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Farrell Treatment Center

Farrell Treatment Center of New Britain was in desperate need of a modern surveillance system. They had a few wireless cameras covering the primary points of egress though the clarity of these cameras was not sufficient to provide convict-able proof. Also of concern, the field of view afforded by these cameras was very limiting, starving the users of vital situational information. With all the state cutbacks to social programs Farrell had tight budgetary constraints. Through the use of HD-TVI technology we were able to provide an HD camera system with 1080P cameras and licence plate capture for the cost of a traditional analog system. Farrell staff now have the ability to view the system through any computer or smart phone in the facility. The high resolution, superior field of view, and licence plate capture of vehicles entering and exiting day or night enable Farrell with the convict-able proof they needed and the wide angle camera views they desired.