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75% Of ALL Crime In The U.S. Is Property Crime
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View On Mobile Devices

View your camera system through IOS & Android apps.  A web portal is also available for viewing on any computer.


Ultra HD Resolution

All of our cameras are atleast 9x the resolution of ONE Analog camera.  Our 10 Megapixel cameras are 30x the resolution.


Expand Your System Anytime

Our systems are modular and can be added to easily at anytime. Cost effectively add a camera to your new problem area.

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Security Camera Installation in Middletown, CT

Downtown of Middletown, CT, with surveillance camera close upProperty crime is the number one cause of crime in Middleton, CT. It accounts for 75% of crime in all of the U.S. If you think you are not susceptible to property crime, think again! No one can anticipate crime, but they can prevent it. Surveillance cameras act as the main deterrence to all crime throughout the city, state and country. Why? Because one thing criminals have in common is that they do not want to get caught! Whether you own a home, a business or both, protect your assets and your loved ones with Middletown security cameras that are designed to keep the bad guys out! Surveillance cameras and system installation won’t cost you much, but a home robbery or vandalized business will. Don’t risk what is nearest and dearest to you, and contact the camera system installers at Mammoth Security today! What Our CCTV Security Cameras Offer:

  • High resolution images
  • Ability to connect multiple buildings wirelessly
  • Fish-eye lens for ultimate coverage
  • Ability to capture HD video from discrete, undetectable locations via pinhole cameras
  • Ability to capture entire parking lots with PTZ cameras’ patrol settings and optical zoom
  • Ability to access footage from anywhere you have Internet access

Protecting Residences and Businesses Throughout Connecticut

Mammoth Security offers security camera installation in Middletown and throughout the state of Connecticut. Thanks to our home systems and commercial camera system installations, you can have peace of mind whether you’re at home, at work or on vacation in the Bahamas. Our digital CCTV surveillance systems allow you to record footage and stream it live to any mobile device, desktop or DVR. If you’re worried about the quality of the footage and lack of detail, don’t be! Our surveillance cameras provide the highest quality picture so that you can see more than just an overview—you can get all the details!

The Mammoth Security Difference

  • Agility, allowing you to watch your home or business property from anywhere, on any device with Internet access
  • Uncompromised detail
  • Effortless expandability; install as many cameras on a single system as you’d like, and even watch multiple buildings on one system!
  • Ability to catch theft and vandalism in the act
  • Ultra HD resolution that provides 9x the resolution of a single analog camera
  • Megapixel cameras that offer 30x the resolution of a single analog camera
  • Modular, enabling you to easily and cost effectively add to your monitoring system at any time

Middletown Security Cameras Provide Peace of Mind

When it comes to protecting your assets and your loved ones, there is nothing that you wouldn’t do. Fortunately, a strategically placed business or home security system can help do it all—from catching the bad guys to making sure that they’re properly reprimanded by the authorities. Mammoth Security is a leading provider of both residential and commercial CCTV security cameras. Whether you want to make sure that your night shift employees are really working for you and not for somebody else or that your loved ones are safe in the comfort of your home when you turn out the lights for the night, a Mammoth Security CCTV camera installer can advise you on what cameras you need and where for utmost protection. Additionally, our residential and commercial security camera installation teams are knowledgeable on where to set up security cameras for the utmost deterrence. While catching the bad guy is great, keeping him at bay is the ultimate goal. Once our security camera installers have left your home, criminals will think twice about entering it. Our company uses only the highest quality technology, which means that our cameras can capture high-quality images in the darkest of settings or even when the perpetrator is facing bright lights. Thanks to today’s technology, you can rely on your systems even when circumstances aren’t ideal. Finally, whether you’re looking to update an exiting analogous system or install a new system entirely, our team can ensure that your home is equipped with the high tech digital cameras that will offer the peace of mind you crave for your properties. Our cameras capture unmatched images that will leave no question in your mind of who the perpetrator is should a crime occur. Gone are the days of blurry images. Today’s systems provide the verifiable evidence and undeniable images you need to catch a perpetrator in the act.

Storage Capacity

Some people—such as business owners and people with a large household staff—prefer to keep video footage for long periods of time so that they can review it periodically for ongoing theft and crime. However, most homeowners just want a live monitoring system so that they can catch and stop crime in the act. Whatever your wants are for a commercial or home monitoring system, our surveillance camera installers can design your system to do precisely what you need it to do.

Update Existing Systems

Many of our clients already have existing systems in place and want to know if they can update it. The answer is yes! Our security camera installers are familiar with both digital and analog cameras and are knowledgeable on how to integrate the two into a larger, more efficient system. We can even help you save costs by utilizing the same wiring from your old analog system. Protecting your home and business and saving you money is what were are all about! Our home and commercial camera system installation professionals are highly trained and can install your CCTV security cameras in as little as two weeks! If you want to deter crime and protect all that is near and dear to you, don’t wait, and reach out to Middletown’s favorite security camera installers at Mammoth Security. We look forward to protecting you!

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My property manager and I felt so relieved to have such a seamless transition to a new security camera system. The clarity and ability to cover our 1/4 mile wide building with cameras at both ends are what sold us. Peter Niro, Hartford Square Associates
These guys helped guide me to exactly what our building needed. I was watching my building from bed within a week and a half. I sleep much better now!! Karen, Centrix Management
My team and I are blown away by the clarity of the cameras. The night staff feels much more secure, and I can check on the building when I am away. Dave B , Farrell Treatment Center
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