Utilization of Drones For Business Raise Concerns About Privacy

February 28, 2022

Drones are fast becoming staples of society as they start to play huge roles in daily life, from covering huge sporting events to delivering packages to places. Businesses in particular are finding different ways to use UAVs for their operations, but are these enterprises really ready and aware that quadcopters may come with benefits, but also come with risks? The global technology association ISACA addresses this concern in their new global survey and whitepaper titled “The Rise of the Drones.”

The white paper tackles the utilization of drones in commercial settings, and raises some important concerns with regard to risk considerations. The paper essentially asks if an enterprise has considered some factors before employing UAVs in their operations:

  • Considerations that management must take into account before approving the procurement and deployment of UAVs;
  • Questions and answers that will allow the management to determine the far-reaching risks inherent in the utilization of drones in a commercial setting;
  • The procedures and policies in place addressing the deployment of corporate robotic vehicles.

The Rise of the Drones” addresses the above concerns and aims to prepare management for unforeseen consequences. Any organization that does not want to be left behind in the constantly evolving global marketplace will have to look into the application of drone technology, and must embrace what the technology has on offer. The white paper will be of particular use as it can serve as a guide for enterprises, so that deployment of a UAV program will not affect their businesses negatively.

ISACA’s Survey Interesting Results

ISACA’s poll, on the other hand, gauges the use and planning implemented by their global membership with regard to drone technology. The survey reveals a number of interesting information:

  • 1/3 of the respondents are worried about the security and privacy risks associated with UAV technology.
  • 65% of the respondents believe that the institutions which would benefit the most from business application of drone technology are not prepared for the accompanying privacy and security requirements.
  • 63% of the respondents are not confident that their current staff are capable of evaluating the drones’ security.
  • Only 25% of the respondents are of the view that the benefits outweigh the privacy and security risks when it comes to commercial UAV technology use. However, an additional 48% believe that when the security and privacy concerns are addressed in the future, the benefits can start to justify the incurred risks.

The author of the paper, Albert Marcella, Ph.D., CISA, CISM, says that implementing UAVs without first preparing could lead to both financial and legal disaster, and may even cause irreparable harm to the reputation of an organization. However, the author also clarifies that the right procedures, controls, and policies can help protect against these problems while allowing an organization to enjoy the significant competitive and technical advantages.

A Bridgeport Surveillance System Service Provider Can Help Protect Your Legal Interests

At Mammoth Security, our Bridgeport security system installers wholly understand the legal risks associated with drones. However, we also know how imperative drones can be to your overall security system. If, after weighing the pros and cons of using a drone, you still want to utilize one, our team can advise you on what policies and procedures to implement to minimize risks. Additionally, we can teach you and your staff how to capably view drone security footage, that way there are no costly mistakes made once you put your drone to work.

In addition to providing expert advice and installation services, Mammoth Security also offers the highest quality security technology and equipment. Our cameras can be found in numerous businesses throughout the state of Connecticut, including some fortune 100 companies. Additionally, several small to midsized businesses and homeowners trust our products to keep their assets and their loved ones safe. This is in large part due to the flexibility and scalability that our systems offer, such as multiple viewing angles, multiple sensors, setup in areas where wires would be impractical, remote viewing capabilities and much, much more.

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