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A commitment to research and development has placed Axis Communications at the cutting edge of the video surveillance market. The company is a world leader in high-definition IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras.

Axis Communications employs over a thousand engineers and designers to develop security cameras that push technological boundaries with features such as heightened light sensitivity, precise color reproduction, megapixel video recording, and AI-based analytic reasoning. For example, Axis Lightfinder technology allows for ultra-high-resolution and full-color footage in nearly total darkness, and the Axis Zipstream lets security networks store exact, legally actionable surveillance details while using half the bandwidth required by other camera makers.

What Is an Axis IP Network Camera System?

An IP (Internet Protocol) network is a collection of interconnected devices that securely share data with each other over the Internet.

Before Axis Communications created the Axis 200 IP network camera, all video surveillance systems used analog signals to transmit footage from cameras to monitors and storage devices.

With Axis's invention of IP camera systems, it became possible for the first time to connect entire surveillance systems—including cameras, monitors, storage devices, and video management software—through the Internet.

The invention of IP network video products also made it possible to transmit security footage wirelessly and to manage network video remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

What's more, features like video analytics and artificial intelligence could be supported on old security cameras for the first time simply through a network connection with advanced software resources.

HDTV network camera by Axis Communications

Security Cameras by Axis Communications

Axis is known for its durable and well-designed IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras. Today, they produce IP network cameras that cover the complete range of surveillance needs, including outdoor security cameras, night vision cameras, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, multi-sensor cameras, fisheye cameras, mini-bullet cameras, and explosion-proof dome cameras.

Some Axis cameras even capture clear, high-definition footage in moving environments by accounting for rapid lighting changes and random jerking motions.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras by Axis Communications can be remotely managed to pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing customers both general field coverage and the ability to capture detailed, close-up footage with the same single camera.

Axis PTZ cameras can be controlled either with joysticks or through the Axis Camera Station, Axis Communication's proprietary video management software. Axis PTZs also come with proprietary Lightfinder and Zipstream technologies, as well as innovative auto-tracking features to recognize and follow people or vehicles.

Outdoor PTZs by Axis Communications also feature a speed dry option that lets the cameras shake off the water at the push of a button. While jiggling on command isn't at the top of anyone's must-have camera features list, exotic perks like this can be expected from any company that invests in research and development as enthusiastically as Axis Communications.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are valued for their discreet form, their ability to capture wide-angle fields of view, and their vandal-resistant protective housings. Given Axis Communication's reputation for durable cameras, it should be no surprise that they took the "vandal-resistant" dome concept to another level by developing the "explosion-proof" dome camera.

Axis dome network camera systems

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras have large protruding lenses for panoramic angles of view. With Fisheyes, Axis Communications once again pushes a camera concept to the limit. The Axis 360 is a fisheye camera that provides ultra-wide-angle, complete 360-degree fields of view.

Night Vision Cameras

Axis Communications produced the first thermal network camera for night vision. Thermal cameras ensure reliable, high-definition surveillance at all times, including on the darkest nights.

Axis thermal cameras work in total darkness by sensing infrared heat signatures on objects and translating that heat into frequencies that can be sensed by the human eye.

The Axis Lightfinder is another night vision technology, one that enables full-color night vision footage in extremely low-light situations.

Cameras for Moving Spaces

In 2006, Axis Communications launched the AXIS 209FD-R, a rugged camera designed for installation on buses and trains. Built to withstand humidity and account for the jerking movements and vibrations of public transportation environments, these cameras collect clear, actionable security evidence on public transportation all over the world.

License-Plate Recognition Cameras

Axis products include smart access control systems that secure gated entries and other sensitive threshold points.

License-plate recognition (LPR) security cameras by Axis support access control gates by applying complicated algorithms to recognize plates, separate their digits, and read them.

Axis LPR cameras also allow plates to be white-listed and watch-listed, a feature that enables instant alerts when watch-listed vehicles arrive while allowing frictionless passage for vehicles with white-listed plates.

While specialized cameras were initially required for license-plate recognition, most new Axis cameras can be configured for this feature in as little as five minutes.

Video Analytics by Axis Communications

Many Axis cameras are preprogrammed with video analytic capabilities like motion detection, license-plate inspection, object counting, and facial recognition.

Analytic tools like people counting are used to secure commercial buildings, prevent overcrowding, and assess customer traffic patterns. AI-based analytic software can be integrated into Axis video networks for even smarter capabilities, such as behavior recognition.

With the ability to recognize human behaviors associated with activities such as shoplifting, Axis's video analytic programs keep an eye on your assets and provide instant security alerts when needed.

Axis Camera Station

Thanks to the IP innovations that Axis Communications spearheaded, any Axis camera can be monitored and managed on Axis's easy-to-use video manager, the Axis Camera Station. The Station can be managed from anywhere through the AXIS Companion, Axis's mobile and desktop app.

The Axis Camera Station is a software program that uses AI-based analysis to help Axis customers search for and quickly find the surveillance evidence they need.

Indoor installation of Axis network camera solutions

The Access Camera Station can also be used to create rules for automatic actions when predefined metrics are met. For example, instant alerts can be sent to security personnel whenever the network system is triggered by behaviors associated with shoplifting.

Also, audio devices that integrate with the Axis Camera Station can provide on-site deterrence by generating instant audio warnings when suspicious behaviors are detected.

About Axis Communications

Axis Communications is a Swedish security brand that was founded in 1984 with a focus on product development for IBM mainframes. Axis Communications became the first security company to produce IP network cameras when it launched the AXIS 200 in 1996. In the years since, they have developed a wide range of innovative, IP-based products that protect people and properties all over the world.

With over a thousand designers and engineers putting their creativity and expertise to work for Axis Communications, the company remains at the forefront of the security system industry.

In addition to producing some of the best security cameras on the market, Axis Communications creates top-of-the-line access control systems, video management systems, video encoders that translate analog data for digital storage, and software programs with AI-based analytic capabilities.

Mammoth Security installing Axis Cameras

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