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Camera Surveillance Systems in Greenwich

greenwich ct security camerasMammoth Security offers surveillance security camera installation in Greenwich, Connecticut. We have provided installation of surveillance cameras to various clients within the Greenwich, Connecticut area, particularly those from the government, commercial, and retail sector but will also provide the same services to individuals and residential homeowners.

Security is a particularly important matter in Greenwich, mainly because it is known as home to many financial service companies, and full of commercial establishments that would be prime target from criminals who want to make a quick buck. It is also very attractive to criminals because many of its neighborhoods were voted by the Business Insider to be among the richest neighborhoods in America. It is therefore not surprising that Greenwich security cameras are being relied on to keep many areas and properties safe.

However, relying on public security is not enough. The monitors are not necessarily readily accessible to the public, which makes them less than useful to people who want to be aware if a crime or incident is about to occur, so that they can act accordingly. For This reason, a CCTV camera installer like Mammoth Security is ideal.

Benefits of a CCTV Camera System

There are a number of reasons why a Greenwich resident would want a surveillance camera system installed, depending on whether he is a residential homeowner, a property owner, or a business owner.

For residential homeowners, surveillance equipment can protect your home from intruders or potential burglars. Being able to monitor the surroundings and seeing everything that’s happening outside of the house will allow you ample time to protect yourself and call authorities. Additionally, CCTV cams can also serve as a deterrent – intruders will most likely not bother with a house that has surveillance and will just choose easier targets.

Property owners can rely on a security system in order to keep watch over their properties, hopefully avoiding unnecessary incidents involving theft or vandalism, as well as illegal occupation.

Business owners can also employ CCTV cameras to keep watch over their employees. Employees are more likely to be more productive and will avoid committing infractions against company policies if they know that there are cameras monitoring their work. Costly lawsuits can also be avoided, as CCTV footages can easily protect the company from scam artists who take advantage of “slip and fall” incidents in order to sue companies.

Why Choose Mammoth Security?

There are a number of reasons why clients go with Mammoth Security for their security camera needs. First of all, is the fact that we take the customer’s needs into careful consideration – all of our offerings can be customized according to a client’s needs, whether they prioritize affordability, features, or a middleground between the two.

Additionally, the cameras, DVRs, mounting equipment, and other pertinent hardware we use are all state of the art. In the case of cameras, we offer digital HD cameras that provide several times the resolution of traditional analogue versions. This makes for video footages that are crisp, clear, and can even come with optional audio.

As mentioned above, we take the client’s needs seriously so our systems are all designed to be modular: even if you already have an existing surveillance system, there is no need to throw it away as we can just design a surveillance system on top of your existing installation, therefore extending its capabilities and saving you some money due to reusing existing hardware.

If you are interested in securing Mammoth Security’s services, do not hesitate to contact us through the website’s contact page or through phone. Our staff is ready to answer inquires or provide free quotes.

Our services are available in every corner of Connecticut, including but not limited to such towns as: Bridgeport (CT), Bristol (CT), Waterbury (CT), Danbury (CT).

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    My property manager and I felt so relieved to have such a seamless transition to a new security camera system. The clarity and ability to cover our 1/4 mile wide building with cameras at both ends are what sold us. Peter Niro, Hartford Square Associates
    These guys helped guide me to exactly what our building needed. I was watching my building from bed within a week and a half. I sleep much better now!! Karen, Centrix Management
    My team and I are blown away by the clarity of the cameras. The night staff feels much more secure, and I can check on the building when I am away. Dave B , Farrell Treatment Center
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