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Are 4k Cameras Worth It?

When it comes to the best resolution, security and CCTV’s available, there is a difference of opinion on the new 4K technology, or also known as Ultra HD. Basically these newer models of cameras are beginning to drop in price for the consumer as your regular 1080p HD cameras are starting to get a little long in the tooth. Many are saying that 4K technology is the way to go when it comes to cameras and CCTV security cameras. While it is a great technology to utilize, you must also remember that using it requires the adequate light sources to make sure you can see what you’re capturing in pictures or filming.

When you talk to ViDi Labs, the consensus is that this newer technology will not take off as suspected unless it is created for a broader market. Vlado Damjanovski does not feel like the technology will go anywhere unless it is set up for a larger market than just the CCTV industry. He does not feel like CCTV will dive into that much technology just for that arena.

An Advantage to the Technology

One advantage to this type of technology is that it can be a much clearer picture than before. The only way the photo or image can be more enhanced is if the sensors that are used are more enhanced at the same time. If it is not enhanced to handle the 4K optics, then you’re looking at a four times lower quality photo/image when the low-light circumstances are involved.

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Another Aspect of 4K

One aspect to consider when using 4K technology is that your monitor has to be an updated monitor to get the full benefits of this upgrade. Your computers also have to be much faster to handle the technology and streaming capabilities of the unit itself.

Real Time Encoders

When you’re considering the newer technology such as the 4K for CCTV or the 5MP or 9MP cameras available, you have to remember there used to not be a real time encoder for the images. When the 4K technology was coming out, it came with real time encoders that made processing your images much faster and easier. To do this, you still have to have faster processing equipment.

How Far Off From This Are We?

Sony is researching the new process now and will conduct even more research before releasing a product with this Ultra HD technology. Bosch also feels that it will be a big seller and release in the market as well. Some are of the opinion that it will all depend on the pricing of the units. If it is priced too unreasonably, then the everyday consumer will have to pass until it is lowered. Axis communications also feels as if this will have a huge future in the CCTV industry. Items they suggest you remember is that with this increase in technology also comes an increase in the bandwidth needed and the storage that will be required.

For the most part, for this technology to truly take off the ground, the other technology that works with the CCTV systems will have to evolve with it. Only time will tell if this process will be the new face of CCTV systems in the future.

For now, 4k resolution only makes sense in very specific circumstances.  One instance is if you expect to have more than 2 moving objects in one field of view and you need extreme detail from a single camera far away.  Usually this would be an overview camera in a parking lot where to keep cost down (instead of using multiple PTZ cameras) we use one 4k camera to get the required detail.





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