Visitor Management System

The top two priorities of a visitor management system are to provide guests with seamless visitor experiences from check-in to check-out and businesses with efficient, well-documented, and safe visitor management protocols.

What Is a Visitor Management System and What Does It Do?

A visitor management system is a software platform that tracks and manages the flow of visitors in a facility. Electronic visitor management systems register visitors, verify their identities, issue temporary ID badges, and record visitor movements.

The best visitor management systems provide guests with a streamlined check-in process via electronic registration, automated on-site check-in tools, automated printing of ID badges or distribution of digital passes, and an organized notification system so that the right employees can greet the right guests at a moment's notice.

Electronic visitor management systems can be used to manage multiple locations, analyze visitor trends, and even request that visitors sign documents like liability waivers and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). The best visitor management system platforms also use open-source software to integrate with access control systems for a comprehensive solution that grants guests access to approved areas within facilities.

Benefits of Visitor Management Systems

Efficient and Accessible Check-in Process

Electronic registration can save time and improve the efficiency of the check-in process, removing the need to fill out on-site paperwork and reducing reception area wait times.

Protect Employees and Secure Offices

Visitor management systems help to screen visitors and improve overall security by ensuring that only authorized visitors are granted access.

visitor check for office security

Reduce Costs

Staff productivity is dramatically improved by instating electronic visitor management systems. Receptionists and other front desk staff are able to focus on higher-level duties when guests are able to complete sign-in procedures on their own.

Visitor Log Accuracy and Improved Visitor Tracking

Visitor management systems provide employees with a complete history of visitor activity, including the date and time of arrival, the purpose of the visit, and the duration of the stay.

Host Visitors Seamlessly

These systems reduce visitor waiting times by providing host staff with notifications when visitors arrive. They also help staff to greet visitors by knowing useful visitor information, like their name and the purpose of their visit.

Customizable Check-in for Visitors

Visitor management software can be customized for different types of visits. And different protocols can be configured for group check-ins, individual check-ins, and contactless check-ins.

Contactless Check-in

At Mammoth Security, we recommend visitor management systems that can be used for contactless check-in. By reducing physical contact, contactless check-ins help to prevent infections from spreading. They also reduce the amount of time spent on check-ins to provide a more convenient visitor experience.

Check-in for Large Groups

Group check-in processes usually involve pre-registration by a designated group leader who registers an entire party, the issuance of digital passes for either individuals or the entire group, and contactless check-in by the assigned leader.

Sign Visitor Agreements

Seamless visitor check-ins are enabled by visitor management systems that provide all documents that must be signed before visitor access is granted. Liability waivers, nondisclosure agreements, and more can be completed with a complete visitor management system.

Screening Questions

Visitor management systems with screening questions allow organizations to pre-screen visitors prior to their arrival. Screening questions gather information about a visitor's purpose and any potential health or security risks they may pose.

Parking Information and Other Reminders

The best visitor management software systems provide helpful reminders to visitors before they arrive, including parking instructions and any items they should bring.

Improve the visitor experience and keep your workplace secure with visitor management.

Temporary Visitor or Print Badges

Visitor management systems create temporary ID badges that are digital, smart badges that use RFID or NFC technology for secure and automated access control, or print traditional badges if connected to a badge printer. The goal is to provide a secure, easy-to-use, and durable solution for visitors to access the areas they need to visit.

Safety Compliance Requirements

Some organizations are required by law to keep records of visitors, and electronic visitor management systems help to meet these requirements.

Improved Emergency Management

The best visitor management system platforms provide real-time information on the location and status of visitors, which can be crucial for emergency management.

Blacklists/Watchlists and Security Staff Alerts

Unwanted visitors can be screened with visitor management software by assigning watch lists and ban lists to the system. These lists can include individuals who are suspected of criminal activities or pose a security risk. Lists can also be made for special types of visitors, such as job candidates.

Analyze Visitor Trends

Visitor management systems collect valuable data on visitor activity, which can be analyzed for better overall operations and visitor management.

