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Lockdowns With ICT Protege

April 8, 2023

Challenges Enacting Emergency Lockdowns 

K-12 schools, universities, hospitals, and other institutions have become attractive targets for active shooters and other terrorists. As a result, it’s more important than ever for institutions to have the resources to initiate total lockdowns without error and without wasting precious time.

Unfortunately, while it takes 61% of American K-12 schools, universities, and hospitals over 6 minutes to lock down their sites, an FBI study found that 70% of all active shooter events transpire in fewer than 5 minutes

In other words, most lockdown systems are inadequate to stop shooters and protect people when lives are most at risk.

The Solution for Immediate Emergency Lockdowns

Our Mammoth Security team is always on the lookout for security gaps and the best security tools and strategies to remedy them. When developing lockdown protocols for critical emergencies, you need to know about ICT’s Protege systems because they make instant lockdowns fool-proof and instantaneous. 

How Protege Lockdowns Work

Highly trained, experienced, and certified Protege installation experts, like those on our team at Mammoth Security, configure numerous lockdown protocols and activation methods so that confusion never results in delays during critical emergencies. 

Automatic Triggers

With the ICT Protege, specific triggers can be programmed to initiate automatic lockdowns. 

Meanwhile, doors can still be opened from the inside so that students have the opportunity to flee.The ICT Protege provides superior lockdown automation because ICT (Integrated Control Technology) systems are designed for easy integration with security devices, such as sensors and video management systems, to instantly initiate lockdowns when critical threats are detected. 

Activation Redundancies 

Even without gunshots or other automatic lockdown triggers, ICT’s Protege provides a variety of easy methods for personnel to initiate lockdowns.

Lockdowns can be activated by hardwired panic buttons, wireless panic buttons, lockdown trigger cards, billtrap transmitters, duress PIN codes entered at keypads or card readers, the Protege web interface, lockdown icons on electronic floor plans, and directly through the Protege Mobile App—which security personnel should carry with them everywhere. 

This multitude of lockdown initiation tools prevents small but deadly delays that may be caused by human error.

Universal Lockdowns

ict installed in library

The difficulty of enacting complete lockdowns in time to stop active shooters is largely a result of out-of-date and unintegrated access control systems. Most legacy access systems at large sites require multiple people with security training to individually initiate lockdowns via several independent apps or even by physically managing access control panels located on different floors and in different buildings.

ICT’s Protege systems remove the need for multiple initiations by grouping all doors throughout a complex together during emergencies—including doors spanning multiple buildings. Universal lockdowns minimize confusion, remove hesitation, and are critical to saving lives during emergencies like active shooter events.

Emergency Access Management

ICT’s Protege systems provide powerful access management tools to control movement during emergencies. Entry and exit can be denied, entry alone can be denied, exit alone can be denied, and special “super user” access can be granted to police, security personnel, and other emergency responders. With super user access, rescuers are able to move freely and without delay to neutralize threats. 

ICT Protege WX and Protege GX

ICT’s Protege WX and GX systems both save lives by providing multiple redundancies for lockdown initiation and by automatically locking doors based on preprogrammed triggers. 

Protege WX delivers the access control functionalities most small businesses need, including automatic lockdowns, without unnecessary complexity.

Protege GX caters to the needs of small businesses, multinational enterprises, and large complexes, such as those for education and healthcare. It offers all of the features of the Protege WX, including emergency lockdowns, but it also offers highly customizable interfaces, features for managing multiple sites, and a scalable licensing model for the addition of Expander Modules and new functionalities as facilities are expanded or security needs grow.

ICT and Mammoth Security

Mammoth Security installing Security Cameras.jpg

ICT is a cutting-edge leader in access control technology. Their systems reliably secure small businesses and large institutions alike, and our crew at Mammoth Security is honored to be one of the few ICT security partners in our region. We’re trained and certified to install all of their security products, including the Protege WX and GX packages for access control and lockdown security.

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