Commercial Access Control Systems

Commercial Access Control Systems

Imagine a world where every entry and exit is managed by a smart security system that knows who should be where and when.

Mammoth Security brings that vision to life.

We specialize in cutting-edge access control systems and customizations for commercial buildings and sites of all sizes and complexities—including arenas, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, sites with multiple buildings, and commercial office towers.

The access control systems we install are more than just barriers; they're powerful security and time-saving tools that intelligently collect data and unlock doors for authorized users.

Credential Types

Credential Types

Commercial door entry systems manage access control by regulating who can and cannot enter particular spaces.

  • Electronic door and gate locks require authorized credentials before they grant access.
  • Access control systems support security protocols and regulatory compliance by automatically logging entry and exit data, including timestamps and IDs.
  • Administrators can instantly modify access privileges via remotely accessible interfaces.
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Gate Access Control

Gate Access Control

Access control gates manage entries to parking lots, gated communities, corporate campuses, and other outdoor areas.

  • Automated logging tracks every vehicle or person that enters or exits.
  • Long-range gate readers grant touchless access. They read credentials without requiring key card swipes or keypad inputs to reduce bottlenecks at busy entry points.
  • Integrate gate access control systems with two-way voice and video intercoms and license plate reading cameras for seamless visitor identification.
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Wireless Electronic Door Locks

Wireless Electronic Door Locks

Wireless access control systems offer a secure and flexible solution for controlling entrances without physical cabling requirements.

  • You can easily expand wireless systems as your business grows or needs change—no new wiring or structural changes are necessary.
  • Wire-free, battery-operated security systems remain operational even during power outages.
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Cloud Access Control System

Cloud Access Control System

Cloud access control systems harness the power of the Internet to reduce IT infrastructure and maintenance costs.

  • No on-site software or hardware is required. Instead, software is stored off-site on remote servers (known as "the cloud").
  • Built-in redundancies protect video data from loss, and software security patches update automatically.
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Visitor Management System (Intercom)

Visitor Management System (Intercom)

Integrate access control with systems for visitor management to track visitor access and create a secure and professional way to greet guests and authenticate their IDs.

  • Streamline visitor check-ins to make a great first impression.
  • Grant temporary or scheduled access to visitors.
  • Maintain records and track visitor movement and activity.
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Mammoth Security works with the best manufacturers of IP-based systems for access control.

Avigilon logo

Avigilon: Avigilon is the industry leader in advanced, AI-based security cameras and access control solutions.

DMP (Digital Monitoring Products): Advanced encryption standards protect all data and communications from unauthorized access.

ICT Logo

ICT (Integrated Control Technology): ICT is well known for sleek product designs, cutting-edge AI-based functionalities, seamless integration capabilities with third-party products, and unified platforms for access control, alarms, and building management systems.

Brivo: If you're looking for the freedom to mix and match systems and components from different manufacturers, Brivo may be your best option for building access control.

PDQ: A family-owned American company, PDQ specializes in commercial-grade locks and advanced access control devices. Their products are most suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Honeywell Logo

Honeywell: While most Honeywell systems are designed for home security, the esteemed company also makes products for commercial-grade traditional access control systems

Salto: Salto's cloud-based access control systems leverage wireless technology to eliminate the need for extensive wiring. Salto systems are the standard for hotel security and guest management.

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Benefits of Mammoth Security Access Control

Avigilon two-way voice and video intercom

Accurate ID Verification: Access control systems installed by Mammoth Security require single-credential or multi-credential identification before beginning the site authorization process.

Enhanced Data Encryption: Our access control systems provide enhanced data encryption to reduce risks like credential cloning.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with administrators and end-users in mind, our access control interfaces are intuitive and easy to use.

Remote Access Control: Remote management capabilities enable administrators to manage and see multiple credentials and adjust access permissions from anywhere.

Access control doors at medical facility

Mobile ID: Our access control systems empower credential and mobile device holders by letting them transmit identifying data to credential readers via wireless mobile signals.

Automated Logging: Our access control systems automate audit trail processes to log crucial details for security and regulatory compliance.

Scalability: Our access control systems can scale from single sites to multiple sites to global networks with multiple locations without major disruptions or expensive upgrades.

Integration Capabilities: Most of our security systems integrate smoothly with existing security frameworks and business systems to create a unified security posture.

Technical Support and Maintenance Services: Mammoth Security provides quality technical support and maintenance services. We even train on-site staff to make the most of any system we install.

Future-Proof Systems: Our access control systems are designed with the future in mind. They're digital and flexible enough to accommodate upcoming technological advancements.

Mammoth Access Control

Mammoth Security Inc

Whether you're looking to update your current security system or install new state-of-the-art security measures, the team at Mammoth Security is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and dedication to meet your physical security needs.

We design and install effective security systems for video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire safety, and access control.

So, whether you have questions or concerns or are ready to take the next step in securing your property, reach out to us today. And be sure to request your 100% free, zero-commitment site survey and consultation with a security system designer from our team.




It's a security solution that leverages smart locks and access doors to manage who can gain access to facilities and to monitor that access. Commercial systems for access control can range from simple electronic systems to complex networks incorporating biometric verification and cloud-based management.


A door access control system is a security measure that allows or restricts access to a building, room, or other enclosed areas. It typically operates electronically and can be managed centrally, eliminating the need for mechanical keys and enhancing physical security with electronic locks.


A door access control system works by verifying the credentials presented by a person wishing to enter a controlled area. If the credentials match an authorized user's data in the system, the user is then granted access. The right access control system will manage access based on specific user permissions, time of day, and other criteria.


You can integrate systems for access control with video surveillance to enhance security measures. This integration allows for real-time visual verification of individuals during access events.


Cloud-based software and mobile credentials for access control have a lower environmental footprint than mechanical and key card systems. They minimize physical waste by eliminating the need for traditional keys and cards, and they reduce energy consumption through efficient software and hardware design.


Keyless entry types are biometrics, such as fingerprint, facial, or iris scans; physical credentials, like key cards or fobs, smart cards, and wearable devices; and mobile access credentials, including mobile access apps, RFID tags, and smartphones transmitting data as Bluetooth or NFC signals.


The best building access control solutions for property managers include systems that offer scalability, remote management, integration with other security systems, and flexible user credential options to accommodate various levels of building security needs.


While mobile devices with access control credentials offer convenience and enhanced security, they are susceptible to hacking. However, using advanced encryption and security protocols significantly reduces this risk.


Cloud-based access control systems are considered safe when they employ strong encryption, reliable security protocols, and regular security updates. Cloud providers typically offer high levels of encryption and redundancy to protect against data loss and unauthorized access

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