Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

While relatively new, remote monitoring services are rapidly being adopted by companies because they enhance site security while significantly reducing operational expenses.

Who Needs Remote Video Monitoring?

Remote video monitoring is an ideal, cost-effective solution for round-the-clock surveillance monitoring of most commercial and organizational settings, including construction sites, warehouses, office buildings, and healthcare facilities.

How Remote Video Monitoring Works

Internet Protocol Cameras

security camera for live video monitoring security system

Remote video monitoring requires the installation of IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. IP cameras transmit footage over the Internet so remote security professionals can observe and monitor live video feeds.

Artificial Intelligence

The remote video monitoring services provided by Mammoth Security apply artificial intelligence to all footage, regardless of the on-site security cameras being used. By applying AI features like facial recognition and behavior detection to incoming footage, our remote security guards are empowered to recognize (and respond to) security breaches far more quickly than traditional on-site guards.

Alarms, Notifications, and Emergency Services

When the security experts at our secure remote command center spot threats, they know how to enact the next steps decisively. False alarms are disregarded, while genuine security breaches receive full-throated responses.

In fact, our remote guards are able to scare off 97% of intruders with tools like sirens, strobe lights, and two-way audio systems.

When active deterrence doesn't work in those rare cases, our remote guards contact appropriate authorities, such as police dispatchers. And because our cameras transmit live streams, our guards can provide eyewitness reports that result in rapid dispatches.

Benefits of Remote Surveillance Monitoring

live video monitoring of camera footage to prevent crime and recognize break-ins

Enhanced security

Remote video monitoring services provide institutions and commercial properties with the attention of trained and experienced security professionals throughout.

Cost savings

Remote monitoring services can replace most on-site security guards or eliminate their need entirely.


Our own remote camera monitoring services can provide 24/7 monitoring, monitoring during specific times, or monitoring as needed.

Quick Response Times

Using live video feeds connected with AI software, our remote monitors detect real-time security breaches and respond immediately.

Tools for Remote Video Monitoring

IP Cameras

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras transmit digital footage to remote command center stations monitored via the Internet.

High-resolution and HD Video Surveillance Systems

high-quality surveillance cameras connected to remote guards with the ability to recognize potential issues

Our cameras produce high-definition and high-resolution footage. Some are even capable of 4K resolution. With such high-caliber footage, remote monitors are unlikely to miss essential security details.

Two-Way Audio Communication Systems

Privacy regulations often ban security systems that record audio. That said, audio features for active deterrence are usually allowed.

And that's a really good thing: direct address by a live human voice provides the most effective deterrence once a criminal has intruded on your property.

That's why the security professionals at our remote command center are experts at attention-grabbing psychological techniques to talk down bad actors.

Other Deterrence Tools

In addition to two-way audio systems, we install alarm sirens, strobe lights, and other devices that our remote monitors can initiate when intrusions and other crimes are detected.

Key Features of Our Remote Monitoring Service

Live Video Feeds and Artificial Intelligence

Our remote monitors provide security oversight around the clock or as needed using live video streams from the cameras we install. Plus, they're aided by cutting-edge software that instantly applies artificial intelligence to incoming video.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Our remote monitors send real-time alerts and notifications to mobile devices or computers so that property owners or administrators are always up to date regarding security incidents.

Tamper Detection Technology

Our remote monitoring service uses tamper detection technology to provide alerts when cameras are tampered with or when surveillance equipment malfunctions.

Professional Setup for Remote Video Monitoring

The first step to hiring a remote monitoring service is bringing in professionals for an on-site security audit. Blind spots and other surveillance vulnerabilities must be identified and corrected.

Based on the overall audit, a design for your site's video surveillance cameras is developed and finalized. Security cameras may need to be upgraded, and new devices may require installation. Once security components are properly placed and programmed, your installer should test your system.

In the end, you'll have the right surveillance tools in place to provide remote security personnel and operators with the situational awareness they need.

Considerations for Remote Monitoring Installations

Quality of Security Cameras

Night vision camera monitoring: Guard your property day and night with a video monitoring service.

Cameras capable of high-definition or high-resolution footage and night vision provide clear, detailed views of the properties they protect.

Location of Security Cameras

Security cameras must be placed strategically to capture all potential threats.

Common camera locations include doors, high-traffic areas, secluded areas, and areas where valuable assets are stored.

Network Infrastructure

A stable, high-speed Internet connection is necessary to ensure that your site footage is dependably transmitted to remote monitors in real time.


Depending on your industry, your installers may need to follow special regulations. For example, HIPAA must be considered when installing cameras at healthcare facilities.

Get Professional Remote Surveillance Monitoring With Mammoth Security

Mammoth Security has the expertise and technology to design surveillance to protect your business from risk.

Setting up a service for remote monitoring requires careful planning. The security professionals at Mammoth Security know the ins and outs of video surveillance and camera placement for clear and comprehensive remote monitoring. Simply put, you can count on Mammoth Security's engineers, installation experts, and remote monitors for the security oversight your entire property needs.

If you need anything from access control or security systems, then we have you covered. We do not provide the service ourselves directly, but our team can refer you to reliable services that we use for our trusted partners.

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IP Cameras

Wireless cameras are not reliable enough for commercial use yet. Instead, we use purpose-built antennae to connect hardwired cameras on light poles and buildings.


Phone App
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Watch live or previously recorded footage on any mobile device. Save it to your phone and e-mail it just like any other video or image.


Increased Resolution
Of 4096×2160

4k or 8MP cameras represent the best value at the moment. Depending on your situation, a 30+ megapixel camera can be installed allowing you to read a seat number from the opposite end of a football field.

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