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Can You Trust Wireless Cameras With Your Business?

Wired cameras are the gold standard for surveillance and security systems for a number of reasons. They’re affordable, powered through dedicated wiring and are secured by the network they’re connected to with little worry of eavesdropping or poor signals. This makes them very reliable. With the power distributed on-site, it’s also possible to ensure that you’re always operational with the use of battery backups or generators.

However, in some situations, wired cameras simply do not fit the requirements. This is common in multi-structure camera systems or those using light posts, billboards or other mounts to cover a wide area. In these cases, wireless cameras are a better option for both dependability and overall cost. With the proper approach, it is easy to minimize the concerns of going wireless for your security system.

In general, wireless cameras cost more due to additional components used to eliminate the wires. Unfortunately, many wireless camera makers use subpar components to make wired cameras wireless. This means you’re paying more for poor performance and unreliable operation.

For example, most wireless cameras with built-in wireless networking adapters use the 2.4Ghz frequency to connect with wireless networks in the area. This is the same frequency used by many phones, consumer and business Wi-Fi networks, toys and more. Even a microwave operating in the vicinity of a 2.4Ghz network is capable of causing major interference and interrupting connections or degrading stream quality. All of this means less quality and increased hassles keeping your wireless cameras connected to your NVR.

A far better solution is a wireless hybrid system. Although wireless cameras themselves have a number of weaknesses, well-planned wireless systems eliminate most of the hassle and risk. These systems let you enjoy the robust dependability and quality of a wired camera system while using dedicated wireless equipment to stream data and video throughout your security network. By bypassing the built-in networking adapters on the cameras themselves, you can improve signal quality, transmission speeds, video quality and security.

This also opens up the possibility of using the 5Ghz spectrum for reduced interference and greater stability. Creating a network of wireless radios, you can cover distances as far as 30 miles! Best of all, you can use more affordable wired cameras in more places while reserving wireless models for only the areas absolutely required. This keeps costs low while maximizing the ability of your system to protect what’s important to you.

Learn more about how we connect multiple buildings cameras with a wireless connection HERE.

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