Privacy Policy

The Policy aims to serve as a guide in your decision-making process while using our site and reviewing our services. This explains our system of collecting, utilizing and protecting the personal information you impart with when you use our site. This statement will constantly be kept abreast of the latest technologies and business procedures. Most importantly, we aim to update the policy to suit the requirements of our clients.

What are the types of data we gather?

Two kinds of information are collected when you visit our website. The first type is labeled as personal information. This comprises details you voluntarily and intentionally reveal to us. Every user of our website has a unique set of personal information.

The second type is the website use information. Data classified under this category are collected cumulatively from your use of the site along with the other customers.

What do we do with your personal information? The same security measures are implemented to the personal data you share with us electronically and those we receive via mail or telephone. Upon receipt of your personal information, we forward these details to our partners. We may also keep your personal information should you opt to receive offers or updates from us through your email address. Your record with us would include the data you provided and our correspondence with you during your use of the site.

What is website information? We employ a widely applied technology, called “cookies” (check the subsection labeled “What Are Cookies?” below), and web server logs to gather relevant data on how users utilize the site. This is the same practice applied to other commercial websites today.

The information we gather include the frequency the pages were viewed, the date and time of users’ visits to our site and the amount of time people spent checking our services. The cookies and web server logs also show us the website visited before and after the users checked our site. The data we collect are based on combined results. These do not single out a specific person’s use of our site.

How are These Information Relevant to Us?

Generally, the personal information you provide help direct our business endeavors. These also guide us in handling customer service needs and give us an idea of the kinds of products and services our clients and potential consumers might be interested in avail in the future.

From time to time, we utilize these details to reach out to you regarding relevant changes to our website. We may also use these to inform you of our latest services and special offers. Our goal is to provide you information only about products and services suitable to your preferences.

In terms of safeguarding your privacy, we strictly adhere to our traditional corporate standards to ensure that your personal data are well protected with us. You may also easily stop receiving our updates and offers by simply notifying us during our annual survey.

What Are Cookies?

Web servers identify the computer used to log on a website by using a web browser software feature called “cookies.” A user’s web browser stores data, otherwise known as cookies, on the hard drive. Since the cookies have the information from the user’s previous computer activities, it can do two important things. One is to make things easier and simpler for the user to use the same websites in the future. The other is to streamline the interactions of the user to related web pages. In doing so, the cookies allow the user to switch from one website to another. Commercial transactions done online also become more convenient and personalized with this feature.

How Do We Use Cookies?

The information we collect from software tools for website browsers, such as web server logs and cookies, help us to continuously develop and improve our website to better suit our customers’ demands. By learning of our target market’s online activities, we can adjust our website according to their needs and specifications.

Using cookies allow us to gather relevant data to boost our business and technical strategies. We utilize the information from the cookies to determine the activities of our customers as they visit one page to another. Meanwhile, we learn about the number of visitors we get on our website by using the web server logs. These data also guide us in determining the visitor capacity of our site.

The information we gather from these technologies do not single you out. While these data are gathered collectively, the analysis of these information allow us to provide you with online banner ads or offers that would most appeal to your needs.

How Secured Are Your Personal Information With Us?

A secure licensed server software encrypts the personal information you send before we collect it on our website. The data you input are scrambled and will only get decrypted when these get to our site. However, this measure is limited to the confidential information you provide.

The same security measure may not be expected in other emails unless you receive a notification form us that we implemented systems to protect the information you transmit. Hence, we strongly advise you to not send us private information, like your Social Security details, using an unsecured email.

How Are Your Information Protected?

Information Security. An encryption/security software is used to protect the disclosure of the confidential data we gather. This measure safeguards the information from unlawful breach or release of the data. Inadvertent loss, modification or damage are also covered by the security measure.

Assessment of Information Safety Practices. Our procedures and systems are periodically evaluated to ensure their conformity with the business guidelines and practices implemented to protect the safety of our information.

Employee Admission, Preparation, and Expectations. Safeguarding customer information is at the core of our corporate principles and practices. As a general rule, we limit employee access to the personal information gathered from our clients. Only authorized persons are granted access to the confidential information.

Your Consent

Your use of our website is tantamount to granting us the consent to collect and utilize your personal information as explained in this Privacy Policy. Modifications or updates to these guidelines will be posted on our website to keep users aware of the kinds of information we gather, the ways by which we intend to utilize the data, and the circumstances when we may release the information.