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ExacqVision Video Management System Overview

ExacqVision live camera feed

ExacqVision's video management system (VMS) is a powerful software platform used to manage and monitor video surveillance cameras, organize and review video footage from analog and IP cameras alike, and control multiple security systems on a single interface.

ExacqVision software stands out for providing redundancy and failover tools to maximize reliability, as well as tools to organize, analyze, and search through recorded video footage for specific people and events.

What is a Video Management System?

A video management system (VMS) is a software platform that is used to manage and display information from video surveillance cameras and other security and surveillance equipment. A VMS allows users to view live video feeds, record video footage, and generate alerts in the event of suspicious activity.

How Does exacqVision Work?

ExacqVision VMS includes a central system server that connects with free Windows, Linux, and OSX client software so that multiple users can simultaneously access the system from web browsers and other devices.

The exacqVision server can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud as a cloud-based video management system and can be configured to support a wide range of cameras and third-party applications.

To access real-time monitoring, exacqVision client software is used to connect to the exacqVision server. Once connected, users can display live video feeds from one or more cameras on their screen, either in a single window or in a tiled layout.

ExacqVision VMS can be accessed remotely using a web browser or a dedicated client application.

ExacqVision Video Management System Features

Integrates IP Cameras and Analog Cameras

security camera integration

ExacqVision's hybrid servers integrate analog cameras and IP camera models so that users can reduce expenses by continuing to use older cameras that are already in their security deployment. ExacqVision's hybrid server allows up to 192 cameras per server.

Real-time Monitoring

ExacqVision VMS allows users to view live and recorded video and audio streams from their security cameras in real time.

Two-way Audio

ExacqVision video management systems include support for two-way audio, which allows users to communicate easily with people or places through their connected cameras.

Easy-to-Use Camera Management Tools

ExacqVision includes tools for easily managing and configuring cameras. For example, users can use their exacqVision surveillance keyboard to adjust camera settings, such as resolution and frame rate, and can pan, tilt, and zoom some IP camera models to get a better view of an area.

Failover Support

ExacqVision offers many VMS software license packages to meet the video management needs of small and enterprise-level installations alike, but special features like redundant storage and failover support stand out and make exacqVision the best video management system for any application where reliability is essential and access to video footage must never be interrupted.

Scalable and Designed for Easy Integration

With multiple license options, exacqVision VMS can serve both small installations and enterprise-level deployments. The preexisting license options also make exacqVision software easy to upgrade.

Every exacqVision server includes cross-platform server and client software for easy integrations with other ONVIF-compliant security devices, thereby allowing users to view and manage thousands of IP cameras and other security products from a wide range of different manufacturers.

Data Integration From Access Control Systems

access control system integration

ExacqVision VMS is more than just a video surveillance solution. ExacqVision integrates with other security systems, such as access control and motion and alarm systems.

For example, users can view footage of a person entering or exiting a building at an access control point by linking the VMS to their access control system.

View From Mobile Apps

ExacqVision VMS systems offer a range of viewing and playback options, including tools for Windows, Linux, and mobile clients. By allowing remote access to exacqVision servers on smartphones, the free Exacq mobile app helps users monitor and manage their security systems from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Event Management and AI

In addition to basic IP video management system capabilities, exacqVision VMS includes AI-based features to support event management, automate tasks, generate reports, and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. ExacqVision even lets users export footage in open-standard video formats for use in reports or to share with others.

ExacqVision VMS also provides advanced video analytics to automatically detect and alert security directly to specific activities or events within the video footage.

ExacqVision Packages

All exacqVision license packages include customizable video walls, exacqReplay for instant replay of video and audio events, EasyConnect for automatic inclusion of associated IP camera models, search tools like Timeline Search to seamlessly find footage across multiple cameras, and all packages capture high-quality video with minimal RAM and CPU requirements.

ExacqVision Start

ExacqVision Professional

ExacqVision Enterprise

Industries That Use exacqVision

ExacqVision VMS software is used in a variety of industries for video surveillance management and other security applications. Industries that most use exacqVision include retail, financial services, transportation hubs, cities, and the public sector generally.

How to Get Started Using exacqVision Video Management System

It's necessary to work with a security system installer who has been certified to furnish and integrate exacqVision video management software. Users should always check the certifications of a potential integration partner. Our team at Mammoth Security is certified and knowledgeable in all things exacqVision. Once you take the first step suggested by exacqVision by starting with Mammoth as a certified partner, we can do the rest--from the installation of your exacqVision server to exacqVision troubleshooting.

ExacqVision and Mammoth Security

Mammoth Security installing exacqVision

Thanks for reading about exacqVision on our website. We want you to know that you can trust our team at Mammoth Security to develop and install the right security solutions to protect your commercial property or properties. From cameras and cabling to video management software and access control, we take pride in what we do, and we’d love to share our expertise and workmanship with you.

If you're ready to take the next step toward finding the right VMS software to secure your property, just fill out the simple form below to set up a free, zero-obligation site consultation. You’ll meet a friendly member of our team as we assess your video storage and VMS software needs, discuss your security concerns, and begin to develop a security plan that’s expertly tailored to your site’s unique layout and requirements.

ExacqVision Video Management System FAQs

What is exacqVision used for?

ExacqVision VMS is useful for a wide range of applications, including physical security, surveillance, and traffic monitoring. ExacqVision video management system software is used to manage and monitor surveillance video, identify and respond to potential security threats, and manage other security systems.

Who owns exacqVision?

ExacqVision is part of the security system unit of Tyco, which is a leading fire protection and security company.

Where is exacqVision made?

ExacqVision products are made in the United States and Europe, and they're sold and distributed around the world. Exacq Technologies is headquartered in Fishers, Indiana.

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