ICT Burglar Alarms

Why Do You Need an ICT Burglar Alarm?

Use Integrated Control Technology (ICT) security systems to effectively protect your people, secure your assets, and control access inside your commercial property. By enforcing your building security with ICT's Protege systems, you’ll be able to focus on your work with peace of mind. 

ICT Protege is a two-in-one alarm and access control system with options for small to enterprise-scale businesses—and everything in between.

All ICT security partners, including Mammoth Security, are put through a training program before joining the ICT Dealer Network. This training makes sure that ICT customers receive only the best service from qualified installers who can meet their rigorous standards. 

How Does an ICT Burglar Alarm Work?

The basic components of an ICT burglar alarm system include sensors to detect intrusion, a control panel to manage the system and assess sensor data, and alarm devices to deter intruders and make sure administrators are aware of events. 

ICT burglar alarm sensors are installed on doors, windows, and other areas.

The ICT control panel receives signals from its intrusion detection sensors and it processes those signals to determine if an intrusion has occurred. The alarm panel is the brain of your burglar alarm and access control system.

When an intrusion is detected by the control panel, it sends signals to connected devices so that you can be notified instantly.

The panels provide tools to arm and disarm areas and change settings, as well as incident notifications and added benefits like fully functional access control.

Panels include on-site keypads, although the system can also be managed remotely with a smartphone app or on a web-based desktop browser with an internet connection.

Benefits of ICT Burglar Alarms

ICT Burglar Alarm Security System Features

On-Site and Remote Management

ICT security systems let businesses manage all of their security needs on-site or remotely on intuitive interfaces that are accessed using a smartphone or web browser.

Direct Integration and Expanded Security

Integrations with third-party systems like wireless sensors let you expand the reach of your burglar alarm system to areas where hardwired systems are difficult to install.

Advanced Security

The ICT Class 5 systems use the latest rolling key encryption standards to ensure that alarms provide protection against all known vulnerabilities.


ICT burglar alarm systems provide notifications to security administrators and can be connected to remote monitoring services or the police. 

Wireless Products

A wireless ICT burglar alarm includes security devices such as wireless receivers, controllers, and sometimes battery power supplies. By transmitting data wirelessly, simpler and more cost-effective installations are possible in hard-to-reach areas. 

ICT Burglar Alarm Systems

Protege System

By using a built-in web server, Protege WX and GX customers have no conventional software to install, and they can use their system out of the box without licensing or connection limits.

ICT standard access control systems

Protege WX

Protege WX is an all-in-one system for single sites, and it combines alarms with access control systems.

It operates on wizard-based programming that’s intuitive and easy to install in less time than conventional software. The Protege WX also gives you the flexibility to remotely manage your ICT security system on a smartphone or web-based interface.

Protege GX

The Protege GX is a server-based, enterprise-level security solution by ICT that integrates intrusion detection, access control, and even security cameras and building automation systems. 

The Protege GX is designed for seamless scalability. It integrates with many third-party security devices and features advanced programming tools that can be customized to meet your evolving security needs.

Industries That Use ICT Burglar Alarms

ICT burglar alarms secure government agencies, prisons, data centers, energy and utility companies, financial institutions, and other industries. 

With two Protege options, ICT commercial alarm and access control systems provide the right security solutions both for small businesses and for large corporate enterprises with thousands of sensors and intricate camera system requirements. 

About ICT

Integrated Control Technology (ICT) is a top-grade manufacturer of unified security solutions. ICT was founded in 2003 with a mission to provide user-friendly security systems. Their engineering, manufacturing, and design teams are some of the best in the industry.

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ICT security systems are devices engineered and designed by Integrated Control Technology (ICT) to manage access control points and alarm systems. 


ICT Protege is the access control and burglar alarm system designed and manufactured by Integrated Control Technology (ITC).

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