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Regency Apartments

The Regency was one of a few properties brought to us by the folks at Centrix Management. The camera company that serviced Centrix prior had difficulty adhering to scheduled service appointments and were unfamiliar with newer technology standards. For this site they had two separate main buildings each with individual analog DVR’s servicing cameras in the lobby’s and parking areas nearest the two buildings. Mammoth Security through the use of state of the art networking equipment brought all the legacy cameras into a centralized system accessible from anywhere saving them from having to manually check the DVR’s of both buildings. Using the same infrastructure Mammoth outfitted light posts centered in the parking areas with 360° coverage giving clear ultra high definition images of areas not visible from either of the main buildings due to environmental obstructions. Since our enhancements to their system The Regency and 2 other properties managed under Centrix enjoy a new level of security that their tenants and would be criminals have taken notice of. Incidents of vandalism are notably decreased as are the lengths of time to fill vacancies.
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