Security Systems for Apartment Complexes and Buildings

When future residents are checking out properties, security is always a top concern. That's why our team at Mammoth Security takes pride in designing security systems that keep residents safe while making property managers look like heroes.

Access control, intercoms, and indoor camera systems for apartment security

Access Entry Systems Any Property Manager Can Be Proud Of

Access control systems for building and unit entry require the presentation of authentic credentials—such as fingerprints, key fobs, or cards—to unlock doors.

Not only do access control systems reduce security breaches like burglary and vandalism, but they also make life easier for tenants.

trol solutions are essential to apartment building security systems

For example, there's no longer a need to fumble through keys on rainy days or late at night, let alone when going back and forth with groceries.

Apartment security system dome camera for on-site and remote professional monitoring

Intercoms for Visitor Management That Makes Residents Smile

Apartment complex security systems with intercoms provide enhanced security

Intercoms are among the most popular apartment amenities today because they make life easier for residents while enhancing safety.

An intercom system lets tenants speak with and view visitors before granting building access. Even better, they're able to let in visitors and delivery people without having to leave their units and walk all the way to the building entrance.

Security Tools to Fight Package Theft

Whether fair or not, one stolen package severely damages a resident's mindset regarding their living situation. Every neighbor suddenly becomes a suspect. The entire community falls under a cloud of distrust.

That's why our team at Mammoth Security furnishes and installs a variety of technologies that reduce package theft and empower tenants to receive packages at their convenience.

Security Cameras to Keep Criminals Away

Outdoor security cameras are essential to any apartment security system.

Noticeable surveillance is hands-down the most effective deterrence tool in any apartment security system.

Indoor cameras deter crimes like theft and vandalism in common areas while outdoor cameras deter crimes like catalytic converter theft and stalking.

IP Security Cameras to Capture Actionable Evidence

There are many types of security cameras and a wide range of models from different manufacturers, but all of the cameras our team installs are IP (Internet protocol) cameras that produce high-definition, professional-grade footage—often at 4k and 8k quality.

With our high-definition digital cameras, property managers and law enforcement have clear visual evidence of actions (like theft) and details (like facial features) that can be used to recognize suspects and take legal action. You'll forever leave behind the days of analog footage that was the equivalent of an eyewitness report from Ms. Swan.

The best apartment security cameras capture footage that is much more clear than what appears in this image.

Remote Surveillance Abilities to Empower Residents and Managers

Apartment building security system cameras

Because IP cameras connect to the Internet, they enable administrators to remotely view surveillance live streams and recorded footage from anywhere with an Internet connection.

And because it's rarely economical to have live guards stationed throughout apartment facilities at all hours, IP cameras let us fill security gaps with cost-effective, 24/7 remote monitoring by connecting with our professional remote video monitoring service.

Some IP camera systems can even be configured to connect with smartphone apps to grant tenants access to live streams of hallway footage near their units. Residents love this amenity because it gives them a sense of agency over their own security.

Best Security Systems for Apartment Complex Buildings

When choosing the best apartment security systems for your properties, consider factors like device quality, the potential for integrations, future scalability, access to local maintenance services, and useful features like license plate recognition and video analytics.

Security System Integrations

Integrate apartment complex security cameras with other security equipment for enhanced apartment building security.

The best security systems use open-source software and hardware components to allow integrations between devices by different manufacturers.

With an integrated security system, all security components—access control, intercoms, cameras, fire alarms, and even building management systems—can be placed together on a single interface for easy management and enhanced data analysis.

For example, a failed access attempt can result in an instant alert notification delivered to security personnel alongside video footage of the failed attempt. This combination of access control and video surveillance provides the situational awareness needed to separate tenant errors from serious threats like break-in attempts.

Integration is also useful in the event of an activated fire alarm. Live footage of areas where fire alarms are triggered gives property managers and security personnel a chance to deactivate false alarms—thereby saving public resources and protecting management from painful fees.

Professional Installation

Apartment building security systems should be professionally installed.

Professionals should install apartment security systems to avoid common errors that severely degrade the effectiveness of security equipment.

