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Top Trends in CCTV Camera Systems

When it comes to your security and CCTV, you want the best quality out there. There are many new trends and growing trends on the market that give you a better quality picture, detail, and peace of mind. Here are a few of the trends in CCTV technology to watch out for in the West Hartford, CT area.

What’s Trending

No More Video Cameras

With the growth in IP security and video, there are less and less people who are using actual video camera for their surveillance. IP is quickly taking over the traditional analog recording systems and making it much easier to have a closer eye on what is going on.

Not Just For Big Companies

This advance in technology is no longer just for larger companies. Small business owners are finding that the IP technology to secure their businesses are more affordable and readily available. There are many different options out there for small businesses to get a secure system easily set up and for a price that they are comfortable with.

Integration Made Easily

A benefit of using the IP system over your traditional analog system is that it will integrate simply and easily with your current business system, in most cases. This is easily done with a software that’s installed to work with your current system.

Lower Costs To Owners

For business owners making the transition to digital or even just starting out, the newer IP systems are easier to install and lower costs for the businesses. You can easily have a system installed in your business building for a fraction of what traditional security systems cost. For those moving into “smart buildings”, the options and costs are even more affordable. Surveillance is a vital part of keeping your company and assets protected. By security systems being more affordable, you can know that your assets are safe even when you’re not there.

Better Definition

HDTV, or high definition television, has taken over not only the consumer market but the security market as well. The better definition you have, the more clear pictures are when you need them. HDTV is the new standard for all CCTV systems and it is a great way to protect your business.

See Your Business Anytime

One of the great benefits of the IP system is the cloud based aspect. With this you can see what is going on at your company from anywhere you are. You do not have to be at the business to see the video or keep up with security issues. It is mobile and easy to access from anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

Thermal Imaging on the Rise

A problem traditional security systems have is that if the location is dark, it’s hard to detect movement and problems that may be taking place. With thermal imaging added to your security system, you can see people moving around, incidents that take place or even detect objects in the dark. This helps to keep your company secure, even when the lighting isn’t the best.

These are just a few of the trends that you will see and may have already seen in the security system industry. As these trends grow you’re sure to see even more in the future to make it even easier, more





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