Commercial Door Access Control Systems

Mammoth Takeaways

  • Commercial door access control systems secure businesses and organizations by requiring the presentation of authorized credentials before unlocking to grant passage.
  • The benefits of installing a door access control system include enhanced security, flexible control over access privileges, streamlined entry processes, and audit trails for compliance and investigations.

In an era where anonymity reigns and criminal behaviors go unchecked, your business needs a robust defense against unauthorized access.

Enter Mammoth Security.

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Our team specializes in fortifying businesses and organizations with advanced access control systems that provide unparalleled site security, situational awareness, and control.

How Commercial Door Access Control Systems Work

Commercial door access control systems are the frontline in business security. They function by applying authentication and authorization protocols to identify users before unlocking doors to controlled spaces.

To gain entry at access control points, end users must present keycards, PIN codes, or other identifying credentials to access readers. The reader then authenticates the presented credential and transmits its data to a control panel, where it’s cross-checked against preset site authorizations.

In the event of a match between a credential and site permissions, the control panel will transmit an electric signal that grants passage by triggering a temporary unlock.

If a presented credential cannot be authenticated or is unauthorized at the point where it has been presented, the unsuccessful access attempt and its associated credential are logged, and security personnel are notified.

It's a smart gatekeeper for your business—adaptable and scalable to meet changing needs.

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Door Access Control Features

Customizable Access Levels

Automated Logging

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Multi-Factor Authentication

Integration with Other Security Systems

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Benefits of Commercial Door Access Control Systems

Top Commercial Door Access Control Brands





Avigilon Alta

Avigilon Alta



Mammoth Security and Door Access Control

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Let Mammoth Security be your trusted partner in business security. Our dedication to excellence and innovation ensures that, with us, your organization will be protected by the best in the industry.

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Door access control systems can seamlessly integrate with other security solutions, such as video surveillance and alarm systems. Integration creates a comprehensive security solution that centralizes control and simplifies management.


Key features include customizable access levels, automated logging of entries and exits, real-time monitoring with alerts for unauthorized attempts, multi-factor authentication, and easy integration with existing security systems.


Top brands include DMP, known for customizable systems and advanced encryption; Avigilon Alta, offering AI-powered solutions with remote management; and Salto, renowned for wireless, keyless access smart locks.


Mammoth Security's door access control systems stand out due to their adaptability, scalability, and ability to meet changing business needs. They offer unparalleled site security and office access control with features like multi-factor authentication and real-time monitoring.


Customizable access levels are crucial as they enhance internal security by tailoring access rights to different groups or individuals. Customization is perfect for efficiently and securely managing shifts, visitors, and temporary staff.


Integration with other security systems like video surveillance enhances overall security by providing a comprehensive solution that centralizes control, simplifies management, and strengthens the security infrastructure of a business.


Audit trails generate time-stamped logs of all site entries and exits, simplifying investigations and automating compliance—crucial for highly regulated industries.

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