Gas Station Surveillance Cameras Record Shocking Carjacking Attempts By Criminal

February 24, 2022

The popularity of CCTV cameras in business and residential premises in New Haven county CT continues to grow, and for one unlucky criminal, his repeated attempts at carjacking were caught in glorious technicolor, for all to see.

Even the police seemed shocked at the sheer audacity of the suspect, a man called Juan Laporte who is 32 years of age. The determined man attempted to carjack a number of people at the gas station, even wrestling one poor woman to the ground in a desperate attempt to grab her keys.

Not only were the incidents captured on the gas station CCTV system, but so were the heroic actions of a passerby who tried to help the woman by kicking the assailant. The good news is that Laporte was subsequently arrested and subsequently charged by police.

Ironically the poor woman of the attempted carjacking was trying to help Laporte after he crashed his car further up the road, according to WWLP. The woman pulled over and offered him a lift to the nearest petrol station so that he could call the police to report the incident. In a shocking turn of events, Laporte then decided to thank the woman by trying to steal her car.

Having failed to take her car the determined criminal then chose to jump into another man’s car as he was pumping gas. The determined owner of this vehicle held on valiantly to the car steering wheel, as Laporte attempted to drive away from the gas station.

Determined not to steal the car Laporte frantically tried repeatedly to drive it between the road and the garage a few times. However, his driving skills were clearly not up to the task, and for the second time in a day, he crashed the car before trying to run away from the scene of the crime.

Having witnessed these shocking events, three passers by pounced on Laporte, and managed to restrain him on the ground until the arrival of police. Laporte was charged with some serious offenses including larceny, reckless endangerment, assault, breach of the peace, criminal mischief, carjacking, criminal attempt to commit robbery, criminal attempt to commit larceny, reckless driving and interfering/resisting arrest.

Although the camera footage did not directly result in the man being arrested, it provided excellent indisputable evidence of Laporte’s actions during the incidents. For any small business owner looking to invest in high-quality security cameras such as the one responsible for capturing the footage of this incident, Mammoth Security is one of the recognized leaders in this field and can advise and install the best surveillance cameras for every situation.





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