Manufacturing Security Systems

Our team at Mammoth Security has the knowledge and experience to customize and install effective security solutions for machine shops, manufacturing facilities, and industrial plants of all layouts and sizes.

Security Challenges at Your Manufacturing Plant

Improve overall asset protection with access control security devices.

Between theft, vandalism, fire, and employees with rotating access to heavy machinery and high-value inventory, industrial plants are rife with potential threats that demand effective security solutions.

Complicated Layouts and Workflows

Specialized security devices are tailored for each area of your facility.

To design an effective security system for an industrial manufacturing facility, it's necessary to map out employee workflows alongside site entrances, machinery, and other assets.

Customized security policies are necessary for manufacturing facilities.

What's more, many industrial manufacturing facilities require unique installations for special work areas, such as loading docks and the shop floor.



Hazards like faulty electrical cabling, combustible substances, and overheating machinery put industrial manufacturing facilities at great risk of fire.

Fire alarm pull-stations are necessary for safe work environments.

Industrial fires are especially dangerous because of how quickly they can spread. According to The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), about 40,000 fires occur at industrial and manufacturing plants in the U.S. each year--resulting in nearly a billion dollars in property damage and more than 20 deaths.

Employee Safety Measures

A plant or factory's rotating parts, like pulley drives and sliding mills, present employees with mechanical hazards while on-site chemicals and airborne substances can injure through touch or inhalation.

Manufacturing facilities require monitoring and access control to secure assets and reduce employee injuries.

Your security managers, therefore, need to consistently monitor work practices to keep employees safe and reduce your liability in the event of an injury.

Vandalism, Theft, and Workplace Threats

Access control is the first line of defense against workplace violence.

In addition to the unique security challenges posed by arduous physical labor, heavy machinery, fire, and toxic or corrosive substances, manufacturing plants are vulnerable to the three workplace threats that all industries face: theft, vandalism, and violence from employees.

Security Measures for Manufacturing Plants

Integrated security systems combine alarms, access control, and surveillance on a single interface to provide the most secure environment possible.

Customized and integrated security devices empower management teams to effectively monitor employees, deter thieves and vandals, maintain critical access control, receive instant emergency alerts, and provide top-grade overall asset protection.

Access Control Systems for Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

With so many people coming and going, all with different privileges, access control is the first line of defense for intrusion prevention and employee safety at any industrial manufacturing facility. Modern access security systems provide three vital functions: log-keeping, intrusion prevention, and employee protection.

Access control readers like those produced by ICT are excellent security devices for manufacturing facilities.

This is how an access control system works.

Employee key cards, proximity cards, or other forms of ID are read by access control readers when in range. The data on the ID is then transmitted to a control panel where it is authenticated and matched to site permissions. Staff can only gain access to controlled sites if their credentials are approved.

Access control systems manage and log entries and exits.

In addition to locking out intruders, access control systems promote employee safety by preventing untrained employees from accessing unauthorized sites and machinery.

Access control cages prevent unauthorized access to chemicals and other inventory.

An up-to-date access control system also logs ID data so that manufacturing plant managers have a complete record of the who, the where, and the when of all site entries, entry attempts, and exits.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

If your manufacturing plant faces a break-in, a functioning alarm system can warn you in time to reduce your vulnerability to theft, vandalism, and menaces like hybrid cyber warfare.

Alarms alert security to intruders.

At Mammoth Security, we recommend integrating your alarms with an IP (Internet Protocol) camera system. An integrated camera and alarm system can instantly send notifications and relevant footage to your team no matter where they are, helping them to differentiate false alarms from genuine emergencies so that they can quickly initiate appropriate responses from law enforcement.

Fire Alarm Systems

Because a single overheated wire can rapidly result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost inventory, reconstruction costs, and injury claims, it's necessary to regularly test your fire alarms and have effective containment protocols and security measures in place.

Alarms alert security to intruders.

As with intrusion alarms, we highly recommend pairing fire alarms with cameras and smartphone apps so that automatic mobile alerts with relevant footage are instantly provided, no matter where you or your team are.

Security Cameras for Machine Shops

Video surveillance cameras increase visibility at manufacturing plants and support the bottom line by making it possible to monitor complex industrial facilities with fewer security personnel.

Security Cameras for Machine Shops

At Mammoth Security, our experience has taught us to always recommend digital IP camera systems because they capture the clearest footage, enable remote surveillance monitoring, and make long-term video storage possible.

Surveillance Cameras with AI Support

Many of today's surveillance cameras and video management systems have AI-supported features like facial recognition, license plate recognition, people tracking, object counting, and suspicious activity detection.

Surveillance Cameras with AI Support

Security systems with AI make it quick and painless to search through hours of past footage for specific individuals, behaviors, and events.

The ROI for investing in AI-supported security begins with the need for a much smaller security team or no security team.

Several Different Technologies Layered Together

The effectiveness of security cameras, access control devices, different sensors, and intrusion detectors are turbocharged when these products are part of an integrated security system.

Access control, security cameras, and fire alarms can work together.

With an integrated security system, all surveillance and physical security aspects can be monitored and managed on a single dashboard interface.

What's more, your entire security team can remotely access your system on their mobile devices at any time and from anywhere.


Does my manufacturing plant need a contingency plan or security strategy for emergency situations?

In addition to an alarm system and policies to prevent intrusion and protect employees, it's necessary to have a contingency plan and emergency protocols in place for any security threat.

A training program for employees at your manufacturing plant should include a security strategy to protect assets and significantly mitigate common and rare threats.

What are the benefits of an integrated solution for manufacturing facility security?

With large workforces, multiple entrances, and high-pressure environments, all industrial organizations should have an integrated strategy to manage plant assets.

Not only does an integrated solution provide the most secure environment for any manufacturing facility, it often means lower maintenance costs, greater efficiency, safer employees, and improved profitability.

Comprehensive Security Solution for Machine Shops and Manufacturing Facilities

We're here to help keep your facility safe!

We want you to know that you can trust our team at Mammoth Security to develop and install the right security system to mitigate threats and increase physical security at your manufacturing plant or industrial manufacturing facility. From cameras and cabling to alarms and access control, we know what we're doing, and we’d love to share our expertise and workmanship with you.

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