The Best Location for Security Cameras in the Office

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With proper placement, you can ensure exceptional protection of both your employees and your business with a minimal investment in hardware.

Whether you’re in need of cameras to monitor employees and establish accountability or you want the peace of mind offered by comprehensive video coverage of your property and employees, proper placement of your cameras is essential. Consider viewing our recent examples of security cameras installation in Greenwich, CT.

Benefits of optimal camera placement are two-fold:

  1. Using the best location for security cameras in the office ensures full coverage of events should a crime or incident occur.
  2. Through proper placement, you can minimize the number of cameras required while also improving overall video quality.

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider these 6 popular locations:

1. Parking Lots

Using PTZ cameras, monitoring open areas such as parking lots is simple. Being able to adjust the field of view helps to maximize situational awareness should an event occur. You can also use these cameras in conjunction with license plate recognition to secure and monitor access to your business or properties.

2. Loading Docks

Using floodlight cameras, you can easily secure what is often one of the busiest entries of a business. This will improve the safety of works while loading or unloading as well as providing legal protection should an employee claim they were injured while working the loading area.

3. Break Rooms and Employee Lounges

Break rooms are often the first and last place an employee visits on their shift. These areas are also common places for workplace disagreements or harassment. Using a discrete option—such as a clock camera or pinhole camera—provides evidence should you need it while not upsetting employees.

4. Office Supply Rooms

Even small items—such as pens or paper—can add up when you look at annual losses. As businesses grow, this issue compounds further. 360-degree overhead cameras are great for monitoring the use and security of expensive equipment and ensuring that supplies stay in the office.

5. Reception Desks

As a high-traffic area of many businesses, installing a camera in your reception area ensures high-quality footage of virtually anyone visiting your business. If you’re worried about customers or employees noticing your cameras, installing a covert option can still yield convictable evidence.

6. Dumpsters

Often secluded and away from the main building, dumpster areas are often overlooked when designing a surveillance system. These same traits make them ideal locations for employees stealing products or criminals looking for victims. As these areas are often out of sight and hearing range of buildings, using a camera capable of recording audio can provide additional evidence when no one is around to witness an act.

3 Tips for Effective Camera Placement

Failure to properly position your cameras might cost you valuable evidence and drive up security monitoring costs. These tips will ensure the best video possible.

  1. Avoid excessive back-lighting. In reception areas or other place with multiple windows, cameras might have difficulty adjusting to intense back-lighting. By aiming cameras into the room, you can capture more detail and increase the chances of identification.
  2. Choose the right camera for the location. While a 360-degree camera might be great for a small room like an office, they don’t work as well for capturing fine detail in larger areas. Always match lenses and features to the area you wish to monitor.
  3. Keep lighting consistent when possible. From loss of focus to reduced depth of field, changes in lighting can drastically alter the quality of video captured by your security cameras. By keeping lighting consistent, you can count on your security hardware to provide great footage should an event occur.

As a leader in security cameras and surveillance technology, Mammoth Security offers best-in-class hardware and years of experience designing and installing security solutions in the Hartford region. Design and installation takes as little as two weeks! Protect your business and your investment by calling today to start designing your new surveillance system.

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