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Parking lots are continuously busy places. During daytime hours, the increased traffic can lead to accidents. It is also very important to provide a safe nighttime environment when an increase in criminal activity is possible. Parking lot security cameras, such as of Mammoth Security, provide the constant vigilance this sensitive area needs so people using it can feel safe.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Type of Security Camera

Parking lots are designed to look welcoming and spacious. During peak traffic periods, however, a parking lot can become a hive of confusion. Also, not everyone who enters a parking lot reads the disclaimer notice at the entrance point.

Having a parking lot security camera system in place is essential for counteracting any accusations of liability. Whether the system is called upon to provide playback immediately after an incident or a week later, clear evidence of what took place will leave no doubt as to what occurred.

With around 10% of property theft taking place in a parking lot or garage, video surveillance in these areas has never been more important. Perpetrators often do not heed the warning signs that surveillance systems are on the premises. After an incident of theft or vandalism, camera footage makes the job of identification easier for law enforcement officials.

Other types of opportunistic criminal activities can happen in parking lots, especially at night. When patrons know there is parking lot surveillance, they feel safer using the area in the evenings. This will impact favorably for paid parking sites as it will increase patronage and profits.

Another area of security that the presence of surveillance cameras assists with is false liability claims. If a parking lot patron untruthfully claims to have had an accident on the premises, recorded evidence of the incident can prove otherwise.

Security camera systems can alert the operations manager to other misdemeanors happening on site, such as trespassing and payment dodgers. Tightening security with a professionally-installed camera system empowers both patrons and management.

There are two types of security camera systems currently in use in parking lots.

CCTV analog systems

A closed circuit signal is sent from the camera to a digital video recorder. The DVR can host up to 4 to 16 channels. It can record for later viewing as well as send real-time footage to a monitor. This older type of security camera benefits from having an on-site team that constantly checks the monitors.

IP cameras

These cameras are a new technology that saves the all recorded footage on the cloud or a network video recorder. Because the images are stored as data, this security camera system is easier to install. Authorized personnel can use a smart device for remote viewing of the premises at any time from anywhere.

Why Night Vision is Absolutely Required

Not every parking lot can afford to have bright arc lights glaring onto the site all night. Many parking lots are surrounded by domestic buildings where the use of bright lights will cause a disturbance. The running costs of keeping lighting active all night is often prohibitive, especially during winter.

Nighttime is when the vehicles and patrons in a parking lot are most vulnerable. It is a time when vandals are searching for ways to break open pay booths and thieves are looking for easy targets. Night vision security cameras are one solution.

Night vision cameras have infrared LEDs. These allow staff to clearly see what is happening in the car park in real time. They can also assist law enforcement to identify the culprits from the high-quality images on the footage.

A professional security surveillance installation company will be able to advise you on where to place parking lot surveillance cameras. Professionally installed cameras are placed to optimize the areas under observation and minimize glare from oncoming traffic headlights.

How to Choose the Best Camera Out of a Large Selection

Professional security camera installers will be able to advise you as to how many cameras you will  need to effectively cover the car park area. Cameras can be fixed in one position or have pan, zoom, and tilt capabilities. These are called PTZs.

You can choose cameras that activate when they sense motion. If a movement breaks the LED beam, these cameras automatically turn on and begin recording. Access points like exits and entrances need to be covered and cameras on high poles are harder to break or steal.

A hardwired (physically wired) camera has a signal that is less likely to fail, but the installation of the wiring is labor-intensive and time-consuming. As mentioned above, a wireless camera uses a Wi-Fi signal to operate. What makes it very user-friendly is that once it’s installed, you can easily move it to another location.

The drawback to choosing an analog CCTV security system for a parking lot is that the technology may become obsolete in the future. This is because digital systems are becoming so widespread that very soon analog may become a niche area of expertise; the same thing has happened in the car security industry.

Some things to consider when making camera selection are:

  • How important will remote viewing be to parking lot security operations?
  • Do you need enough clarity of resolution to read license plate numbers? (If so, IP is the best option.)
  • Will the camera need to be durable enough to be outside in year-round weather?
  • Do you want alert notifications sent to a device when the motion detector is activated?
  • Does the security camera system come with an app?

Getting a Professional Installer to Secure Your Parking

If you are considering having quality security cameras installed in your parking lot in CT, the most highly recommended specialists are Mammoth Security. They are the professional security system installers chosen by many property managers and owners to secure their premises.

No one understands effective surveillance system installations like Mammoth does. If you need help securing your parking lot or garage, consulting with a professional surveillance company first will ensure that you find the best security solution for your needs.

Mammoth Security operates in all counties and towns of Connecticut, including Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk, etc.