Rising school threats necessitate proactive and comprehensive security measures, the types of measures that our team at Mammoth Security specializes in. From surveillance and access control to intrusion and fire detection, our integrated security installations protect students and staff by preventing unauthorized site access and automating security protocols during emergencies.

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Elementary Schools

At Mammoth Security, we understand the unique security requirements of elementary schools. Our surveillance systems monitor classrooms, playgrounds, and entrances, ensuring the safety of our youngest learners. Access control systems are designed to restrict access to specific areas like staff rooms, while intrusion and fire detection systems provide immediate notification of emergencies, ensuring a swift and effective response to protect students and teachers.

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Middle Schools

To confront the specific security needs of middle schools, Mammoth Security offers advanced surveillance systems for monitoring playgrounds and classrooms, promoting a safe and conducive learning environment. Access control systems prevent unauthorized access, which is particularly crucial for computer rooms. Our intrusion detection and fire detection systems enable immediate alerts and rapid responses to emergencies, protecting young students and staff members.

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Mammoth Security provides bespoke security measures to combat the unique security risks present in colleges. Surveillance systems monitor extensive campuses and residential areas, contributing to a safer learning environment. Access control is crucial for securing research labs, libraries, and administrative offices. Intrusion detection protects valuable assets, such as computer labs and art collections. Fire detection systems ensure swift response to fire emergencies, preserving lives and infrastructure.

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High Schools

In the face of increasing high school security challenges, Mammoth Security's specialized solutions are designed to ensure safety. Our surveillance systems monitor common areas, hallways, and exterior spaces, deterring harmful behavior and enabling incident documentation. Access control systems prevent unauthorized entries, specifically critical in labs and IT rooms. Intrusion detection systems provide immediate alerts about potential threats, while fire detection technology ensures early warning during fire emergencies, safeguarding students and staff.

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