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Surveillance Camera Systems in Bristol

bristol ct security camerasBristol is a city located in Connecticut with 60,477 individuals populating the city’s 26.8 square miles (as of 2010 Census). Despite the meager population compared to other cities in Connecticut, Bristol is well-known because it is home to the central studios of ESPN. Additionally, Bristol also plays home to America’s oldest functioning theme park, Lake Compounce. Bristol also has a lot of positive names such as “Bell City,” owing to a healthy clock-making industry in the 19th century and the city’s American Clock & Watch Museum. It is also considered as the “Mum City” due to a thriving chrysanthemum production industry and an annual “Bristol Mum Festival.” Yet despite all these positive aspects, there is still the problem of crime in the city. According to statistics, there is a total average of 1,296 crimes committed per year in Bristol, 1,218 of which are categorized as crimes against property. This is why there are Bristol security cameras that help watch over public areas. But for residents who need extra security need to rely on their own CCTV security cameras, as the surveillance systems installed by the city are limited in their scope and capabilities. This is where Mammoth Security comes in. We are a video surveillance company that services cities in Connecticut and other neighboring areas. If you need a CCTV camera installer, there are a number of reasons why Mammoth Security is preferred:

HD Digital Cameras

Unlike legacy versions that are analogue and already showing their age, we provide HD digital cameras that offer the best in video quality and have features that benefit clients. These include high optional audio, so that not only can you see what’s going on, you can also hear people. This is a particularly useful feature and may even be worth something when used as evidence in a court case or police report. We also offer a wide range of cameras with multi sensor capabilities that greatly extend the coverage, removing the need to install multiple cameras just to cover a large area.

Wireless Functionality

Instead of being limited by messy wiring, you can have a surveillance installation that is free of wires, thereby making the system more flexible as they can be installed in places that would normally be unfeasible due to wiring, such as inside elevators, hidden spaces, or even in separate locations.

Remote Viewing of Video Feeds

Surveillance cameras normally require you to be within or near the site in order to watch the video feeds on their monitor, but Mammoth Security can install cameras that can be viewed anywhere in the country using an iOS or Android based app, and an Internet capable mobile device. With this functionality, you will be free to monitor your property even if you’re at work or on vacation. A functionality like this can also be employed for novel purposes, such as making use of a CCTV camera as a baby monitor.

Modular Installation

Existing installations are usually the reason why many clients end up struggling with outdated hardware, because they don’t want to waste their old hardware and cannot justify the cost of a brand new system. Unlike other installers, Mammoth Security offers hardware that can be added onto existing systems. This could save you a lot of money if you already have an existing CCTV camera system, since we can just add new cameras, more storage space, and other equipment in order to upgrade the existing installation’s capabilities. If you are in the Bristol area and looking for commercial surveillance systems, feel free to contact us through phone or through our website’s contact page. Our staff is ready to answer questions and provide free quotes.

Also serving in other CT towns such as but not limited to: Waterbury, New Haven, New Britain, Norwalk.

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    My property manager and I felt so relieved to have such a seamless transition to a new security camera system. The clarity and ability to cover our 1/4 mile wide building with cameras at both ends are what sold us. Peter Niro, Hartford Square Associates
    These guys helped guide me to exactly what our building needed. I was watching my building from bed within a week and a half. I sleep much better now!! Karen, Centrix Management
    My team and I are blown away by the clarity of the cameras. The night staff feels much more secure, and I can check on the building when I am away. Dave B , Farrell Treatment Center
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