Improved brand image

A professional and efficient visitor management system can improve an organization's brand image by enhancing the experience of guests.

Features to Look for When Choosing the Best Visitor Management System

Open Source Software

The best visitor management systems use open-source software for easy integrations with products from a wide range of manufacturers.

Open-source visitor management systems are highly customizable and result in improved flexibility and greater features for a comprehensive visitor management solution.

Access Control Integrations

Most access control systems do not include visitor management software as a standard feature.

Access control systems are typically designed to manage and secure the entry of authorized personnel into a building or secure area. Visitor management is a separate process that involves registering, tracking, and managing the flow of visitors on a property. Although the two processes are related, they often require different software solutions to meet their specific needs.

Fortunately, open-source access control systems integrate with open-source visitor management software.

When a visitor management system is integrated with access control, the visitor check-in process becomes even more streamlined and secure because access control systems grant or deny visitors access to specific areas by cross-checking presented IDs with pre-defined rules.

Maintain physical security control with visitor screening.

Other Application Integrations

Visitor management systems with other application integrations can streamline administrative tasks and provide valuable information to security personnel and employees, helping to improve site security and the overall visitor experience.

Examples of application integrations include:

Multiple vs Single Location

Single-location visitor management systems are suited for small- to medium-sized businesses with one single physical location.

Multiple location visitor management systems, on the other hand, are designed for organizations that have visitors at multiple physical locations. These systems provide a centralized platform to manage visitors across all sites and usually enable real-time visitor data access, centralized reporting, and remote check-ins.

Cloud-Based VMS vs Basic VMS

Basic visitor management systems are often installed locally on an on-site computer or server, and they include core features like check-in and check-out.

Cloud-based systems, on the other hand, provide a more flexible, scalable, and feature-rich visitor management solution.

Cloud-based systems are accessed over the internet. They let visitors pre-register using smartphones or web browsers, and they provide administrators with access to real-time data, customizable workflow tools, and integrations with a range of access control systems and software applications.

Cloud-based systems are recommended for organizations with complex visitor management needs or more than one physical location.

Approval Workflows

Visitor management systems that enable approval workflows to ensure that all required approvals are obtained and documented.

Approval workflows are automated processes that manage the routing and approval of electronic documents, requests, or tasks for review and approval. They can be customized to match the specific needs of an organization and can include multiple levels of approval, automatic notifications, and rules for handling exceptions.

Approval workflows are often used in industries such as finance, healthcare, and government to streamline processes, improve compliance, and reduce manual errors.

Photo Capture

The process of visitor management photo capture typically involves a digital camera that has been integrated with the visitor management system. When a visitor checks in, the system will prompt them to have their photo taken, and the resulting image will be stored in the visitor's record. This image can then be used for visitor tracking and reporting, as well as for generating temporary badges or access control cards.

Visitor Management Systems With Mammoth Security

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Overall, a visitor management system enhances secure workplaces with a cost-effective and flexible solution for visitor management that doesn't sacrifice security, efficiency, compliance with regulations, or the experience of guests.


The two greatest benefits of a visitor management system are a seamless experience for guests during registration and check-in and overall improved office security. Other benefits of visitor management systems are instant notifications for staff upon guest arrivals, easy maintenance of visitor records, the ability to track visitors while they are on-site, and overall improved office security.


The two types of visitor management systems are physical visitor management systems and digital visitor management software systems. Physical management systems use manual processes such as sign-in sheets and ID checks to manage visitor entry and exit. Digital visitor management systems use technologies such as remote pre-registrations and electronic check-ins to streamline the visitor management process and enhance security.


The most important features to look for in a visitor management system are open-source software for easy integrations, Internet protocols for remote registration and convenient system management, automated badge-making capabilities, tools for instant notifications to relevant personnel upon visitor arrivals, and the ability to electronically let visitors sign forms.


A visitor management system can be improved by switching from a paper logbook and sign-in process to a significantly more reliable and efficient electronic visitor management system.

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