Honeywell Burglar Alarms

Honeywell Security has been making reliable security products for more than one hundred years, and Mammoth Security is honored to be authorized to install and service Honeywell's alarm system panels and components for homes and small businesses.

Honeywell Security's alarm devices include hardwired and wireless sensors, sirens, microphones, speakers, keypads, wireless communicators, and control panels, as well as many expansion modules and add-ons for extra functionalities.

Why Do You Need a Honeywell Burglar Alarm?

Honeywell produces sophisticated alarm system solutions that are cost-effective and available for both commercial and home security.

Some of the advantages of a Honeywell system include product durability and dependability, highly customizable systems with many components that can be mixed and matched, competitive prices, and easy integrations with smart home devices.

How Does a Honeywell Burglar Alarm Work?

A Honeywell home or business burglar alarm system consists of a control panel, keypad, intrusion detectors like motion detectors, and door and window sensors.

Honeywell alarm system sensors for day and night security

When the system is armed, sensors and detectors actively monitor designated areas for signs of intrusion. If a sensor or detector is triggered, an alarm will sound, and the control panel will indicate that there has been a breach.

In some systems, a triggered alarm will also send a notification to the system user or monitoring service.

To disarm the system, the user must enter a code on the control panel or use a remote control.

Benefits of Honeywell Burglar Alarms

Honeywell Security Product Options

Honeywell Security products offer security at a good price

VISTA Series Hybrid Alarm System

Pro A7Plus 7" All-In-One Panel

Resideo Color Touchscreen Keypad With Voice (Panel Not Included)

Honeywell Alarm System Control Features

Total Connect 2.0 App

The addition of the Total Connect 2.0 add-on lets users manage security devices, receive alerts, and control home amenities remotely through a smartphone app or computer.

Amazon Alexa

Built-in Alexa included with Honeywell ProSeries Pro A7Plus All-In-One Panel to support voice interactions and management of smart home automation.

Wireless Controller

Wireless controllers, microphones, and speakers enable convenient management of security systems, as well as smart home amenities like automated lights and temperature controls.


Use the ProTAKEOVER Module to connect new wireless security products with older existing wireless products.

About Honeywell

Honeywell has been around for over one hundred years and is headquartered in North Carolina.

Industries That Use Honeywell

Alarm systems by Honeywell Security are used in office buildings, industrial facilities, educational institutions, government buildings, and healthcare facilities.

Honeywell Burglar Alarm Installations With Mammoth Security

Connect with Mammoth Security in Connecticut for a Honeywell keypad or complete Honeywell alarm system

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