Hikvision Security Cameras

Hikvision boasts a large portfolio of security system software and hardware components--from IP cameras to video management systems to video storage devices. And they offer a wide range of cameras at some of the most affordable price points in the industry.

Why You Should Get Hikvision Security Cameras

By manufacturing cameras in all CCTV categories, Hikvision helps customers save money while meeting their security needs. Hikvision makes indoor and outdoor cameras; night vision cameras; dome, turret, bullet, and PTZ cameras; and even cameras with artificial intelligence.

2,700 research and design engineers make Hikvision the company with the largest number of innovation experts in the security industry, and their engineers are continuously providing system updates and quality improvements.

Hikvision security camera

Hikvision's investment in innovation has given their cameras large bitrates for greater-than-average image-processing power.

Hikvision also produces software for artificial intelligence. Many of their cameras and software systems are capable of facial recognition, motion detection, abandoned object detection, and even unusual behavior detection.

Hikvision Cameras and Surveillance Equipment Solutions

Hikvision Value Express

Hikvision hardware components

The Hikvision Value Express series provides value-conscious customers with an array of IP and analog cameras to meet the unique installation requirements and security needs of any site.

Taking good deals one step further, Hikvision's Value Express Kits provide multiple cameras with supported storage devices at prices significantly below market value.

Hikvision DS-2CD2145FWD-I

The Hikvision DS-2CD2145FWD-I is a dome camera currently on the market for less than $200 that can be powered through Internet cable and, thanks to water and dust-resistant housings, can be used in either indoor or outdoor environments.

Despite the low price compared to similar cameras from the majority of their competitors, the Hikvision DS-2CD2145FWD-I is reliable and capable of stunning 2560 x 1440 image resolution.

Hikvision DS-2CD2443G0-IW

The Hikvision DS-2CD2443G0-IW camera is designed for residential and small business needs and falls below the $200 price point. While it lacks many bells and whistles, it's an inexpensive piece of surveillance equipment that deters crime and captures decent video footage.

Hikvision DS-2CD2625FWD-IZS

At approximately $300, Hikvision's DS-2CD2625FWD-IZS is a bullet camera with a motorized lens. Its DarkFighter Ultra-Low Light proprietary technology allows it to capture clear footage in extremely dark environments.

Hikvision DS-2DE3304W-DE

At a slightly higher price point, close to $400, the Hikvision DS-2DE3304W-DE Mini PTZ Dome camera offers many advanced features, including 4x zoom and AI-based 3D positioning capability.

This dome camera has the vandal-resistant housing and discreet design of other dome cameras with one major difference: PTZ capability to pan, tilt, and zoom for a variety of fields of view. The camera also features artificial intelligence, which, in combination with PTZ capabilities, enables the camera to track a specific person of interest as that person moves through the camera's range of view.

Hikvision Mobile App

Every Hikvision security camera includes access to a mobile app that lets users connect with their cameras remotely. Through the app, a user can receive instant alerts on their mobile phone, monitor live footage, and review data from anywhere connected to the Internet.

Hikvision Video Storage and Management Solutions

Every security system with more than a few cameras should include organizational infrastructure such as video management software and video data storage devices.

Video Management Software

The Hikvision iVMS-5200 is a software system that provides efficient video search options via filters and AI-based analytic tools, including facial detection, behavior assessment, license-plate reading, and more.

The iVMS-5200 also enables the synchronization of all surveillance equipment on a single interface. This synchronization allows access control systems, alarm systems, and even automated building management systems to all be managed in one place. What's more, the software is ONVIF compliant for compatibility with cameras, alarms, access control devices, and security management systems from many other manufacturers.

Hikvision security camera

Hikvision NVRs and NVR/DVRs

Hikvision's standalone NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and hybrid NVR/DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) allow customers to simultaneously monitor and store live video footage. Hikvision's NVRs and NVR/DVRs offer customizable searches, footage tagging, and smart playback.

Downsides to Hikvision

Hikvision is partially owned by the Chinese Communist Party and develops security systems for the Chinese military. In fact, Hikvision's rapid growth as a company can in large part be attributed to its close ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the many lucrative job opportunities received from the Chinese military.

In 2019, a federal bill passed in the U.S. that banned Hikvision from participating in federal contract work. Their security systems cannot be installed in any setting receiving federal funding, including federally funded infrastructure projects, military installations, and projects involving federal subcontractors.

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Hikvision and Mammoth Security

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IP Cameras

Wireless cameras are not reliable enough for commercial use yet. Instead, we use purpose-built antennae to connect hardwired cameras on light poles and buildings.


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4k or 8MP cameras represent the best value at the moment. Depending on your situation, a 30+ megapixel camera can be installed allowing you to read a seat number from the opposite end of a football field.

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