H.265: Unparalleled Quality with Less Bandwidth

February 28, 2022

Today’s video surveillance and security systems require more and more detail to provide convictable evidence and maximum return on investment. As camera and display technologies continue to evolve, how video is encoded and stored stayed relatively stagnant.

While H.264 revolutionized video encoding—offering previously impossible compression rates without sacrificing clarity—it simply isn’t ideal for today’s ultra-high-definition cameras and NVRs. Even if you only need 1080p video captures, this new technology offers undeniable benefits.

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Consider the following example:

If you have 50 cameras across your business, each recording at 4Mbps using H.264—roughly 1080p on many popular camera models—you are capturing approximately 62TB of video per month. Current market prices for reputable 4TB surveillance-grade hard disk drives start around $140.

If you need to retain this video for later reference, you’re looking at more than $2,000 per month in storage expansion costs alone. Not to mention there’s the hassle of storing the drives, clearing data when it’s time to recommission them and keeping track of what data is stored where!

Systems capable of utilizing the new H.265 codec capture the same level of detail with half the data requirements. In this example, that means you’d only need 31TB of storage per month—saving nearly $1,000 per month without sacrificing video quality or features.

In fact, many new H.265 camera models offer exceptional low-light performance and better overall detail than H.264 models from the same manufacturer.

All of this also means that IP cameras using H.265 can stream video with less bandwidth. This makes it easier to deploy remote cameras on limited bandwidth or even increase quality without having to upgrade your existing network infrastructure.

Planning to Upgrade Your Surveillance System?

Whether you’re planning to upgrade to a 4K or 8K UHD system or you’re simply looking to reduce monthly upkeep costs and improve the efficiency of your surveillance systems, H.265 is a simple, cost-effective way to doing so. As technologies continue to improve, this will likely become the new standard. Upgrading now ensures that you’ll be ahead of the curve!

If you have any questions about this new technology want a state-of-the-art surveillance system installed at your home or business, contact the professionals at Mammoth Security. We use the high-quality cameras with new features—including H.265—to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Call us today to get started and enjoy increased peace of mind in only two weeks!





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