Bridgeport Recreation Complex Boosts Security Measures With New High Resolution Security Cameras

February 28, 2022

Bridgeport Recreation Complex is upgrading its security camera systems, and though city officials claim that there isn’t a whole rash of crime occurring at the park, they are tired of dealing with low quality images when crimes do occur. For instance, the complex has seen its fair share of hit and runs, and the owners of the hit vehicle are becoming frustrated by the fact that the complex’s security cameras are unable to help them identify the perpetrator. And for petty theft, bullying or other instances of violence that do occur, it would be nice for parents to be able to confidently tell their children that the bad guys will get caught.

Council member, Diana Mara, explains,

“The complex is such a busy facility with so much traffic up there that the cameras will aid the city to respond to any incident that may occur…[W]e want to stand ready to respond if we do [have incidences occur] and these new cameras should allow us to do that. It’s prudent to have that level of security up there when you have that level of investment of city dollars in that facility.”

For these reasons, the city will have at least 10 cameras monitoring the area, half of which will be new. City Manager, Kim Haws, says,

“These are higher resolution cameras that will produce better quality. If something happens, we can zero in with a clearer image. This is more for prevention than anything else. We want the word out that the facility is secured for anyone going there.”

Why Sports Facilities Need More Protection Than Ever

In today’s world where terrorist attacks are becoming more commonplace and public shootings are a frighteningly common occurrence, there is no such thing as “too much security,” especially in places that receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Sports facilities such as sports complexes, gyms, swimming pools, fitness clubs, stadiums and massage rooms—are becoming increasingly popular, and because of this, gunmen are beginning to view them as prime targets. Unfortunately, the motto of security team members and government officials alike is becoming, “the more popular the object is, the closer attention should be paid on the part of ensuring security.” With the 2018 FIFA World Cup swiftly approaching, the issue is becoming more relevant. While video surveillance is just one aspect of a full-blown security setup, it is an integral one, as it helps keep crime at bay.

Benefits of Video Surveillance at Sports Complexes

In addition to crime deterrence, a boosted security camera system can help do the following at Bridgeport Recreation Complex:

  • Control the adjacent territories and parking lots;
  • Prevent theft of visitors’ personal items;
  • Identify abandoned items without risk of injury;
  • Identify visitors’ misbehavior;
  • Regulate the flow of people at the entrances and exits;
  • Prevent equipment damage;
  • Monitor the staff;
  • Search for persons who committed a crime or offense;
  • Prevent attempts to violate public order;
  • Identify and prevent peoples’ entrance into prohibited areas; and
  • Solve disputes between visitors and employees.

Overall, additional security measures can help complex managers run a smooth ship and ensure that everyone—from the staff members to the visitors—are doing their part to ensure the ongoing peace and safety of everyone within the facility’s boundaries.

Important Considerations for Facility Managers

A security system is only as effective as its configuration. In order to make the most of their new high resolution security cameras, facility managers will have to consider everything from potential crowd sizes to the size of the facility itself. They will also want to evaluate the following before having a CCTV installation team out to set up the system:

  • What is the greatest threat to the facility and its visitors?
  • Have their been past problems of crowd control at any of the facility’s events?
  • Are there existing security systems in place?
  • Does the facility host any major events that draw larger than normal crowds?
  • Is the facility at risk for terrorism?
  • Are there typically confrontations, or have their been, between the crowds and athletes?
  • Is there an ongoing problem with employee theft?
  • Is the facility attached to a parking lot?
  • What is the magnitude of the facility’s current security team?
  • What areas of the facility seem to be the most susceptible to crime?

Installing an effective CCTV surveillance system is a science, and one that requires careful consideration before implementing the final product. If you are a part of the planning commission for any sports facility security measures, keep these considerations in mind to ensure the strongest possible security for your visitors, staff and athletes.

How Bridgeport Will Benefit From CCTV Security Camera Upgrades

Bridgeport’s decision to invest in CCTV security camera upgrades is beneficial to the complex and the city as a whole for the following reasons:

  • Increased Safety: The additional security cameras will mean increased safety not just for visitors, but for athletes and staff members as well. Sporting complexes see a significant amount of foot traffic each day. With more security cameras, complex managers will be able to monitor the foot traffic in and out of the complex, as well as keep an eye on people while within the confines of the complex. Athletes in particular can benefit from more surveillance, as crowds often throw objects at and harass players. With additional cameras, managers can monitor the stands and put an end to any confrontation before it gets out of hand.
  • Easy Installation: The installation of CCTV cameras is not difficult once an IP (Internet Protocol) video system is in place. Once the IP is up, cameras can be mounted anywhere in the complex with ease.
  • Prevention: Sporting complexes are a prime target for terrorists, as they typically attract large crowds. Video surveillance can be used to recognize potential terrorists and known felons.
  • Crowd Control: Sporting event crowds often get heated during a match or game, and can result in violence. Surveillance cameras can monitor the stands for any signs of disturbances and squash a potential fight before it occurs.
  • Remote Access: Finally, an IP surveillance system allows monitoring of video footage from anywhere with Internet access.

CCTV Installation in Bridgeport

At Mammoth Security, our security camera installation team is equipped to provide you, your business and your community with the security necessary to protect you and your loved ones. While sporting events can be fun, they are a hotbed of crime and violence. The additional security measures taken by Bridgeport Recreation Complex are a great investment in the safety of the community, and hopefully more businesses follow suit.

Whether you own a business and wish to upgrade your existing security system, or whether you’re a homeowner looking for additional protection for your family, reach out to Mammoth Security in Bridgeport today for security cameras installation.

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