Avigilon Video Management System

What is Avigilon Video Management System Used For?

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Avigilon's video management system is called the Avigilon Control Center (ACC). It's an advanced software platform for video surveillance management used to secure commercial and residential buildings, schools, hospitals, and other facilities.

The Avigilon Control Center allows users to view, search through, and analyze live and recorded videos from many different camera manufacturers. It integrates with other security products, including alarms and access control devices, so that an entire security system can be managed efficiently on a single interface.

How Does Avigilon Video Management System Work?

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is client-server software installed on a dedicated server or computer that is connected to a network of security cameras and other security devices. The server running ACC is responsible for storing and managing video footage, as well as providing access to the system through client applications that can be installed on other computers or mobile devices.

To use ACC, users typically install a client application on their computer or mobile device and then connect to the ACC server using a web browser or the ACC mobile app. Once connected, users can view live and recorded video from the cameras, as well as perform tasks such as searching for specific events and generating reports. ACC also includes features such as motion detection, facial recognition, and integration with other security systems, which can be configured and managed through the ACC interface.

Avigilon Video Management System Features

Avigilon video management

Occupancy Counting

Avigilon Video Management Occupancy Counting is a feature of the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software platform designed to help businesses and organizations monitor the number of people in a given space and manage occupancy levels to ensure compliance with health and safety guidelines.

The Occupancy Counting feature uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyze video footage from cameras and detect the presence of people in a given area. It then displays the count in real time on a dashboard or other user interface. The Occupancy Counting feature can also be configured to trigger alerts or other actions when occupancy levels exceed a certain threshold.

Elevated Temperature Detection (ETD)

Avigilon Control Center Elevated Temperature Detection is designed to help businesses and organizations prevent the spread of illness by detecting individuals with elevated body temperatures. The Elevated Temperature Detection feature uses thermal cameras to measure temperatures as people pass through a designated area. It then uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the temperature data and detect individuals with elevated body temperatures.

When an individual with an elevated temperature is detected, the system can trigger an alert and warning message.

Avigilon Cloud

A cloud-based version of the Avigilon Control Center software platform allows users to gain access to all Control Center features without having to be on-site or connected to a local network.

One of the main benefits of ACC Cloud is that it eliminates the need for users to maintain and manage their own server infrastructure, as the ACC software and video footage are hosted and managed by Avigilon in the cloud.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is a feature of the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software platform used to improve security and streamline access control. It uses machine learning algorithms to compare facial images in camera footage to faces in a database. If a match is found, the system can trigger an alert or, conversely, help to authenticate identities at access points.

Identify Vehicles and People

To identify vehicles, ACC can analyze and compare the shape, size, and movement of vehicles to a database of known vehicles and models. Additional information, such as license-plate digits, can help to further refine the ID process.

To identify people, ACC uses algorithms to analyze facial features in surveillance footage and compare them to a database of faces. Additional details, such as clothing, can help to further refine the identification process.

Appearance Search Technology using AI

ACC Appearance Search uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to search through recorded video footage for appearance-based characteristics, such as the shape of a person's face.

To use the Appearance Search feature, users simply select a reference image of the person they want to find and upload it to the Control Center.

The Appearance Search feature can improve the efficiency of searches by allowing users to search for specific characteristics without having to manually review hours of surveillance video.

Thumbnail Search

Avigilon Control Center Thumbnail Search helps users efficiently search for specific incidents in surveillance videos. Users simply specify the time range and location they want to review, and the Control Center generates a grid of thumbnail images representing different moments within the footage. Users can then select relevant thumbnails, and the system will play back the corresponding video footage.

Dark Mode

Avigilon Control Center Dark Mode feature provides an alternative interface color scheme that's easier on the eyes in low-light environments and situations when the software is being watched for extended periods of time.

Unusual Activity Detection (UAD)

The Unusual Activity Detection feature uses machine learning algorithms to detect patterns and behaviors that deviate from the norm. This feature can be configured to look for a wide range of unusual activities, including loitering, trespassing, or unexpected movement. When an unusual activity is detected, an alert is triggered, or a notification is displayed.

Focus of Attention Interface - Avigilon Enterprise Edition

Avigilon's Focus of Attention (FoA) interface feature helps users quickly and easily identify and focus on the most relevant events within a video surveillance system. The FoA interface allows users to select a specific area, such as a door or cash register. The system will then automatically highlight the area within the video feed and provide important updates about the area--such as the number of people or the activity level.

License Plate Recognition - Avigilon Enterprise Edition

Avigilon's license-plate recognition (LPR) feature supports security at parking garages, toll roads, and other areas where vehicles need to be identified and tracked. It uses advanced video analytics to extract license digits that can then be compared to license plates in a database.

Avigilon Control Center Editions

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Avigilon offers the following packages for video management systems.




Industries That Use Avigilon

Some industries that commonly use ACC include:

How to Get Started With Avigilon Video Management System

Consider the size and complexity of your video security system to determine the best ACC edition to be used under license for your video management needs. After that, select an Avigilon-approved installer like Mammoth Security with the knowledge and expertise to integrate and install Avigilon software on configured devices.

If you live in or around Connecticut, Mammoth Security is a smart choice. But if you're in another part of the country, check out the Avigilon Partner Portal to find a team that's able to install Avigilon security cameras, Avigilon access control, and Avigilon VMS.

Installing Avigilion security system

We want you to know that Mammoth Security is among the approved Avigilon video management system vendors. We understand video management technology, the benefits and drawbacks of different VMS systems by many manufacturers, and how to integrate video management systems with alarm systems, encoders, cameras, and other security hardware products.

If you're ready to take the next step toward securing your commercial property or properties, just fill out the simple form below to set up a free, zero-obligation site consultation. You’ll meet a friendly member of our team as we discuss your security concerns, assess your security system health and video management needs, and begin to develop a security system that’s expertly tailored to your unique needs. From alarms and access control to cameras and cabling, we’d love to share our expertise and workmanship with you.

Avigilon Video Management System FAQs

Is Avigilon a Chinese company?

Avigilon is not a Chinese company.

It was founded in Canada in 2004 by Alexander Fernandes, and it was acquired by Motorola Solutions in 2018. Avigilon products are manufactured in Canada and the U.S. and are designed by American and Canadian teams.

How much is Avigilon software?

Avigilon software licenses range from $10 to $1,000 per month.

What is Avigilon CCTV?

Avigilon CCTV is video surveillance using Avigilon security products like Avigilon cameras and Avigilon video management software.

Do Avigilon cameras have audio?

Many Avigilon cameras have a two-way audio feature to allow both prerecorded deterrence messages and live two-way communication.

Is Avigilon web-based?

Avigilon products can all be used as web-based applications. Web-based applications are software systems that allow users to interact remotely with security systems like those produced by Avigilon.

Does Hikvision work on Avigilon?

Hikvision works on Avigilon but without advanced features.

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