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How Remote Security Monitoring Works: 24/7 Surveillance Game Changer

March 3, 2023

Our team at Mammoth Security understands that round-the-clock, in-person security guards aren’t always economical. 

But we also know that your assets are no less valuable on holidays or late at night. 

That’s why we partner with a 24/7 live monitoring service that pairs the cutting-edge surveillance systems and security cameras we install with affordable remote security monitors.

In the U.S., where the average car dealership suffers an expensive security violation every 37 days, where more than one-fifth of construction sites are targeted by criminals every week, and where around $130 billion dollars of oil and gas are stolen from secluded sites every year, live remote video monitoring is a game changer. 

What is Remote Security Monitoring and How It Works

Remote monitoring is an increasingly popular tool in commercial security systems. It allows companies to monitor and manage their business security system from anywhere, at any time.

outdoor surveillance cameras remote monitoring

Using remote monitoring technology, businesses can access real-time surveillance footage, control alarm systems remotely, and receive notifications if suspicious activities are detected. This provides greater convenience for business owners and multiple business locations compared to traditional security cameras.

Footage from the high-definition IP cameras that our team installs at your site is live-streamed for active monitoring by the highly trained security professionals we partner with. They keep watch over your property whenever you need them—whether that’s 24/7 or just during certain hours.

The live security monitors are there to sort false alarms from genuine emergencies, initiate on-site deterrence tools that ward off most trespassers, and prompt rapid law enforcement assistance when needed by providing eye-witness accounts of crimes in progress. 

Our remote surveillance monitoring partners are able to deter 97% of intruders, and they work with law enforcement to arrest the rest.

Massive ROIs from remote monitoring include less need for a large security team and immediate reductions in theft, vandalism, and worker downtime caused by stolen inventory.

AI-Supported Video Monitoring

With surveillance cameras as their eyes in the sky and the added aid of AI-based video analytics, remote security monitors are able to quickly spot unwanted activities that regular monitoring guards might fail to recognize in a timely manner.

Visual Deterrents, One-Way Speakers, and a Police Response

When thieves or trespassers arrive on your property, AI-supported security guards activate audio and visual deterrents like sirens, bright lights, and talk-down speakers.

If blaring sirens, flashing strobes, and aggressive speakers don't stop criminals in their tracks, a fast police response is possible thanks to eyewitness reports provided by live video-monitoring security professionals.

Case Studies

Remote monitoring is a security windfall for any business or organization with valuable assets on sometimes open or unguarded properties–including car dealerships, parking garages, and construction sites. 

remote monitoring in a parking lot

The following case studies are real examples of our remote monitoring partners in action.

University District Self Storage

University District Self Storage provides U-Haul rentals and self-storage units in Spokane, Washington. After struggling for years with expensive damages from squatters and vandals, including people who would use their U-Hauls as toilets, the company turned to the same remote monitoring center that we partner with. 

University District Self Storage hasn’t been vandalized, and its vehicles haven’t been broken into since. 

Owner Hans Svendson says that the moment a siren “goes off telling would-be criminals to vacate the property, they’re gone. It’s better than having a guard walk the property.”

D.R. Horton

America’s largest homebuilder, D.R. Horton, once struggled with theft on construction sites during non-working hours. Even more damaging than expenses from asset replacement were significant worker downtimes and project delays caused by the need for material and equipment replacements.

D.R. Horton security camera remote monitoring

Now that D.R. Horton uses the same remote monitoring service that we partner with, they face far fewer trespassers, and intruder alarms are activated to send most of the trespassers they do still get scurrying away. 

According to D.R. Horton superintendent Dave Hemeon, “It’s almost impossible not to see a decrease in how many materials and equipment go missing.” 

SunDance Marine

SunDance Marine is a Miami-based dealer of new and used boats and a part of the OneWater Marine family. Before live remote monitoring, their high-value inventory was repeatedly vandalized or outright stolen overnight. 

SunDance Marine remote monitoring system

Scott Cunningham, a process operations manager at OneWater Marine, describes their situation this way: “Our old video surveillance system was effective at recording crimes and incidents, but not at actively deterring them.” 

Since turning to our monitoring service, active deterrence tools have significantly reduced trespassing and other crimes at SunDance Marine. When deterrence hasn’t been successful, professional monitors have worked with police to catch thieves and other bad actors red-handed. 

Enhanced Security Solutions With Remote Monitoring Security at a Lower Price

From installing cameras and cabling to alarms and access control, our team at Mammoth Security takes pride in what we do, and we’d love to share our expertise and workmanship with you. We want you to know that you can trust our team to not only customize and install security systems for your site but also to connect you with our trustworthy security partners for remote monitoring work. 

Mammoth Security installing security cameras for remote monitoring

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