Our crew at Mammoth Security is up-to-date and familiar with all security installation standards and protocols. We'll ensure that your security devices are compatible, that data transmission between your devices is secure, and that your system will meet both your security needs today and the expectations of your future residents.

Best of all, we have the expertise to complete installations quickly and cleanly for the minimal inconvenience to staff and residents.

Local Maintenance

Our team understands the importance of rapid on-site assistance to keep your property operating smoothly and your residents in a good mood.

By working with local security professionals, like those at Mammoth Security, you'll have quick access to maintenance and troubleshooting services whenever needed.

High-Definition IP Security Cameras

Outdoor and indoor security cameras promote the best apartment complex security system.

While all the cameras we install are high-def or high-resolution digital IP cameras, they come in many forms to meet specific surveillance needs and environmental challenges.

Types of lenses, image sensors, mechanical components, and software features are all factors to consider when selecting the right camera for each area you need to surveil.

Multipanel cameras and license plate reading cameras for apartment complex security.

Some of the camera types we recommend for apartment building security systems include:

Customization and Scalability

The best security systems for apartment complexes and buildings are customizable and scalable.

Customization enables property managers to choose the most suitable security solutions for their property, while scalability ensures that the system can accommodate future growth.

Mammoth Security Experiences With Apartment Complex Security Systems

Thousands of people who call apartments home in Connecticut and surrounding states sleep well at night thanks to the security equipment our team installs, including electronic security doors for building entrances, smart locks for individual apartment units, video intercom systems for visitor management, and video surveillance systems for indoor and outdoor security.

Shepherd Park (Hartford, CT)

Apartment dwellers are safe thanks to our tree security camera installation.

Shepherd Park in Hartford is one of our favorite longtime clients. We installed access control locks and security cameras that keep their residents safe and their cutting-edge Avigilon intercom. We even did a little digging and tree-climbing to capture a particularly challenging angle of their parking lot.

AHEPA Senior Living (Groton and Niantic, CT)

AHEPA Senior Living trusted our team to replace their old analog cameras with high-resolution digital IP cameras. Then we used wireless technology to transmit data from all their building cameras to a central site.

When another AHEPA property needed a modern solution for apartment unit security, we replaced their old door locks with Salto locks that work with fobs.  Their new access control system is not only popular with residents, but it also saves time for AHEPA's property management team.

Cove West Hartford (West Hartford, CT)

Mammoth Security installed and programmed cutting-edge security cameras and access control devices that keep Cove West Hartford safe. Then we fixed their parking lot access gates and set up their rec room’s customized access control doors.

Burritt School Apartments (New Britain, CT)

Our team fitted Burritt School Apartments in New Britain with top-grade antennas and cabling. Then we installed and programmed more than seventy-five vandal-proof dome cameras and connected them with new NVRs for smart surveillance storage and easy footage retrieval.

Secure Your Apartment Complex With Mammoth Security

Trust our team for your apartment building security system.

Mammoth Security is trusted by property managers throughout Connecticut and nearby areas for quick but thorough security installations that minimize resident inconvenience, reduce theft and other crimes, and make property managers look like rock stars.

If you're ready to impress with cutting-edge amenities that enhance security, provide peace of mind, and attract new residents, just fill out the simple form below. We'll quickly get back to you to schedule a free, zero-obligation site survey with a friendly expert from our team.




The first step toward securing an apartment building is a professional site survey and security assessment to detect security gaps. You can schedule a free, zero-obligation site survey with a security expert from our Mammoth Security team by filling out the simple form at the bottom of this page.

After your free consultation, a combination of surveillance, access control, and life safety technologies can be brought together for cost-effective, commercial-grade security at apartment buildings and complexes like yours.


The security systems most commonly used in apartment buildings are video surveillance cameras outdoors and in common indoor areas, access control devices at building and apartment unit entrances, and intercoms.


Package theft in apartment complexes can be prevented by installing intercoms for better delivery management, security cameras, and access locks in package rooms to deter theft and identify suspects. You can also prevent package theft by installing security lockers that require credential authentication before unlocking or by requiring that all packages be delivered to management for residents to pick up during office hours.

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