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Rave Review from City Hall

Watch this short video to find out what New Britain’s mayor, Erin Stewart, has to say about her city’s experience with Mammoth Security. Not only did our team of designers and installation experts give City Hall a world-class surveillance and access control makeover, we got the job done on time and under budget.

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Security Cameras

At Mammoth Security of Norwalk, our experts know which cameras to install and how to install them for complete surveillance coverage in any environment and a maximum ROI.

  • Our cameras are all high-definition or high-resolution. By going the high-def way, you’ll capture detailed, actionable evidence.
  • Our cameras operate on the Internet protocol (IP) so that you can monitor your feed at any time and from anywhere. Use our cameras to report security breaches with eyewitness accounts and receive rapid police responses.
  • With a few questions and a 100% free, zero-obligation site survey, our friendly team can design a security system that's tailored to your needs.

Access Control

Our access control technology is designed to ensure that only authorized people can gain access to restricted areas.

  • Credentials like smart cards and key fobs contain identity-verifying data that must be authenticated by access readers and then matched with site privileges before access is granted.
  • Biometric tools like facial recognition software and fingerprint readers provide the most secure level of identity verification by assessing an individual’s unique physical characteristics.
  • Your access control interface will let you grant, revoke, or adjust site privileges instantly and without the need to physically collect credentials.

Voice & Data Wiring

With structured cabling installed by the Mammoth Security crew, all of your electronic data transmission will be supported on a fast and secure network.

  • Our team’s cabling for voice and data prevents slow downloads, unprofessional conference call streaming, and spotty Internet connections.
  • Our cabling is well-organized and properly labeled so that you can adjust and add to your network capacity as your needs grow.
  • Our installers provide the highest quality security services in the entire Norwalk, CT, area. When we install wiring at your location, you’ll have an infrastructure that’s well-designed and built to last.

Burglar Alarm Systems

No matter the size or complexity of your site, our team in Norwalk can design a burglar alarm system that won’t let intruders sneak past you unnoticed.

  • Our experts install the right types of alarms in the right places to produce fewer false alarms without missing genuine security breaches.
  • We design and build all-new intrusion detection systems, but we can also help you to keep costs down by reusing sensors and infrastructure you may already have.
  • Our burglar alarms come with an app that lets you remotely view and manage your alarm status at any time. That means you can temporarily deactivate your alarm to allow guests entry without needing to give out your PIN code.
  • When Mammoth Security alarms are triggered, you’ll receive immediate assistance from trained security experts.

Fire Alarms

Our installation experts in Norwalk are serious about fire safety because fire is the deadliest intruder of all.

  • Our fire-safety specialists will test your fire infrastructure and equipment to make sure you’re up to code.
  • We build fire alarm systems that minimize structural damage and save lives
  • We'll find your fire safety weak points and make sure you're up to code.
  • We specialize in system integrations that turbocharge security. By integrating fire alarms with access control panels and video surveillance systems, emergency protocols are automated, and emergency responders can access video feeds for life-saving situational awareness.

Recent Installations in Norwalk CT

Norwalk and Fairfield County are within our service area and we are proud to have provided the following services to these local customers.

CT Breeder

We installed a complete surveillance system for total coverage at CT Breeder–turret cameras, dome cameras, and a state-of-the-art NVR system for high-definition storage and easy footage retrieval.

Local Areas We Serve

Stamford, Darien, Ridgefield, Redding, New Canaan, Westport, Wilton, Weston, Greenwich, and Fairfield

About Norwalk, CT


Norwalk is a coastal town with excellent schools, parks, beaches, historic sites, and trendy neighborhoods. In fact, Livability ranked Norwalk as the 59th best place to live in all of the United States in 2021. The city is also an economic powerhouse that boasts several major corporate headquarters and a short commuting distance to New York City.

While Norwalk has significantly less property crime per capita than the United States as a whole, according to Neighborhood Scout, there are about 1,200 property crimes in the city each year. And if one measures property crimes per square mile, Norwalk's rate is twice the national average and more than three times the average in Connecticut. In other words, crimes like burglary and vandalism are an issue for Norwalk businesses, and security solutions are a wise investment.

HD Digital Video Cameras

After a crime like theft or vandalism, your business needs clear evidence to identify suspects and support a law enforcement response. That’s why Mammoth Security only installs high-definition and high-resolution digital cameras. With our cameras, you’ll forever leave behind the days of blurry, useless footage produced by analog cameras. You’ll also make Norwalk a safer place to live and do business.

Modular Installations

Our team in Norwalk specializes in security solutions that use modular hardware components and open-source software. By installing interoperable security devices, you won’t be forever locked into products by a single manufacturer. What’s more, our modular installations make comprehensive security system integrations possible. Integrated security systems layer security by sharing data between devices, and they empower users to manage their entire security infrastructure on a single, easy-to-use interface.

Remote Viewing Capabilities

Our cutting-edge mobile apps let you view and manage your security systems remotely. For example, you can disarm false alarms right away and verify legitimate breaches to receive rapid emergency dispatches. Remote viewing technologies are simply the most effective tool in any arsenal for receiving timely police responses while crimes are still in progress.

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