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Rave Review from City Hall

Watch this short video to find out what New Britain’s mayor, Erin Stewart, has to say about her city’s experience with Mammoth Security. Not only did our team of designers and installation experts give City Hall a world-class surveillance and access control makeover, we got the job done on time and under budget.

Security Cameras

Mammoth Security is Connecticut’s one-stop shop for commercial-grade security installations and upgrades. Our security cameras are ideal for deterrence, evidence gathering, and property recovery.

  • Our team knows which cameras to use, where to place them, how to configure them, and how to mix and match them for maximum coverage and reliability.
  • We specialize in HD (High Definition) and IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras because they collect clear and actionable evidence.
  • Our IP security cameras connect to the Internet to enable convenient remote monitoring via a web browser or smartphone app.
  • We offer free site surveys and project-cost estimates to make sure our current and future customers have the information they need to make wise and cost-effective security decisions.

Access Control

Automated access control systems by Mammoth Security improve workplace efficiency while preventing unauthorized people from gaining access to restricted areas.

  • In a modern access control system, door readers authenticate smart cards, key fobs, Bluetooth devices, fingerprints, or other objects that contain identity-verifying data. Access control panels then cross-check the identifying data against site authorizations, and they grant or deny access accordingly.
  • The access control systems we install let administrators seamlessly adjust entry privileges through intuitively designed interfaces. You can instantly grant or revoke access rights on a group or individual basis.
  • Our access control systems can automatically maintain entry and exit logs for efficient security breach investigations and compliance with many industry-specific regulations, including those for patient privacy and management of controlled substances.
  • Turbocharged security requires the presentation of smartphone signals (Bluetooth or NFC) or unique biological features (like fingerprints and irises) for multifactor authentication.

Voice & Data Wiring

With structured cabling by the experts at Mammoth Security, all of your telecommunications, security, and building management systems can be supported on a fast, reliable, and secure network.

  • Structured cabling is the long-term, future-proof solution for dependable data transmission between security devices.
  • Structured cabling prevents Internet streaming errors, slow downloads, and dropped conference-call connections.
  • Our structured cabling installations are durable, clearly labeled, and well-organized for easy scalability as your data needs grow.

Burglar Alarm

Our team develops and installs burglar alarm systems suited to projects of all sizes and complexities.

  • We have the experience and know-how to place the right alarm sensors in the right places for early threat detection.
  • Our team can construct a brand-new alarm system for your site, or we can reduce costs by using sensors and other alarm components you may already have.
  • When you purchase a burglar alarm system from Mammoth Security, you’ll receive an Internet-accessible app to view and manage your system remotely at any time.

Fire Alarm

At Mammoth Security, we’re earnest about fire safety because fire is the deadliest intruder of all.

  • Our skilled technicians evaluate fire alarm systems for functionality and proper positioning. We do this to make sure people are safe and that properties are up to code.
  • Our integrated alarm systems save precious time during emergency events, especially when we preprogram them with automated emergency protocols. Whether you need a rapid police dispatch or electronic doors to unlock simultaneously, our integrated and expertly configured alarm systems minimize property losses and save lives.
  • The friendly team at Mammoth Security is ready to hear your ideas, respond to your concerns, and design a fire alarm system that’s expertly tailored to your site’s unique layout and risk assessment.

About Connecticut


Connecticut remains a vibrant hub in the New England region for its commercial and economic landscape. Currently, the manufacturing sector accounts for 10.85% of the state's total output and employs 9.63% of the workforce. In 2021, manufacturing output reached $34.88 billion. The state also demonstrated strong global trade ties, exporting $13.55 billion in manufactured goods in the same year, showcasing the essential role of small businesses, which constitute a significant portion of the state's economic fabric.

The property crime rate is 14.94 incidents per 1,000 residents, with common offenses including burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. Given this, businesses in Connecticut should consider enhancing their security measures. Installing surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, and comprehensive surveillance systems can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of property crime. Effective security measures not only protect assets but also provide a safer environment for employees and customers.

HD Digital Video Cameras

After a crime or security incident—when what you need is clear, detailed footage of events—traditional analog cameras will almost always let you down.

That’s why, at Mammoth Security, we only furnish high-definition digital cameras. With high-definition footage, our customers have the evidence they need to recognize suspects, recover property, and make our community safer for everyone.

Modular Installations

By installing devices that operate on open-source software, our team is able to integrate security systems and products from different manufacturers.

Integrated security systems offer superior reliability when compared to isolated systems because they share and cross-check data between devices. What’s more, security system integration empowers users by placing all integrated management and oversight tools on a single, easy-to-use interface.

Remote Viewing Capabilities

There’s no need to be on-site or in a control room to monitor security systems installed by the Mammoth Security team. We use IP products so that you can check your alarm status, review access control logs, and even view live streams and recorded videos on your browser or mobile device from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Our remote viewing and management tools also streamline emergency responses. With access to relevant surveillance footage during incidents, you can provide eyewitness reports to dispatchers and receive priority responses.

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