Milestone Video Management System

Mammoth Security is a trusted Milestone XProtect servicer and installer. Their video management software brings all the puzzle pieces of a video surveillance system together on one easy-to-manage interface.

The Milestone XProtect video management system (VMS) offers all of the standard VMS tools plus advanced capabilities for video analytics that allow users to search through countless hours of footage at a speed that would have been unfathomable in the past.

A variety of XProtect Smart Client licensing options provide ideal video management functionalities for a full range of businesses and industries--from schools and grocery stores to manufacturing plants and entire cities.

What is a Video Management System?

Video management software systems are used to organize video footage, search for specific incidents, and manage security components like cameras, video processing servers, and storage devices.

How Does Milestone Video Management System Work?

Milestone's XProtect is the user-friendly choice for video footage management. It's easy to navigate and manage without IT experience, but it doesn't sacrifice the most cutting-edge VMS features available anywhere.

Milestone systems apply video analytics and other AI-supported aptitudes to even the oldest cameras they manage--turning out-of-date cameras into AI detectives with advanced capabilities like facial recognition, unwanted behavior detection, person tracking, and more.

Milestone XProtect also stands out as a global leader in the security industry for the compatibility of its VMS products with more than eight thousand hardware devices, including security cameras, alarms, and access control products from top-of-the-line, open-platform manufacturers like Avigilon.

Milestone XProtect Smart Client

Whether you need to manage a few cameras at a single site or thousands of cameras spread around the world, Milestone's XProtect Smart Client offers innovative technology solutions that meet you where your needs are and can be scaled up as your needs grow.

Milestone XProtect Smart Client camera management

With any XProtect VMS license, you'll have a solid foundation for reliable security and surveillance management today and into the future.

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Milestone Video Management System Features

High-Performance Recording

Milestone XProtect products feature a native 64-bit Microsoft Windows® service recording server with a minimum documented recording capacity of 3.1 Gbit per second. Superior video integrity means that important details like facial features can be stored clearly enough for effective suspect identification and prosecution.

Smart Search

Milestone XProtect supports rapid incident investigations with user-friendly interfaces and the support of artificial intelligence. By condensing and filtering through hours of video, desired footage and security details are quickly uncovered.


Whether you need a few local cameras or large-scale installations across multiple far-flung sites, XProtect's open-platform architecture and its multiple variants allow organizations of all sizes to license the features they need and seamlessly add functionalities and integrated applications as they grow.

With most XProtect video management systems, you pay one price for a single license and can add cameras and other devices without incurring additional costs.

Centralized Search

XProtect's Centralized Search lets users look for specific video sequences, activities, and events on network equipment at different locations without needing to switch between multiple management servers.

Centralized Management

With Milestone Interconnect, you can centrally operate video surveillance systems across multiple sites.

And with Milestone Federated Architecture, you can continuously expand your video management system to connect with and effectively control a variety of supported hardware components, including video cameras, access control devices, and motion detectors.

Open Platform

Milestone XProtect systems use an open platform to allow for easy integrations with third-party applications, services, and hardware. Because XProtect supports more than 8,000 camera models, you aren't locked into cameras by a single manufacturer.

Milestone cameras

Open-platform video management systems also allow our team here at Mammoth Security to customize security installations with cost-effective components for maximum coverage at the best price.

What's more, bi-monthly device packs with software updates ensure that the latest open-platform cameras are always compatible with Milestone XProtect video management systems.

Protection from Internal and External Threats

XProtect's interfaces can be adjusted to match the security levels granted to individual users. With tools to limit and expand a user's access permission, management can take control anytime and decide which users have basic security needs and which require access to more sensitive tools and information.

Security Mechanisms for Evidence Management

XProtect provides secure encryption on recording servers and management servers alike, as well as secure encryption to support IP (Internet Protocol) mobile user access. With secure end-to-end evidence handling throughout your system, important evidence and video information won't end up in the wrong hands.


Interactive maps give XProtect Smart Client users a complete overview of video cameras and other devices throughout their entire installation, ensuring that real-time footage and security data are always easy to access and navigate.

Flexible Rules to Increase Operational Efficiency

XProtect features a versatile rule engine for standard security task automation--saving time for personnel while improving site security. For example, by capturing facial recognition data, XProtect can work alongside access control systems to help them assess the validity of entry attempts.

Rule-based automations can also be set to trigger connected security devices. For example, when unwanted behaviors like shoplifting or intrusion are detected by Milestone XProtect VMS, deterrents like audio talk-back devices can be instantly activated.

Award-Winning Service and Support

While our team at Mammoth Security services the systems we install, XProtect's service and support program are available to you throughout the lifetime of your system. Milestone Care includes an easy-to-navigate portal with informative articles, guides, video tutorials, and--best of all--live chat assistance.

Milestone has a well-deserved reputation for providing some of the best customer support in the industry. Most recently, they earned a "Stellar Customer Service" recognition from Security Sales and Integration magazine.

How to Get Started With Milestone Video Management System

To install and integrate Milestone's broad selection of security products, trusted and specially trained professional dealers are needed for site assessments and setup.

At Mammoth Security, we're not only experts at installing and implementing Milestone XProtect VMS. We're also experts at maintaining those systems, and we train on-site staff to make the best use of their features.

Milestone XProtect Smart Client and Mammoth Security

Mammoth Security installing Milestone

Thanks for turning to Mammoth Security to learn about the VMS products that Milestone designs. We want you to know that you can trust our team to develop and install the right security solutions to protect your property. From cameras and cabling to alarms and access control, we take pride in what we do, and we’d love to share our expertise and workmanship with you.

If you're ready to take the next step toward securing your property, just fill out the simple form below to set up a free, zero-obligation site consultation. You’ll meet a friendly member of our team as we survey your property, discuss your security concerns, spot points where your security can be improved, and begin to develop a security system that’s expertly tailored to your site’s unique layout and security needs.



Milestone Systems is a standalone company in the Canon group, a global leader in open-platform video management systems. Milestone Systems has been in operation for more than twenty years and is devoted to improving and updating its video management software (VMS).


XProtect IP video management software by Milestone Systems is a securely encrypted video data solution. Several licensing versions provide advanced video and security management tools to a wide range of industries and organizations.
No matter the version used for the initial setup, XProtect security systems, and licenses can easily be upgraded as needs change from today to tomorrow. Video surveillance tools can be augmented without dangerous security interruptions or the need for expensive new hardware.


XProtect video management systems can only be furnished by trained Milestone XProtect security partners like Mammoth Security.


Milestone XProtect has excellently served more than half a million video surveillance systems over the past twenty years. Their products help customers by providing user-friendly interfaces, artificial intelligence, and encryption to keep video data protected from threats internal and external.
Milestone has earned many awards and recognitions for their easy-to-use and reliable surveillance management systems, including the winner of Video Surveillance Management Systems in 2019 from the Security Industry Association (SIA).

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