Stamford Takes Additional Measures to Boost Security in Public Parks

February 28, 2022

Crime rates in city parks have soared in recent decades, and range in seriousness from theft to assault to murder. Most people seek out the sanctuary of public parks to exercise, spend time with their families, be one with nature and simply relax. However, with crime rates on a seemingly endless incline, more and more people are shying away from the beauty of nature and opting to socialize in coffee shops, at friends’ homes and in other safe, indoor spaces. While this is great for the economy, it is not so great for consumer peace of mind or well-being. People need nature and fresh air, and in a world where sky rises and condominiums are being built left and right, public parks are some of the last spaces where people can get back to their roots and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Stamford city officials have realized the negative impact that soaring crime rates is having on the emotional and physical health of Stamford residents, not to mention their peace of mind. Because of this, they are taking additional measures to ensure the safety of park visitors and city residents alike. One of those measures is installing Blue Light Emergency Phones and Cameras throughout public parks.

Emergency Phones and Additional Cameras Aim to Keep Residents Safe

Last April, Stamford’s Public Safety Camera Review Committee voted to install Blue Light Emergency Phones and Cameras throughout Hatch Field Park and seven other public parks, including Lione, Cummings, Mill River, Scalzi, Veterans and Cove Island parks. This was a huge step for the residents of the community, as it guaranteed them additional safety and the ability to identify perpetrators if they should ever become the victim of a crime.

Sadly, the city’s director of Public Safety, Health and Welfare, Ted Jankowski, agreed to the additional security measures because nearly 20 shootings occurred in the neighborhood parks within a span of five months. This got lawmakers’ attention, and so extra measures to deter crime were suddenly viewed as just the thing the city needed.

Moreover, authorities found two guns hidden in an overgrown backyard near a Stamford public park. The spot where the guns were found was the exact spot in which a crazed gunman fired off seven rounds into three innocent bystanders last June.

A month after the shooting, a teenager was chased on foot by Stamford’s police. The teen was carrying a loaded gun. He finally dropped the gun and the authorities captured him directly outside of Hatch Field Park.

Are the Additional Security Cameras and Emergency Phones Effective?

Numbers say that yes, they have been. Stamford Police Capt. Beth Erickson commented, “I definitely see the cameras in a positive way. I think it is two-fold that they are there for an emergency purpose if someone falls or has a heart attack and then if there is a crime they can get police there if they don’t have a phone. It does seem to serve as a deterrent.”

So, how does the additional equipment work? Each emergency phone and security camera is mounted with a pole. The camera is set to continuously record. When an emergency occurs—whether it be a healthy emergency or a crime—an emergency button can be pressed, upon which the authorities will be notified. The button can also activate a strobe light atop the pole, which serves to let the police know where the victim is or was at the time they pressed the button. If the victim is no longer near the pole, the strobe light serves to illuminate a significant portion of the park, allowing for easier view at night.

Residents Are Already Experiencing a Greater Peace of Mind

Stamford police attribute much the ongoing violence to a feud between rival groups. Though officials are hesitant to call those groups “gangs” per say, the violent attitude they have toward each other has residents wondering if that’s just what the groups really are. However, categorization is unimportant—what is important is the fact that city officials have finally taken measures to reduce crime and make the parks safe for individuals and families once again.

President of Stamford NAACP, Jack Bryant, reassures community members. “The camera is another step, along with greater police presence, will be a very welcome addition to Hatch Field Park, I can guarantee that.

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The Mammoth Security Difference

At Mammoth Security, we are dedicated to keeping our Connecticut communities safe. For so long, our cities and towns were untouched by the violence of bigger cities and more populated areas. However, in recent years, that has changed. Fortunately, we have police departments that care just as much about your family’s continued safety and well being as you do. That is why Stamford wasn’t afraid to take action and invest in equipment that would deter crime and keep residents safe.

However, you can take it one step further and equip your business with a security camera system that will keep crime from occurring on your very own property. Reach out to the team at Mammoth Security to learn more about our Stamford CT security camera installation offer and how our team can help keep you safe both when you’re in and out and about.





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