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Property crimes result in over 15.7 billion dollars lost yearly.

The Importance of Security Cameras in Old Saybrook

Any person intending to live in Old Saybrook would do well to invest in a security camera installation. There are Old Saybrook security cameras installed in the city, but they are not very useful for private citizens or business owners since the monitors are inaccessible, not to mention there is reason to believe that the equipment are pre-existing models that cannot produce high-resolution footages.

What Can Mammoth Security Do For You?

If you are living in Hartford, CT, planning to move to the area, or have properties in the city that need security, you can’t go wrong with choosing Mammoth Security as your CCTV Camera Installer. HD Digital Cameras – the surveillance cameras we use on any system we install are capable of more powerful zooming and higher resolution output compared to traditional analog versions. This means the video footages captured are clear enough that they can be used as valid court evidence. Remote Viewing Capability – we install equipment that can be monitored remotely using apps on an Android or iOS capable mobile device, or through a computer browser. This allows clients to keep watch over their homes and properties even when they are away on the field, or when they are on a holiday. Modular Systems – we take special consideration towards clients who already have an existing commercial surveillance system in place. We are aware that it is hard to justify the cost of a new installation, especially when the old cameras could end up being wasted, so we customize our offerings so they can fit in with your existing equipment. This has the benefit of saving some of the cost due to hardware being reused, and upgrading the capabilities of legacy installations to more modern standards.

Who Needs Camera Surveillance?

For residential homeowners, we can install security cameras that will help you keep watch over potential burglary attempts, or to watch over your house when you are away from home. The same can be said of property owners. A camera surveillance system can help them monitor their properties and deter attempts at theft, squatting, and vandalism. Business owners, on the other hand, can benefit from the same but can also make use of CCTVs for other purposes. Surveillance helps avoid costly legal battles in cases of slip and fall incidents, as video footages can easily prove who is at fault. A CCTV will also be helpful in keeping productivity up, because employees who are aware that there is a camera are less likely to slack off or cheat their work hours. If you’re one of the above, do not hesitate to contact Mammoth Security systems through the phone or through the website’s contact page. Our staff is always ready to answer concerns and we provide free quotes to interested parties be it anywhere in Connecticut.

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My property manager and I felt so relieved to have such a seamless transition to a new security camera system. The clarity and ability to cover our 1/4 mile wide building with cameras at both ends are what sold us. Peter Niro, Hartford Square Associates
These guys helped guide me to exactly what our building needed. I was watching my building from bed within a week and a half. I sleep much better now!! Karen, Centrix Management
My team and I are blown away by the clarity of the cameras. The night staff feels much more secure, and I can check on the building when I am away. Dave B , Farrell Treatment Center
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