Restaurant Security Systems

Restaurant Security Challenges

Customers don't go to restaurants for food alone. People also go for the dining experience. That means your restaurant should be a secure place free of crime and other security incidents that cause financial losses and can scare customers away for good.

Armed Robbery

Financial losses from armed robberies are compounded by reputational damage. Armed robberies are violent crimes that often involve weapons and direct threats of violence. These incidents can traumatize or injure staff and customers and, in extreme cases, can result in deaths.

Employee Theft

Unsupervised employees may commit a range of crimes at restaurants, including theft of alcohol, cash, and equipment.

Identity and Credit Card Theft

In an industry where margins are already tight, identity and credit card fraud forces restaurants to go without payment for their services.


Vandalism at restaurants—including graffiti, broken windows, and damage to equipment—reduces the likelihood that customers will have an enjoyable experience. In fact, the sight of graffiti and broken tables can cause customers to turn around and walk out the door.

Don't let mysterious damage occur in your business parking lot

Parking Lot Accidents

With customers coming and going, parking lot accidents are inevitable at restaurants. You can reduce accidents on your property by installing gate access control, a commercial security camera system for small restaurants, and signage to remind drivers that they are on video.

Work-Related Injuries

Work-related injuries caused by the failure to follow safety policies can result in expensive lawsuits for restaurants. Security systems for restaurants should include IP camera monitoring to reduce work-related injuries by enforcing OSHA and other safety policies.


With so much cooking, restaurants have a high chance of becoming sites for fires. A restaurant security system should therefore include fire alarms and detectors that are tested on a regular basis and integrated with fire suppression tools like sprinklers. Not only are security systems for restaurants legally required but damage to property and life can also be reduced with effective fire security systems.

Crime and Violence

Crime and violence at restaurants can scare customers away for good. People enter restaurants to dine in comfort over the course of a meal and don't anticipate becoming vulnerable to crime and violence. Customers avoid locations that have been targeted, and it can take restaurants years to recover from incidents of violent crime.

How to Improve Restaurant Security

Indoor Security Cameras

Dome cameras for discreetly securing businesses

A wide, dynamic range of indoor surveillance cameras are available for restaurant security, but the best indoor restaurant security camera system will likely include dome cameras. Dome surveillance cameras are small and discreet so that your diners don't become self-conscious.

Parking Lot Security Cameras

Parking lot security cameras promote good behavior on your property. They can also help to protect restaurants from liability in the event of an accident or other security incident on their lot. In particular, consider license plate recognition cameras to capture license plate digits and night vision cameras to secure your parking lot area, even in low-light environments.

Restaurant Security and Alarm Systems

After hours, restaurants become attractive targets for thieves who can break in and leave with expensive alcohol from the bar and even more expensive restaurant equipment. Fires can cause even more damage to restaurants than criminals.

With burglar alarms and fire alarms, it's possible for law enforcement and other emergency personnel to receive intrusion notifications early enough to stop burglars and fires in their tracks, thereby saving money for restaurants while making their insurance companies happy.

Access Control and Door Entry System

Access control and door entry systems are security measures used to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing protected areas. Access control is an essential component of a complete system for security. They require credentials with electronic identifying data or biometric identification to authenticate persons seeking to access secure areas.

Access privileges can be granted to staff members on a need-to-use basis. For example, an access control system may grant access to storage facilities for cooks while denying access to backroom offices.

Integrated POS Systems

Integrated point-of-sale (POS) systems at cash registers provide audit trails and data for inventory management. With cameras at your cash register integrated with your POS system, a restaurant owner has security measures in place to help ensure that employees and customers are on the up and up.

Secure Safe for Cash

Installing a secure safe for money should be a top priority for any restaurant security plan. Restaurants often keep a large amount of money on hand, and this makes them attractive targets for thieves. With secure safes and the use of locker rooms, restaurants can reduce financial losses in the event of a robbery.

Benefits of Restaurant Security Cameras and Systems

Deterring Crime

Restaurant security cameras and other security systems deter criminal activity by suggesting that there are records and consequences for bad behavior.

Monitoring Activity

Security cameras allow restaurant owners to monitor activity in real time, providing a record of events.

Improving Employee Performance

Security cameras that are used to monitor employees result in better performance and help to ensure that food safety and other protocols are followed.

Detecting Theft

Security systems help to detect theft and other criminal activities early on.

Alarm systems alert security personnel and others to intrusions when restaurants are closed.

A surveillance system with AI-supported security features may even recognize suspicious behaviors that suggest customer or employee theft.

How to Choose the Best Security Systems for Restaurants

Video Surveillance Quality

Avigilon cameras have excellent video resolutions.

The quality of the images captured by your restaurant security camera system is critical for identifying suspects and providing evidence. Therefore, IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are highly recommended because they provide high-resolution video footage.

Remote Accessibility

Make sure that your security system uses IP technology to connect with the Internet so that you can access and manage your security system from anywhere.


The best security system for restaurants will use open-source technology for easy integration. Not only should a restaurant security system combine access control and video surveillance for easy management on a single interface, but the system should also be compatible with your POS system.

Secure Your Restaurant with Mammoth Security

Avigilon cameras have excellent video resolutions.

You can trust our team at Mammoth Security to develop and install the right security solutions to protect your restaurant. From alarms and access control to cameras and cabling, the expertise you need is just a few clicks away.

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Restaurant Security System FAQs

Why is restaurant security important?

Restaurant security is important because customers come to restaurants expecting safe and attractive dining experiences. It's also essential to reduce losses from theft, vandalism, and dishonest employees and customers.

How do I secure my restaurant?

You should secure your restaurant with a professionally installed, commercial-grade security system that includes cameras, alarms, and access control systems.

How do restaurants stop cash theft?

Cash theft can be stopped or reduced at restaurants with secure safes that employees cannot access and with systems that deter criminals from targeting restaurants in the first place.

How do you compute the cost of a security system for a restaurant?

To compute the cost of a security system for a restaurant, consider the type and number of security devices needed for adequate coverage. Calculate the cost of the security system hardware and labor costs and investigate anticipated maintenance and support expenses.

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