Office Security Systems

By using a combination of video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection systems for office security, businesses can significantly reduce security threats to protect their assets and employees better.

Security Solutions for Offices

High-Def and High-Res Digital Cameras

Use high-definition and high-resolution digital cameras to improve your office security dramatically. Unlike standard analog cameras, HD and High-Res cameras collect crystal-clear footage with useful details in the event of a security breach. Your office can leave behind the days of grainy, mostly unhelpful surveillance footage.

IP Cameras

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras allow you and your staff to monitor your office from anywhere through an Internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer. They eliminate the need for on-site surveillance rooms.

Office security systems for small business security and professional monitoring.

Plus, they make it possible to contract with remote monitoring centers for 24/7 monitoring.

Motion Sensors for Office Security

Whether you're concerned about after-hours break-ins or employee theft, motion sensors can help. They detect movement in designated areas and send alerts when potential security breaches are detected.

Access Control for Office Security

Access control systems allow administrators to control who can access office buildings and rooms, limiting entry to authorized personnel.

These systems also provide audit trails by tracking entry and exit times and the credentials used for access. This information is beneficial in the event of a security breach.

Artificial Intelligence Software and Systems

Artificial intelligence software is increasingly common in the world of office security. Many AI systems can detect unusual behavior patterns and recognize faces, license plates, and more to trigger alerts when security threats are detected.

Business security systems that utilize AI foresight can help to prevent security breaches before they occur, provide valuable insights into office security needs, and make searching through past footage and data for specific incidents or attributes quick and easy.

Professional Monitoring Centers

With round-the-clock monitoring, offices can be confident that their property is being watched at all hours and that trained professionals will quickly address any issues.

Remote monitoring centers are staffed by trained security experts who view and manage security systems from a remote location. They're able to do this by using live streams and other data transmitted over the Internet.

Remote monitoring centers also offer a high level of flexibility, including the ability to monitor multiple locations at once, integrate with other security systems, and provide real-time alerts and notifications of security incidents.

Professional Monitoring also helps offices to save on costs like on-site guards.

How To Choose the Best Business Security Systems for Office Security

Cameras to Use and Where to Place Them

When selecting a security camera for your office, consider factors such as image quality, viewing angle, and motion detection capabilities. A variety of camera types with different attributes should be placed based on their strengths to provide optimal coverage.

Common areas to monitor include entryways, exits, parking lots, and areas where high-value assets are stored.

Access Control Panel and Credentials

When selecting an access control system for secure entry management and audit trails, consider factors such as the type of credentials you want to use (e.g., key fobs, access cards, biometric scans) and the ease of use for your employees.

Office security systems installed for access control in office.

The knowledgeable security system experts at Mammoth Security can help you choose a system that's perfect for your office's unique needs.


Your office security devices should be able to integrate with other systems and software you use. Security cameras, video management software, alarms, and access control can all be integrated for a more seamless operation and a more comprehensive view of your office's security posture.

Scalability and Flexibility

When selecting a security system, consider scalability and flexibility. You want a system that can grow with your business and adapt to changing security needs.

Ease of Use

Complicated systems can lead to confusion and mistakes, which can compromise your office's security. The knowledgeable experts at Mammoth Security can help you to choose systems and devices that are easy to use.

We even provide complimentary training to ensure that system administrators will be able to use the systems we install effectively.

Benefits of an Integrated Business Security System

An integrated business security system provides centralized management, data sharing between devices, enhanced situational awareness, and improved response times, all of which enhance overall security.

Centralized Management

With an integrated system, you can manage all aspects of your security system from a single platform. This includes managing access control, surveillance cameras, alarms, and other security devices.

Centralized management also allows for more efficient operations and faster response times in the event of a security breach.

Data Sharing

An integrated security system allows for data sharing between devices. For example, business surveillance cameras can provide data to access control systems, allowing for video evidence tracking of entries and exits.

Data sharing also reduces false alarms from fire and intrusion sensors.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

By integrating multiple security devices and systems, you can gain a more comprehensive view of your business's security. This allows you to identify potential security threats before they become a problem and take action to prevent them.

Improved Response Times

With all security devices and systems integrated, alerts and notifications can be sent directly to appropriate personnel, allowing for a more rapid response.

Professional Installations for Office Security Systems


Professional security system installers have the expertise needed to build reliable and effective security solutions. They're familiar with the latest technology and know how to integrate different security components to create a comprehensive security solution tailor-made for your office.

Large business security and small business security systems use access control for business security.

Perhaps most importantly, professional installers provide guidance on which systems to install and how to optimize them for your needs.


Professional security system installers have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding security systems and can help ensure that all systems installed comply with these regulations. This can help avoid potential legal issues and ensure the safety of your employees and assets.


Professionally installed office security systems are more reliable than DIY systems because professional installers have the knowledge and experience needed to install and customize security systems correctly and to ensure that all components work together seamlessly.


Another benefit of professional security system installation is the ongoing support provided by local installers. Having a local installer provides peace of mind that you can get help quickly if a problem arises.

Offices and Mammoth Security

For business security systems to secure your office, contact Mammoth Security.

The security system installers on our team at Mammoth Security are up-t0-date on the most cutting-edge security tools for offices. We're skilled at solving a wide range of security issues and are experts at creating customized solutions, integrating security systems, complying with local regulations, and providing training and ongoing support.

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IP Cameras

Wireless cameras are not reliable enough for commercial use yet. Instead, we use purpose-built antennae to connect hardwired cameras on light poles and buildings.


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4k or 8MP cameras represent the best value at the moment. Depending on your situation, a 30+ megapixel camera can be installed allowing you to read a seat number from the opposite end of a football field.

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