Hotel Security System Solutions

From preventing unauthorized access to guest rooms to investigating incidents like theft, hotel operators are expected to maintain secure environments for their guests. It's a big responsibility, but our team at Mammoth Security has the experience and know-how to develop effective hotel security systems that will keep your guests safe and happy.

From surveillance technology to alarm systems and access control, our crew fully understands the most effective security solutions for the hospitality industry.

In fact, our team is one of the few in our region authorized to install and service Salto locks, the most popular lock brand for hotels and resorts. Salto electronic locks are trusted by Hilton, Wynn, Marriot, Omni Hotels, and most other top hotels in the U.S. and worldwide.

Security Solutions for Hotels, Resorts, and the Hospitality Industry

Prevent Unauthorized Visitors With Access Control

Modern access control credentials are perfect for dynamic environments like hotels and resorts, where access privileges to buildings and rooms are continuously changing. Modern access control is ideal for hotels because site privileges can be programmed and adjusted from a centralized location without the need to directly disburse or collect manual keys.

Access control systems work by requiring the presentation of an approved credential, often in the form of an encrypted card, before a door will unlock to allow passage. When a credential is presented at a door reader, the system authenticates the card's data and makes sure it matches the access privileges at the site where it has been presented. If there's a match, an electronic signal is transmitted to cause the appropriate door to unlock.

Most access control credentials are programmed to grant guests universal access to building entrances and amenities while containing unique data for access to individually assigned rooms.

Manage entry to buildings and rooms with security technology services like electronic entrances

Safely Manage Keys and Improve the Guest Experience With Access Control

While physical keys must be collected when guests check out, access control cards can be remotely deactivated—removing the need to chase down visitors or to antagonize them with expensive fees when locks must be rekeyed.

What's more, by empowering administrators to update card privileges remotely, card permissions granted during check-in can be extended or otherwise adjusted without the need for physical contact at a reception desk.

Hotel guests appreciate that managed services, like replacing lost cards and copying cards for guests who need extra keys, present none of the technical issues associated with traditional key management.

Electronic access credentials are also more hygienic than traditional key systems and are easier for guests to carry around.

Improve Operational Efficiency With Access Control

By providing multiple adjustable access privileges to individual guests and staff members, access control cards make management and control of daily operations much easier for hotel operators.

For example, cleaning staff can receive access to rooms on floors they've been assigned during cleaning hours only, while massive keychains are replaced with a single access card.

What's more, instead of requiring staff to unlock doors with burdensome keys continuously, proximity cards can grant instant access to approved locations as staff approach.

For example, the kitchen staff is able to move between storage rooms seamlessly as doors unlock at their approach, and there's no need to turn around and lock doors after entry because controlled doors lock automatically once they've been passed.

Improve Hospitality Security Coverage With Video Surveillance

Discreet dome cameras make security and crime prevention a priority without sacrificing the guest experience.

Video surveillance cameras provide security coverage in areas that aren't easily monitored by staff, such as parking lots, back entrances, and other relatively secluded areas.

Because our team at Mammoth Security installs IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras for hotel and resort security, personnel can be granted real-time remote monitoring abilities on handheld smartphones.

Remote monitoring allows staff to respond to incidents and suspicious activities with up-to-date situational awareness even after they leave a central CCTV room. In fact, IP cameras have made CCTV surveillance rooms antiquated for all but the largest hotels and resorts.

Deter Theft With Video Surveillance

Whether fair or not, theft in hotel lobbies and other publicly accessible areas leaves a negative impression on guests. Online review platforms are full of complaints about personal items that have gone missing on hotel grounds.

The good news is that surveillance cameras installed in public areas, hallways, and entrances deter most bad actors from committing crimes like theft.

The mere presence of video surveillance systems can also relieve the security concerns of guests.

Improve Employee and Guest Safety With Video Analytics

Video analytics is a revolutionary security tool that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to surveillance footage.

Analytics applies artificial intelligence to detect potential security threats in real-time, such as persons loitering in certain areas.

With analytics, security personnel can be alerted to potential threats that they may otherwise fail to notice. And with advanced warning, they are empowered to respond to incidents before they get out of control.

Investigate Incidents With Camera Analytics

Strategically installed, high-resolution surveillance systems collect evidence for security personnel and law enforcement.

Intrusion detection and supervision of employees are both supported by analytics

But with AI-supported analytics automatically categorizing events in real-time, investigations that would have taken hours in the past can now be completed in minutes simply by applying search filters to retrieve footage based on specific criteria.

Efficient investigations are essential to resolving potentially devastating guest experiences as quickly as possible.

Integrated Solutions for Hotel Security Systems

Centralized Management of All Security Systems

By integrating access control, security camera, and alarm systems into one, the many puzzle pieces of hotel security become easily manageable on a single interface.

Improved Situational Awareness

An integrated hotel security system lets you view live and recorded surveillance footage alongside access control logs and building management data. Simply put, an integrated solution to security needs dramatically improves situational awareness by combining multiple sources of data on a central interface.

