School Security Systems

As school shootings and other threats become increasingly common, school administrators and security teams must adopt new measures to improve their overall security posture.

Challenges of School Security

Vandalism, theft, and violent behaviors on school grounds undermine academic performance and overall well-being by creating a sense of insecurity among students, teachers, and staff. School campuses that don't take proactive measures to promote school safety are at risk of both common crimes and catastrophic incidents that may lead to physical injury, mental health problems, and death.


School shootings result in serious physical injuries, loss of life, and emotional harm to students, teachers, staff, and wider communities.

Elementary schools and college campuses alike benefit from school security solutions

School campuses are strongly advised to develop emergency response plans and to invest in a comprehensive security system for monitoring and access control.


Schools are vulnerable to intrusion from thieves, vandals, parents in difficult custody battles, and worse without proper access control measures.


Theft creates a negative atmosphere that harms morale and impacts student learning and development.

Educational activities are disrupted when schools are forced to investigate incidents and operate without the necessary equipment.

Theft also takes a significant toll on school budgets, especially when high-value equipment, like computers and lab supplies, must be replaced.


Vandalism is a long-standing problem faced by schools. Broken windows, damaged doors, graffiti, and other forms of vandalism create demoralizing and often unsafe conditions.

Vandalism also results in high repair and replacement costs for schools, which can divert resources away from important educational initiatives.

School security measures to prevent and address vandalism include installing school security cameras for improved video surveillance and installing electronic access control door locks to log site entries and prevent unauthorized access.

How to Improve School Safety and Security

A secure school environment is a safe haven for learning and growth, and valuable tools are available to enhance security on school campuses.

School security solutions like fire alarms and electronic door locks keep schools safe

School administrators at sprawling college campuses and small elementary school grounds alike can protect students and staff with high-quality alarm, access control, and monitoring systems.

Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

School security cameras promote a safe and secure environment by deterring criminal activities, capturing evidence of bad behavior, and providing law enforcement and security staff with comprehensive situational awareness during emergency situations.

What's more, recent strides in artificial intelligence have made school security cameras more useful than ever.

Many of today's IP security cameras feature facial recognition, unwanted behavior detection, and other cutting-edge capabilities. AI-supported video analytics systems also help school administrators quickly find past footage with smart filters and alert security officers to potential dangers before they become catastrophic.

Access Control and Visitor Management

Without an access control system, anyone can enter a school's premises, including those who would pose a threat to students and staff.

Electronic access control solutions provide excellent security and visitor management. They use electronic locks and door readers to require ID badge authentication before entry is allowed, and they log all entries and entry attempts.

By tracking and recording visitors, schools are able to monitor guests while they are on the premises. During emergencies and investigations, these records are especially useful.

Intrusion and Theft Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarms are programmed to activate in response to specific security events, such as the breaking of a window or the forced opening of a door.

By alerting school personnel and law enforcement to intruders right away, school alarm systems enable timely responses when threats are detected.

Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are designed to protect students and staff during fires. They detect smoke and heat to provide an early warning of fire and reduce the risk of injury and death by supporting prompt evacuations.

Fire alarms protect educational facilities worldwide

Smoke detectors and fire alarm systems are required by law and must be tested regularly to ensure proper functioning.

Schools should educate students, teachers, and staff on fire safety procedures, including evacuation protocols.

Integrated Security System Installation

Integrated security refers to linking multiple school security measures—such as intrusion alarms, surveillance cameras, and access control systems—into one centralized system.

Real-time footage, surveillance records, electronic access control locks, visitor logs, and alarms are much more effective when their data is combined on an integrated security system interface. For example, an activated fire alarm that is part of an integrated system will automatically provide footage from security cameras at the location where the alarm initiated. With integrations, security teams gain the situational awareness to either deactivate false alarms or begin evacuation procedures.

Benefits of an Integrated School Security System

Increased Efficiency

Integrated security systems reduce the need for manual interventions and improve overall security management.

Enhanced Response Times

Integrated security systems work together to quickly and effectively respond to security incidents.

Better Data Management

A centralized database for storing and managing security information dramatically improves data management accuracy and efficiency.


New security measures can be added over time as school security needs change.

Peace of Mind

An integrated security system provides peace of mind to parents, students, teachers, staff, and the wider community.

How to Choose the Best Security System for Your School

Dome surveillance cameras protect school buildings

When choosing the best security system for your school, consider factors like the size of your school and the details of your campus layout. A knowledgeable security expert should provide guidance to help you choose and customize the best security solutions for your school.

Needs and Requirements

Determine the specific security needs of your school, including what areas need to be monitored and the school's overall risk assessment.


Choose a scalable security system that can be modified or upgraded over time as the needs of your school change.

Ease of Use

Choose a school security system with an easy-to-use interface that won't require extensive security training for school administrators and security officers.


Be sure to choose open-source hardware and software systems to be able to integrate devices flexibly by different manufacturers.

Reliability and Durability

Choose a security system that is reliable and durable enough to be trusted during life-threatening emergencies.

Legal Requirements

Ensure that your school's security system complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including local and national fire safety codes and data protection laws.

School Security System FAQs

What should schools do to overcome potential security problems?

Schools should overcome potential security problems with physical security measures like access control systems and monitoring tools like video surveillance systems.

You should also have a comprehensive school security plan that outlines emergency security measures.

Proper fire-safety measures include setting aside time for students and staff to practice evacuation protocols and the regular testing of fire alarms.

Should schools have security devices and what types?

Schools should have security devices for video surveillance, access control, and fire detection to protect students and staff.

How do school safety and security issues affect school students?

School safety and security issues impact the ability of students to focus and learn while at school. When students and their families don't consider schools to be safe places, school attendance and academic performance are negatively impacted.

What's more, the trauma from security incidents can have long-term effects on students, including anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

What are the different types of school security camera systems?

The two main types of security camera systems used by schools are analog cameras and IP cameras.

Analog cameras are usually less expensive than IP cameras, but their video quality is often much lower. IP cameras provide high-resolution video footage and use the Internet to allow remote viewing and management.

Why do schools need security cameras and video surveillance systems?

Security cameras and video surveillance systems monitor for threats, aid in investigations, and deter theft, vandalism, and violence at schools.

What percentage of schools use security cameras?

According to the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), 91% of schools report using security cameras.

What percentage of schools have security staff and armed officers present in their buildings?

Also according to the IES, 65% of schools report having at least one security staff member or armed officer on-site at least one day a week.

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