Ava Security Cameras

Mammoth Security has partnered with the Ava brand to furnish, install, and maintain their top-of-the-line video surveillance and access control systems.

Through this partnership, businesses throughout the Mammoth Security service area have access to security solutions by an industry-leading innovator in powerful analytics supported by artificial intelligence and video storage efficiency.

Why Choose Ava Security Cameras?

Ava produces cloud-based, AI-supported security cameras, including dome cameras, bullet cameras, and the security industry's first-ever cloud-native multisensor cameras. Ava cameras come with a ten-year warranty and are often more affordable than similar products by other top-line manufacturers.

Ava Security Camera Features

Powerful Visual and Audio Analytics

Ava live video security demo

Ava camera systems feature powerful analytics and machine-learning capabilities to recognize objects and faces, detect anomalies and abnormal behaviors, and recognize sounds that require attention—including screams, car alarms, and gunshots.

Ava's video and audio analytics feature is called Spotlight because it provides security personnel with timely alerts to protect assets and prevent disturbances from becoming serious events.

This capacity to search for and recognize anomalies in real time helps to focus personnel on the most relevant security concerns at any given moment. Ava's advanced sound sensors and audio analytics also give security personnel the benefit of access to audio contexts for more accurate security assessments.

Transformational Storage Technology

A major game changer in the field of video surveillance has been Ava's ingenious application of analytics and machine learning for storage optimization.

While Ava video surveillance is recorded 24/7, analytics enable Ava systems to store footage at different high-quality forensic resolutions depending on the likelihood that the footage will eventually be of interest, such as involving abnormal behavior and potential threats.

By dynamically varying the bitrate within a video stream to focus on security threats with maximum clarity, bandwidth isn't wasted on secure and uneventful events.

Cloud Video Management

Ava's cloud-connected video management system, the Ava Aware Cloud, lets operators view their video surveillance remotely at any time and allows them to easily share standard mp4 digital links to recorded video with colleagues, insurance investigators, and law enforcement personnel.

Smart Search

By using video and audio analytics to comb through countless hours of footage across an entire camera installation, the Ava Aware Cloud enables rapid video search with great accuracy. It's possible to search by event, object, sound, and even face.

Integration With Other Cameras

The Ava Aware Cloud makes it possible to install and configure Ava cameras and ONVIF-complaint, or "open platform," cameras from other manufacturers on a single Ava video security interface. This means that business operators can mix and match Ava cameras with security solutions by other top-grade manufacturers, including Avigilon security cameras.

What's more, by integrating existing cameras, an entire security deployment gains Ava's AI capabilities, including facial recognition surveillance, people counting, audio analytics, and rapid search.

Ava video surveillance integration

Map View

Ava users can add and configure security maps of their sites to benefit from Ava's advanced situational awareness technology.

People and cars appear on the Ava video security interface as dots, allowing security personnel to zoom in for real-time footage and move between cameras to follow individuals. Ava maps can include both camera and alarm views, and they can be combined with AI to better track people and objects as they move through a property.

Operational Insights

Management, business, and marketing teams richly benefit from the real-time operational insights provided by Ava's Smart Presence feature, including insights based on occupancy information and heat maps that allow for better management of vehicles, workflows, and pedestrian traffic.

Best Ava Security Cameras

Ava Quad

The Ava Quad is a multisensor camera featuring full 360-degree coverage, adjustable lenses, up to 20MP of total resolution capacity, and four independent 5MP sensors for high-definition footage in areas with high-contrast lighting.

Ava Dome

The Ava Dome camera is discreetly designed for both indoor and rugged outdoor environments. It features a 4K image sensor, advanced acoustic sensors, remotely adjustable lenses, and the ability to capture detailed footage in almost all light conditions.

Ava Compact Dome

The Ava Compact Dome is even more discreet than the Ava Dome. It's designed for indoor use, has a powerful ultrahigh-definition 5MP image sensor, an advanced acoustic sensor, and can capture detailed footage in extremely low-light conditions.

About Ava Security

Ava Security is a London-based company that specializes in cloud-based, AI-supported security technology with ground-breaking cloud-video storage efficiency.

Ava has recently earned many awards and recognitions, including two 2021 Red Dot awards for innovative and well-designed security products and an ISO 27001 certification for their commitment to security culture and technologies.

Mammoth Security installing Ava Cameras

Mammoth Security and Ava Video Security Systems

Our team here at Mammoth Security understands video surveillance cameras, the benefits, and drawbacks of individual models, how to install them for comprehensive coverage, and how to mix and match them for a massive ROI. 

If you're ready for the next step toward maintaining a secure commercial property, take us up on a free, zero-obligation site consultation. Just fill out the simple form below, and we’ll quickly get back to you to schedule your complimentary site survey. 

You’ll meet a friendly member of our team as we walk through your property, discuss your security concerns, spot points where your security can be improved, and begin to develop a camera system that’s expertly tailored to your site's unique layout and security needs.

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IP Cameras

Wireless cameras are not reliable enough for commercial use yet. Instead, we use purpose-built antennae to connect hardwired cameras on light poles and buildings.


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Increased Resolution
Of 4096×2160

4k or 8MP cameras represent the best value at the moment. Depending on your situation, a 30+ megapixel camera can be installed allowing you to read a seat number from the opposite end of a football field.

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