For example, in the event of an unauthorized access attempt at a sensitive site, instant notifications from access control devices can be sent to administrators or security personnel alongside relevant video footage.

Quicker Response Times

Integrated security solutions allow for much quicker incident response times by proactively sending alerts and notifications directly to appropriate staff alongside video footage and other data from hotel security systems.

Improved Investigations

With integrated security systems, investigations are more reliable than ever.

For example, access control systems integrated with surveillance cameras can automatically collect images of all access attempts. If a guest reports property that has gone missing from their room, not only will the access control log provide details on specific employees who have entered the room, video footage of access attempts will prevent misidentification due to card borrowing or theft.

Also, video documentation of room entries helps investigators to count the number of people a guest has let into their room. This narrows down the number of possible suspects to help investigators more fairly and accurately recognize employee patterns.

Reduce False Alarms

Integrated solutions also reduce unnecessary evacuations due to false alarms (and the negative impact on customer satisfaction that results from unnecessary evacuations).

When fire alarms are integrated with video surveillance technology, hospitality staff are able to visually double-check any space where an alarm has been triggered. Visual confirmation enables staff to avoid disarming false alarms while responding appropriately to emergencies.

Safeguard your guests with fire alarm integrations.

Data and Reporting Management

Integrated security systems provide hotel owners with valuable data exchange between security, building management, and customer management systems. This data helps hotel owners identify security trends, monitor staff performance, and make informed decisions to better organize facility logistics or improve energy efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Systems for Hospitality Security

Security System Integrations

Not all manufacturers make systems that other manufacturers can integrate with products. For a seamless and effective security infrastructure, be sure to choose security systems that are designed for integrations.

Our team at Mammoth Security knows all about installing security components that integrate with other brands and can help you to select devices and services that won't lock you into a single manufacturer.

That said, we also install Salto access control systems. While Salto locks can't be integrated with other locking systems, they are the preferred access control brand for major luxury hotel security systems in the U.S. and around the world.

Access Control Systems

Choose an access control system that fits the needs of your hotel. While biometric readers and PIN codes are possible access control credentials, cards are the most convenient key solution for guests and staff.

If you choose a card-based access system, be sure to use cards with encrypted data. (It's shockingly easy for bad actors to duplicate unencrypted cards.)

High-Quality Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance Systems

Outdoor bullet cameras.

When it comes to security cameras, choose high-quality indoor and outdoor IP cameras with night vision capabilities. With high-resolution digital cameras, you'll avoid the low-quality, grainy images that CCTV surveillance systems once had a reputation for.

These cameras should be strategically placed by professional installers to provide the necessary coverage to safeguard guests and their property on your premises.

Professional Installation and Operation

Be sure to hire experienced security installers to avoid technical errors that can degrade even the best security systems.

Our crew at Mammoth Security is up to date on installation standards and protocols. We have the skills to ensure system interoperability, secure data transmission between devices, and functional customizations that will meet both security needs and guest expectations at your hospitality facility.

Working with local security professionals also ensures quick access to in-person assistance whenever needed—keeping your guests happy and your property operating smoothly.


Every hotel or resort has unique security and hospitality needs, so it's important to choose a security system that can be customized to meet those needs. This includes the ability to add or remove cameras, change access control privileges, and set up specific alarm triggers.

At Mammoth Security, we recommend installing ONVIF-compliant cameras and using open-source software systems for easy customizations and integrations.


Our experts at Mammoth Security make sure that the systems we install feature easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces so that current and future staff can be quickly trained to use them.

We also help hospitality facilities to select access control credentials that use encryption. Encrypted keycards enhance security without compromising on ease of use for guests attempting to enter their rooms and common areas.

Hotel Regulatory Compliance

Make sure your security system complies with hotel security regulations and standards by hiring experienced security installers like those on our team at Mammoth Security. We know how to place surveillance cameras for maximum coverage without running afoul of privacy laws.

Our team can also configure your video analytics system to monitor for adherence to safety regulations. For example, when irregularities like blocked fire exits are detected, AI-based analytics can provide instant notifications so that compliance violations can be speedily corrected.

Hotel Security FAQs

What are some of the biggest potential security issues that hotels may encounter?

Some of the most significant potential security issues that hotels may encounter are theft and terrorism.

Hotel staff can steal guest belongings or engage in other crimes, and guests themselves (or their visitors) often steal from hotels—either hotel property or the belongings of other guests.

Hotels are also attractive soft targets for terrorist groups because of their high visibility and the large number of people they attract.

How can you make a hotel safe and secure?

Hotels can be made safe and secure by installing security cameras and access control locking systems and with thorough background-checking procedures for staff.

Regular security audits further help identify vulnerabilities and ensure effective security measures.

What is the most common hotel security failure?

The most common hotel security failure is inadequate background checking and inadequate security training for staff. Even the best security technology can be compromised without properly vetted and trained staff.

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