Disadvantages of Analog CCTV Cameras

Why Should You Choose Analog CCTV Cameras?

Even though IP digital cameras are likely to collect better footage and are able to support more features, there are situations where an analog CCTV camera may be the better choice. Analog cameras are suggested when the cost of upgrading to digital cameras and infrastructure is prohibitive or where the existing infrastructure from an old analog system can still be used effectively.

Analog CCTV Cameras

Some of the best CCTV analog cameras on the market are manufactured by Mammoth Security partners like Hikvision and Hanwha Techwin.

Outdoor Analog Security Cameras

A wide variety of analog cameras are available for outdoor surveillance. Every outdoor analog camera comes with industry-standard weatherproof housing to prevent damage from dust and moisture.

Indoor Analog Security Cameras

Analog cameras for both outdoor and indoor surveillance come in many forms, including bullet and dome cameras. Bullet cameras provide the greatest deterrence because of their hard-to-ignore shape. Dome cameras, on the other hand, are ideal for discretion and are commonly part of indoor installation projects where it's desirable for people to forget that they're on camera.

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Analog security cameras have fewer features than most IP cameras. They tend to capture lower-resolution footage that requires more storage room than digital footage. While IP CCTV cameras are designed for easy live streaming over the Internet, analog security cameras require additional hardware components to translate their electronic signals into digital for transmission over the Internet.


IP cameras are better than analog cameras. They offer higher resolutions, remote accessibility, and better scalability. Advanced features like motion detection and facial recognition are only available with IP camera systems, and digitized footage from IP cameras requires less storage.

That said, the best CCTV security camera for you depends on your needs, resources, and any existing surveillance infrastructure you may have. Analog cameras cost less than IP cameras and work well with most existing infrastructure.


The difference between analog and digital CCTV cameras is in the way they capture and transmit video. Analog cameras use electrical pulses to capture and transmit video, while digital CCTV cameras use digital technology. As a result, digital CCTV cameras tend to achieve superior footage.


Digital cameras are overall better than analog cameras for CCTV because they connect with the Internet for remote mobile access, provide better footage resolution, have more advanced features, and require less space to store footage.


Analog camera systems are more difficult to hack than digital camera systems because they do not connect directly to the Internet. That said, video signals from analog cameras are also vulnerable to interception and hacking. That risk can be lessened by securing the cable and network infrastructure of the system and by physically securing the cameras themselves.


CCTV analog cameras are good at deterring crime, and they save money over digital IP cameras. That said, their footage is generally of a lower resolution, which limits their usefulness when evidence is needed.

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