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Elevator Security Cameras: Best Types, Brands, & Placements

May 7, 2024

Mammoth Takeaways

  • Corner-mounted dome cameras are ideal for discreet but comprehensive surveillance in elevators.
  • The compact size, wide-angle coverage, discreet appearance, and enhanced durability of dome cameras make them ideal for elevator surveillance.
  • The best elevator security cameras on the market are made by Avigilon and Axis.

The global surveillance market jumped from an impressive $130 billion in 2022 to an even more impressive $148 billion in 2023. And this rapid growth trajectory isn't slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the surveillance market is projected to reach $235 billion by 2027.

Why such a bullish outlook, you ask?

The answer lies in the undeniable effectiveness of IP digital camera installations for deterrence, unwanted behavior detection, and actionable evidence collection.

Now, let's zero in on one crucial aspect of business security that often goes overlooked: elevators.

As vulnerable spaces where strangers are confined together, reliable elevator surveillance is critical. So, if you’re thinking about adding or upgrading security cameras to your elevators, keep on reading.

We’re about to explore the best camera type for elevators, camera placement, and the best brands for elevator monitoring.

Best Camera Type and Placement

Dome camera

Let’s cut to the chase: The best cameras for elevator surveillance are dome cameras, and the best position for an elevator camera is mounted in an upper corner of the elevator.

The compact, dome-shaped housing of dome cameras makes it possible to mount them snugly in elevator corners.

From that perch, and thanks to wide-angle lenses, they provide panoramic views of elevator interiors without any blind spots.

What’s more, the dome casing is discreet enough to blend in with the elevator's interior.

This ability to blend in is essential for maintaining the comfort of passengers, who are likely to feel uneasy if more aggressive-looking cameras are pointed at them.

Finally, dome cameras are recommended for elevator installations because they’re engineered to withstand most attempts at damage or tampering.

Enhanced vandal resistance is a necessary feature in elevators because the cameras are likely to be within reach of passengers.

Best Elevator Camera Brands: Security in Every Corner

Let's get one thing straight: not all dome security cameras are created equal, especially when we're talking about the unique environment of an elevator.

You need a camera that's up to the task—tough, reliable, and capable of delivering clear footage no matter the lighting conditions.

Enter Avigilon and Axis, the world’s most cutting-edge leaders in the field of commercial-grade surveillance.


First up, we have dome cameras by Avigilon, a name that resonates with quality and reliability.

Unmatched Clarity: Avigilon’s corner-mounted, vandal-resistant elevator cameras offer superb image quality. We're talking crystal-clear footage that makes identifying individuals or objects a breeze, not a pixelated guessing game.

What’s more, Avigilon dome cameras adapt well to changing light conditions—including low-light conditions suddenly turning bright when elevator doors open.

Vandal-Proof Design: With a design that's resistant to tampering and damage, you can rest easy knowing your elevator surveillance is built to resist vandalism. For example, the dome housing that surrounds dome cameras prevents bad actors from easily shifting the direction of the lens to prevent the capture of useful footage.


Then there's Axis, another titan in the security camera domain. Axis cameras come with their own set of bells and whistles that make them great for monitoring elevators.

Durable to the Core: Like Avigilon, Axis dome cameras are designed to withstand attempts at vandalism. They're tough and built to last, making them a smart investment for any organization with elevators or other areas that may be targeted by vandals and other bad actors.

Exceptional Low-Light Performance: Axis cameras shine bright—even when the lights don't. Their ability to capture clear footage in low-light conditions means that day or night, whether your elevators open to a bright room or a dark hallway, your security footage will be clear.

Smart Technology: With features like motion detection and alarm triggers, Axis and Avigilon cameras are not just passive observers but active participants in your security setup. They alert you to potential issues in elevators before they escalate, giving you a chance to act swiftly.

Best Practices for Elevator Camera Installation

Now that you're familiar with Avigilon and Axis, the champs of elevator security, let's talk best practices for elevator camera installation:

Positioning is Key: Make sure your cameras are installed in a way that covers the entire elevator interior. Corners are usually your best bet for comprehensive coverage.

Keep It Discreet: While the presence of cameras can serve as a deterrent to wrongdoers, you also don't want to make people feel like they're under a microscope. Striking the right balance is crucial.

Regular Maintenance: Just like any other piece of technology, your elevator cameras need some TLC to keep them running smoothly. Regular maintenance can prevent issues before they arise.

Mammoth Elevates Security

Avigilon and Mammoth Security

At Mammoth Security, we understand that every corner counts. That’s why our elevator cameras are strategically selected and installed to provide a comprehensive view without blind spots.

We're here to help businesses like yours navigate through the jungle of camera options to pinpoint the camera types and brands that best fit any area you need to monitor—not just elevators.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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The best type of security camera for elevator surveillance is the dome camera. Known for compact, dome-shaped housings that allow for discrete corner mounting and panoramic views, domes are ideal for elevator interiors.

Avigilon and Axis are considered top brands for elevator security cameras due to their cutting-edge, commercial-grade surveillance technologies. Their elevator cameras offer unmatched clarity, vandal-resistant designs, and exceptional low-light performance.

Dome cameras maintain a sense of privacy and comfort in elevators by blending discreetly with the elevator's interior. Their compact design and snug fit in corners result in passengers who are less uneasy about being monitored.

Elevator security cameras are more resistant to vandalism than other camera types due to dome casings that protect against tampering and damage, helping the cameras to remain functional and directionally accurate in public spaces like elevators.

Corner-mounted dome cameras enhance elevator security by providing panoramic views of the elevator interior without blind spots. Their wide-angle lenses and compact design allow for discreet mounting in upper corners.

The best practices for installing security cameras in elevators include positioning cameras in corners, leveraging discreet surveillance tools to keep passengers comfortable, and conducting regular maintenance to prevent issues.

Regular maintenance is important for elevator security cameras to keep them running smoothly. A little TLC can maintain continuous, reliable surveillance by preventing issues before they arise.



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