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How to Choose the Best CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Your Small Business

February 28, 2022

As a small business owner, you put your heart and soul into bringing your business to life, not to mention the countless hours and huge capital you invested into making your entrepreneurship dreams a reality. The last thing you need is to have somebody bring those dreams to a grinding halt by stealing from you or vandalizing your property. Mammoth Security in Greenwich is dedicated to protecting your business from potential criminal activity by supplying your buildings with CCTV surveillance systems tailored to meet your needs.

Best Security Cameras for Your Small Business by Brand

At Mammoth Security, our camera installation teams can equip your business with any type of cameras and digital video recorders that you want, and from any provider. Below, we have listed just a few of our favorite camera suppliers for small businesses:


When you shop with ADT, you have the option between three different camera types: wireless, indoor color and dome cameras. You can also choose from a variety of video duplicators and digital video recorders. Duplicators allow you to observe the same video footage from separate monitors. Additionally, ADT’s technology allows you to access your footage from anywhere you have an internet connection, including from inside the building, a laptop or desktop outside of the building, or from an Android or iOS device. Finally, ADT offers to alert you if they detect motion outside of normal business hours, negating the need for you to hire full time security personnel.

Protection 1

Protection 1’s equipment is designed with the small business owner in mind. They offer a wide range of cameras, including digital, analog and IP cameras. They also offer a variety of lenses and specialty applications, and a choice between digital recorders and network recorders, that way you have the choice to keep their security system as simple or complex as they choose. However, no matter how simple the system is, you have the option of accessing your footage from anywhere with an internet connection. They also offer cloud-based solutions for businesses that prefer to store their information digitally for later use.

CPI Security

CPI Security is dedicated to providing security products for small businesses, and offer a business package which includes custom LCD display control panel, a motion detector, an infrared interior IP camera, battery backup, two door contacts and a real time speaker and microphone. Their cameras also feature digital backlight compensation, day-night cameras and a variable high-speed electronic shutter. If you want to review a certain span of footage after the fact, you can search through your digital recordings by date, time and events.


Dropcam offers cloud-based Wi-Fi video monitoring for those businesses that prefer to keep their information online and easily accessible. The system comes with live-streaming, remote viewing options and two-walk talk capabilities. With this system, you not only have the option of viewing your footage remotely, but you can actually inform a working employee if something is amiss so that they can check it out. These cameras also feature automatic infrared LEDs for easy night viewing and advanced zoom capabilities. If you wanted to be alerted to motion during off hours, Dropcam can send you alerts via email or text.


Swann is known for its indoor and outdoor security systems and Wi-Fi cameras. Their cameras are ideal for all uses, as they are complete with full tilt and pan functions that can be controlled remotely. They also offer digital recordings in high definition, live viewing from anywhere with an internet access and the option to store footage on an external hard drive.

Guardian Protection Services

Guardian Protection Services caters specifically to small businesses, and offers a huge variety of cameras and surveillance extras. Their goal is to help you achieve the level of security that you need, and not force you to invest in anything that’s not absolutely necessary. The offer a full range of surveillance products, including but not limited to standalone digital video recorders and IP-based video cameras. Their equipment allows for remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to access video footage from any device with an internet connection.


Q-See offers a wide range of video surveillance products, including digital recorders, cameras with high resolution and night vision capabilities, wireless CCTV solutions and an array of accessories. If you choose to buy from them, you have the choice between pan-tilt-zoom, dome, bullet and IP cameras.


If you choose to buy from Zmodo, they offer both analog and network video surveillance systems. Their equipment works both indoors and outdoors, and recordings can be accessed remotely. Their analog cameras work well with a digital recorder, which is a great option if you already have an analog system in place.

Best Security Cameras for Your Small Business by Type

When equipping your small business with security cameras, it is important that you equip them with the right type of cameras. Not all cameras were created equal, and each is designed to perform different functions and survey particular environments. Below is a list of each type of camera and what each is designed to do:

Field of View (FOV)

Field of View cameras are great if you want to see a wider area of space all at once and aren’t too concerned with image quality. The wider the lens, the poorer the quality, and vice versa. FOVs are great for monitoring parking lots and large sections of a store floor.

Motion Sensing

Motion sensing cameras are ideal if you are worried about your business at night, or if you have areas of your building that you would like to remain off limits. Today’s motion sensing cameras will trigger an alert if motion is detected during off hours or in those off-limits spaces, which will be sent to your phone, email or both. Some cameras allow you to start recording only when motion is detected, while others require you to continuously record so that the motion detector can work. Some more advanced cameras can even track and focus on the motion detected. All of these cameras have remote viewing capabilities.

Infrared Night Vision

If your biggest concern is what is going on at your premises after hours, an infrared night vision camera might be ideal for you. Infrared cameras are design to capture usable images even when it is pitch black out. However, to achieve the best quality images, it would be best to have a little bit of light near the camera.

Fixed, Manual and Auto Irises

The camera’s iris is the opening that lets light into the camera, which is crucial for capturing usable images. If your iris lets in too much light, it will wash out the image; too little light and the image will be a series of dark blobs. It is important that the iris for your security camera is selected dependent upon the lighting circumstances in the area in which your camera will be used.

Fixed irises are best for areas that receive continuous light and light levels that hardly ever change, as these cameras cannot be adjusted.

A manual iris allows you to adjust it manually to let in more or less light, depending on the situation. However, manual adjustments are typically done on installation, and after the camera is installed, it will work like a fixed iris until other manual adjustments are made.

An automatic iris is really the best option, as it responds to changes in light levels and adjusts itself accordingly. This type of camera is best for outdoor use, where light conditions are constantly changing, and are helpful in small offices in which lights are not kept on throughout the night.

Fixed vs. Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)

Fixed cameras are exactly what they sound like: cameras that are set to one position when they’re installed and that cannot move afterwards. This means that they can’t gaze around, rotate or move up and down unless manually adjusted to do so.

PTZ cameras, on the other hand, can pan left, right, up, down and all around so that you can get a clear picture of everything going on in the space being monitored. Additionally, these cameras can zoom in or out, allowing you to monitor small details up close. PTZ cameras do the work of several, and through they cost a bit more than fixed cameras, by utilizing a single PTZ camera, you may actually save money as you won’t need several fixed cameras to monitor the same space. While many PTZ cameras require manual adjustments, many of today’s more advanced cameras respond automatically to motion.

Analog Vs. IP (Internet Protocol)

The major differences between an analog and IP security camera is how you’re able to access the camera’s footage. With an analog security camera, footage is sent to the DVR via an analog video signal and over a coaxial cable to a DVR. You would then hook up the DVR and hit play to view the video. Some DVRs are capable of being hooked up to the internet so that you can view your footage remotely, but not all are.

Most analog systems require more wiring than IP systems, and they offer limited resolution compared to that of IP cameras, which means poor image quality.

IP security cameras, however, send their digital images over the internet directly to an NVR, a cloud storage space or both. They have high resolution, which means image quality is far superior to that of analog cameras. However, because of their superior qualities, they tend to be a bit more expensive than analog cameras. Most business owners find that the investment is worthwhile though, as it means better viewing capabilities and the ability to store significant amounts of footage virtually.

The Mammoth Security Difference

At Mammoth Security in Greenwich, we are dedicated to protecting your business, your family and your community by offering advanced surveillance system technologies and partnering with the best surveillance camera providers. If you are unsure of what type of camera you need or what brand of camera you want to buy, reach out to our surveillance installation experts in Greenwich for the help you need. We can direct you towards the best cameras and equipment for your business’s needs, as well as provide the top quality installation you need to make the most of your new system.

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