Elevator Access Control Systems

Mammoth Takeaways

  • An elevator access control system controls who can access different floors within a building via elevator.
  • Elevator access systems require the presentation of identifying credentials with proper authorizations before floor access is granted.
  • High-rise office buildings, residential apartments, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and corporate data centers all commonly use elevator access control systems for security.

In an age where security and efficiency are paramount for any business or organization, regulating access at sensitive entry points—often including elevators—is crucial.

That’s why Mammoth Security leads the way in elevator access control products and installations.

With our advanced commercial access control systems, you can genuinely elevate building security, enhance operational workflows, and safeguard vital assets.

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How Elevator Access Control Systems Work

A typical commercial-grade elevator access control system manages floor access by integrating with a building's existing security framework.

Users then present identifying credentials—such as keycards, biometrics, or PIN codes—at readers installed in elevators or on specific floors.

The system verifies credentials by checking them against a database of authentic user IDs and site privileges.

Upon successful verification, the system temporarily grants access to designated floors. (If access is attempted but unauthorized, the attempt will be denied and security personnel will be notified.)

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Features and Benefits

Customizable Access Levels: Tailor access to specific floors based on the user’s credentials. Leverage customized access levels to make sure individuals can only reach floors they're authorized to access.

Integration with Existing Security Systems: Elevator access systems support comprehensive security coverage by seamlessly working alongside previously installed security setups, including surveillance and alarm systems.

Real-Time Monitoring: Keep track of who is accessing which floors in real-time.

Automated Logging: Generates detailed records of elevator use, including user identity and time of access—essential for audits and investigations.

Multi-Factor Authentication: Adds an extra layer of security by requiring two or more forms of verification to access certain floors.

High-rise apartment building with elevator access control

Elevator Access Control Use Cases

Elevator access control systems serve a critical role in many common business and organizational settings.

In high-rise office buildings, they limit floor access to only employees and authorized visitors.

Residential apartments use elevator access control systems to allow residents access solely to their floors and common areas.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities utilize elevator access control to limit access to sensitive zones like patient wards and pharmacies.

Government facilities and corporate data centers rely on elevator access control systems to secure floors housing critical infrastructure or sensitive data.

Top Brands for Elevator Access Control



ICT (Integrated Control Technologies) makes elevator access control systems that are easy to manage. Advanced encryption and multi-site management make ICT systems ideal for organizations with complex security needs.

What’s more, ICT offers comprehensive security solutions by integrating access control with alarm monitoring and surveillance video management.


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Elevator access control systems by DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) are celebrated for their robustness and adaptability to a wide array of commercial needs. Features include top-notch encryption and seamless integration with existing security infrastructure.

By integrating DMP's access control technologies with elevator systems, businesses can enhance their security posture, control traffic flows, and monitor access events in real time.

Elevate Security with Mammoth’s Elevator Access Control

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At Mammoth Security, we’re committed to bringing our clients the most advanced and reliable security solutions available today.

But we do more than just furnish the best security solutions in the industry. We leverage our experience and know-how to tailor our elevator solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses and organizations just like yours.

Our team’s attention to detail and commitment to world-class workmanship ensure that the elevator access systems we install provide robust security, efficiency, and peace of mind.

To discover how we can help you take control of your building’s access points like never before, reach out today with a phone call or by clicking and filling out our contact form.

And don’t forget to request your ABSOLUTELY FREE, zero-obligation site survey and consultation with a friendly expert from our team.



Businesses, residential buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and data centers benefit from installing elevator access control systems to enhance security, privacy, and operational efficiency.


Elevator access control improves building security by ensuring that only authorized individuals can move between floors—effectively reducing the risk of unauthorized access and other security breaches.


Most elevator access control systems can seamlessly integrate with existing security systems, including surveillance and alarm systems.


Top features for elevator access control systems include customizable access levels, seamless integration with existing security systems, real-time alerts, automated logging, and multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.


Elevator access control systems offer businesses significant benefits like restricted floor access, streamlined traffic flows, and detailed audit trails for compliance and investigations.

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